Top Florence Restaurants by Neighborhood: Santa Croce

Groups of people standing outside a restaurant with the name Baldovino above an awning.

One of the best ways to explore Florence is to pick a street, start walking, and see where the city takes you. When you start your journey behind the bustling Duomo area, you’ll quickly end up in the eclectic and historic Santa Croce neighborhood. Hope you got hungry while doing all that walking, because the […]

Where to Find the Best Pastries in Florence

Wooden plate with two Italian cornetti pastries and a cappucino

Florence is known for its meat dishes and savory schiacciata. But even travelers with the sweetest sweet tooth can find delicious pastries in this city. Today, we’re sinking our teeth into the best pastries in Florence! Cornetteria Notte You’re probably already familiar with French croissants. But in Florence, we call them cornetti. And they’re so […]

Everything You Need to Know about Tipping in Florence

Waiter or waitress brings two white dishes of green salads to a table

Should you tip? Should you not tip? How much should you tip? Find out the where, when, and how much of tipping in Florence. Depending on your home country, tipping can be expected and is often a gesture of appreciation for excellent service–but that’s not always the case everywhere you go! There is a rumor […]

Best Desserts in Florence: 6 Sweet Treats You Shouldn’t Miss

A basket of hard, yellow cookies and a small glass of amber liquid

At the end of an unforgettable meal, there’s only one thing that can crown it all perfectly – a delicious dessert. And while desserts in Florence may not be as famous as Florentine steak, they’re still an unforgettable experience. But what should you order, and where? We’re here to help! Here’s the ultimate list of […]

Uffizi Gallery Guide and Self-Led Tour

Visitors in an art museum take pictures of a painting of women in a forest

Would a trip to Florence really be complete without a stop at the Uffizi Museum? Probably not! This is one of the most visited museums in Europe, known for the great works of art it houses. But if you head there unprepared, it might feel a little overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve put together an Uffizi Gallery […]

Sun and Sand in Tuscany: Exploring Beaches Near Florence

Sandy beach filled with beach chairs with umbrella and a pathway leading to the water

The Arno River cuts through the middle of Florence, snaking its way through the countryside en route to the sea. The river makes a lovely backdrop for, say, watching a sunset. But, when the mercury climbs in the summer, you’d do well to follow its lead and head for one of the beaches near Florence. […]

Souvenirs From Florence: Beyond Duomo Magnets and David Keychains

Shop with clothes and accessories in many colors

We’ve been there: you just had a wonderful trip in the heart of Tuscany and the day before you head home you realize you didn’t pick up any souvenirs from Florence! While postcards and refrigerator magnets will work in a pinch, we have several ideas for unique souvenirs in Florence to help you remember the […]

Renting Bikes in Florence: Rental Services and Where to Ride

A man rides his bike by the Ponte Vecchio in the early morning in Florence

Tired of Florence’s city center? There’s only one solution – rent a bike! Yes, we know, there might be more than one solution… but what could be more adventurous, fun, and green than renting bikes in Florence? Considering bike rental in the center of Florence? Renting bikes in Florence is the perfect choice for adventurous […]

The Complete Guide to Craft Beer in Florence

Smiling women holding up beer mugs and glasses for a cheers

Tuscany may be the place to go for wine lovers, but Florence always has a spot for any taste. Recently, the craft beer scene has been growing throughout all of Italy. Producers have taken an interest in experimenting with different hops, styles, and flavorful ingredients. Let’s explore some of the best places to grab a […]

10 Parks in Florence That are Worth a Visit

A mountain view of Florence with green trees in the foreground with the Duomo in the background

Florence is known for elegant architecture, historic corners filled with mystery, and unbeatable art museums. But what about when you just need a breath of fresh air? Then it’s time to bring some of the city’s best panini and wine to one of the amazing parks in Florence. It might not be the first city […]

