Our Mission

At Devour Tours our mission is to give curious visitors to Spain a true taste of this country’s culture, history and – importantly – food! We proudly partner with family-run establishments, we believe in ethical and sustainable tourism and are passionate about helping our tour guests feel like locals. We work hard, we demand excellence of ourselves and those we work with, and we take a keen interest in the professional development of the people on our team.

If you’re excited by our mission, passionate about sharing your knowledge for Spain and would love to work for a leading company in this country’s fast-paced tourism industry, then we want to hear from you!

We’re hiring!

Below are the positions we currently have available. Having said that, we are always looking to hear from smart, motivated people who would love to work for a young, vibrant and ambitious company like Devour Tours. Even if we don’t have a place for you right now – we’ll certainly take notice and give you a ring when something comes up.

And we’re always looking for fun, smart and sassy people to guide our food tours! So if you’d like to work with us as a guide, head to the website of the city you’re in (head back to the homepage for links to all the cities we offer tours) and on each city’s page you’ll find a “Work With Us” link in the footer.

Please scroll down to see all positions available.

Freelance Content Writer (remote)


– Has lived or spent a significant time in at least one of the following places: Galicia, Granada, Valencia, or San Sebastian.
– Has strong writing skills
– Is knowledgeable about Spanish culture and food
– Understands importance of fact checking
– Knows how to meet deadlines—no excuses here

To apply:

-Please send your CV to [email protected] and state your relevant experience.
-Submit a 300-word writing sample on 5 Things to Do in one of the cities mentioned above to [email protected]

For any questions regarding the position, please email [email protected]!