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Barcelona is a land of contrasts in the best possible way.

Its streets are lined with imposing Medieval buildings and quirky Modernist structures. Traditional, rustic Catalan restaurants stand alongside sleek international eateries. It’s framed by the sea on one side and the mountains on the other—a phenomenon that’s even reflected in Catalan cuisine with its essence of mar i muntanya.

In short, Barcelona is like no other place on earth. A good meal here is the kind of experience you’ll remember forever—just don’t forget the cava. Join a Devour Barcelona food tour to experience the Catalan capital in the most delicious way possible: through its food!

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We’re proud to support small, often family-run businesses on our food tours throughout Europe and North America. By visiting and befriending the owners and staff of local eateries, you’ll see a different side to some of the world’s most iconic (and delicious!) destinations. And our tour partners are just as eager to share their stories and expertise with curious guests – we can’t wait to introduce you to them.

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