Is Florence Safe? Our Top 10 Tips for a Visit Con Calma

Crowds of tourists surround the Duomo in Florence on a sunny summer day

Florence is every bit the romantic and dreamy destination that you can imagine: cobblestoned alleyways nestled between palazzi, captivating art and architecture, and a vibrant outdoor dining culture are all ingredients for a perfect stay in Florence. However, as is the case when visiting a large and unfamiliar city, you might be wondering: is Florence […]

Is Florence in Winter Worth it? The Ultimate Answer

The carousel in Florence's Piazza della Repubblica in the winter

If you’re planning to visit Florence in winter, you’re probably thinking: It’s still Italy, the land of sun and sea. It won’t be that cold, right? Don’t be fooled by this idea – the winter cold still bites hard in Florence, and the sun can disappear for quite some time in the somber days of […]

How to Plan the Ultimate Florence to Siena Day Trip

Aerial view of Siena, Italy, with brown historic buildings and a prominent tower at front right, with green countryside in the background

Tuscany’s beauty goes way beyond the limits of Florence. If you are planning a trip, make sure you carve out some time to explore the surrounding countryside and historic towns.   One of the best spots to visit in Tuscany is Siena. A beautiful medieval city to the south of Florence famous for its pici pasta […]

Florence in Summer: Our Top Tips to Beat the Heat

View of Florence, Italy, taken from across the river on a partly cloudy summer day

Florence in summer may seem such a nice idea: great food, warm weather, and a quiet time to visit the city!  But if you’re not prepared, you might also discover how Dante got his inspiration for his Inferno: it was probably from Florence’s streets. At noon. In August.  But fear not, fellow traveler! At Devour […]

Sustainable Travel in Florence: The Complete Guide

A man in a black winter coat taking a photo of Florence, Italy's red cathedral dome

When we talk about sustainable travel, the assumption is usually that we’re talking about eco-friendly travel—and that’s true. But sustainability also means making sure the travel experiences we get to have today are still available for future generations. In a city like Florence, with so many world-class sights, that’s especially important.  What if we expanded […]

Where to Find Luggage Storage in Florence

A person in a red jacket riding a bike on a pedestrian street in Florence

Let’s be honest: hotel check-ins and check-outs are the worst. And they’re super impractical if you’re thinking of starting to explore the city right away… or if you still want to explore a little before leaving. Even if you’ve respected the backpacker rules, your luggage may still be too heavy to carry around the city.   […]

Where to Stay in Florence: Neighborhood Guide & Top Hotel Picks

Narrow pedestrian street in the historic center of Florence, Italy

Can’t decide where to stay in Florence? From essential neighborhoods to hand-picked hotels, we’ve got you covered!  Don’t let appearances deceive you: Florence isn’t a big metropolis, but it’s still tricky to understand where the right place to stay is. That’s why we’ve selected the best accommodation for your holiday by neighborhood! Read on to […]

Florence with Kids: Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

Colorful kids' carousel in Florence, Italy

With its many museums, ornate palaces, beautiful parks, and kid-friendly foods, visiting Florence with kids is a bucket list trip your family will never forget. This comprehensive guide will help you plan every aspect of your family getaway in the birthplace of the Renaissance.  It can feel overwhelming visiting a new country on your own, […]

How to Get to Florence by Plane, Train, Car, & Bus

A person in a red jacket riding a bike on a pedestrian street in Florence

When it comes to how to get to Florence, you’ve got plenty of different options. Read on to discover which is the best one for you!  If you’re planning your trip to Florence, you’ll have to deal with Italian means of transportation. But don’t worry—getting on a train or a bus is the best way […]

Solo Travel in Florence: Everything You Need to Know

View over the city of Florence, Italy at sunset

Solo travel is the closest thing to complete freedom, and solo travel in Florence is as perfect as it gets. It’s the right destination for every kind of solo traveler—both experienced and first timers.   There’s nothing that shatters your comfort zone more than solo travel. You hop on the plane and leave everything behind. […]

Top 5 Day Trips from Florence You Can’t Miss

Children riding bikes in a wide pedestrian street in Italy on a sunny day

Have you ever wondered what else to do in Tuscany after you’ve already seen all of Florence? You’ve got plenty of options—these day trips from Florence will help you fall in love with this beautiful region even more!  If you’re running low on places to visit in Florence and you already know the Uffizi like […]

Your Guide to Eating Alone in Florence: Tips and Recommended Places

Close up of a person's hands cutting food on a white plate

Sharing the joys of solo travel: a contradiction? Not here; not in Italy. Eating alone in Florence doesn’t have to be lonely after all!  Traveling around Italy is not an easy task for your stomach. There’s lots of food everywhere, and everything is so delicious.   Italians will never stop bragging about our incredible food, and […]