Art Galleries to Outdoor Markets: The Complete Guide to Shopping in Florence

Shoppers in Florence check out a busy outdoor flea market

Shopping in Florence offers plenty of options for every budget. From local products to expensive international brands, you can find every kind of good. Join us on this journey to discover the best places to go shopping in Florence! Unique experiences If you’re aiming for a unique shopping experience, Florence is the right place. There […]

Is Florence Safe? Our Top 10 Tips for a Visit Con Calma

Crowds of tourists surround the Duomo in Florence on a sunny summer day

Florence is every bit the romantic and dreamy destination that you can imagine: cobblestoned alleyways nestled between palazzi, captivating art and architecture, and a vibrant outdoor dining culture are all ingredients for a perfect stay in Florence. However, as is the case when visiting a large and unfamiliar city, you might be wondering: is Florence […]

Is Florence in Winter Worth it? The Ultimate Answer

The carousel in Florence's Piazza della Repubblica in the winter

If you’re planning to visit Florence in winter, you’re probably thinking: It’s still Italy, the land of sun and sea. It won’t be that cold, right? Don’t be fooled by this idea – the winter cold still bites hard in Florence, and the sun can disappear for quite some time in the somber days of […]

How to Plan the Ultimate Florence to Siena Day Trip

Aerial view of Siena, Italy, with brown historic buildings and a prominent tower at front right, with green countryside in the background

Tuscany’s beauty goes way beyond the limits of Florence. If you are planning a trip, make sure you carve out some time to explore the surrounding countryside and historic towns.   One of the best spots to visit in Tuscany is Siena. A beautiful medieval city to the south of Florence famous for its pici pasta […]

Florence in Summer: Our Top Tips to Beat the Heat

View of Florence, Italy, taken from across the river on a partly cloudy summer day

Florence in summer may seem such a nice idea: great food, warm weather, and a quiet time to visit the city!  But if you’re not prepared, you might also discover how Dante got his inspiration for his Inferno: it was probably from Florence’s streets. At noon. In August.  But fear not, fellow traveler! At Devour […]

Eating in Florence with Kids: Our Tips & Kid-Friendly Restaurants

A boy smiling while drinking a mug of hot chocolate while looking at another boy seated at the same table just out of focus

Deciding where to go and what to eat as a family can be tricky even in your hometown. When traveling in Florence with kids, making those same decisions can be just plain overwhelming.  But never fear! This guide will help you navigate eating in Florence with kids. Keep reading for our recommendations of what to […]

Sustainable Travel in Florence: The Complete Guide

A man in a black winter coat taking a photo of Florence, Italy's red cathedral dome

When we talk about sustainable travel, the assumption is usually that we’re talking about eco-friendly travel—and that’s true. But sustainability also means making sure the travel experiences we get to have today are still available for future generations. In a city like Florence, with so many world-class sights, that’s especially important.  What if we expanded […]

Our Favorite Florence Restaurants by Neighborhood: Duomo and Old City

Close up of a red cathedral dome with the city of Florence, Italy in the background

Finding the best restaurants near the Duomo in Florence is tricky. In the city center, tourist traps hide on every corner.  And even learning to behave as a perfect Florentine may not get you the authenticity you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s just too hard to tell the good places from the bad ones.  You don’t […]

7 Trendy Restaurants in Florence You Need to Try

Modern presentation of meat and green vegetables in sauce on an oblong white plate

As opposed to what you might think, eating out in Florence doesn’t have to be all pasta al ragu, Fiorentina steak, and ribollita. Florentine cuisine on its own can be quite diverse, but sometimes you might just get a craving for something a little non-traditional. Staying in this beautiful historic city doesn’t mean you always […]

Outdoor Dining in Florence: 7 Spots to Try

Wooden tables and chairs at a sidewalk cafe in Italy

There’s something romantic and glamorous about outdoor dining in Florence. We’ve all seen the Golden Age movies with well-dressed stars in their sunglasses and headscarves sipping cocktails al fresco. Why not embrace your own main character energy when you enjoy a drink or a meal outside in Florence?  You’ll notice tables outside in nearly every […]

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