Top 5 Vegetarian Food Tours in Madrid: The Ultimate Guide

Vegetarian travelers to Spain needn’t feel left out! Our delicious foodie tours in Madrid offer the ultimate vegetarian experience!

At Devour Tours, we love sharing our favorite Spanish foods with our guests. A lot of times, that includes delicacies such as jamón ibéricorabo de torobacalao and more. However, there’s no reason why vegetarian travelers can’t partake in Madrid’s delicious culinary offerings! Our Madrid food tours are easily adaptable for vegetarians and other travelers with dietary restrictions. Here’s a breakdown of the delicious vegetarian tastes that are included on our vegetarian food tours in Madrid.

All tour tastes and stops are subject to change based on seasonality and availability. 

A food tour is quickly becoming one the essential things to do in Madrid. But what if some of the foodies in your group are vegetarians? We've got you covered! Take a look at our guide full of tips for the perfect food tour for veggie lovers. #travelgoals #traveller #tapas #foodie #spain #europe

Tapas, Taverns & History Tour

The evening Tapas, Taverns & History Tour will give you the opportunity to see many of Madrid’s iconic sights while learning about the city’s rich history. It’s one of our most popular vegetarian food tours in Madrid, with options for pescatarians and vegans available as well.

Out of Madrid’s 3,000+ tapas bars, we’ve selected the best of the best for this tour. Some of the establishments you’ll visit have been family-owned and operated for more than 100 years! You’ll experience the best of both worlds on this tour: the vibrancy and color of modern Madrid, and the incredible history that has transformed the city into what it is today.

Some of the vegetarian tastes you’ll experience on this tour include:

  • Pimientos de padrón—just be careful, some can be spicy!
Pimientos de padrón are one of the many meatless tapas available on our vegetarian food tours in Madrid.
Pimientos de padrón are a great way to spice up your tapas experience!
  • Classic grilled mushrooms, full of rich umami flavor
  • Tomato salad and revueltos (scrambled eggs) with mushrooms (vegans can enjoy the same tasty grilled mushrooms without the eggs)

Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour

This is not only one of our favorite vegetarian food tours in Madrid, but also highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about the absolute best Spanish and madrileño cuisine! The Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour gives you the opportunity to sample more than 12 classic tastes while visiting the best restaurants you never knew existed.

You’ll see (and taste!) it all on this tour. You’ll learn how to do everything like a local and feel almost madrileño yourself when the experience is over!

Some of the classic (vegetarian!) Spanish cuisine you’ll try includes:

  • Veggie-friendly sweets, including tasty soletillas (like ladyfinger cookies) and a selection of handmade treats made by nuns in a local convent!
  • Madrid’s best tortilla de patata
Tortilla de patatas is one of the classic Spanish dishes available on our vegetarian food tours in Madrid.
Tortilla de patata—potato, eggs and salt!  Sometimes the best food really is the simplest.

Huertas Neighborhood Food & Market Tour

You’ll live (and eat!) like a local in Madrid’s gorgeous literary quarter on the Huertas Neighborhood Food & Market Tour. The picturesque streets are full of some of the best food in town. You’ll experience a vibrant neighborhood market, Madrid’s oldest grocery store, a quirky bar popular with locals and more. This is easily one of the best vegetarian food tours in Madrid for soaking up the culture madrileño-style.

As you make your way through the idyllic Huertas neighborhood, where some of Spain’s most iconic writers have called home over the centuries, you’ll feel the authentic spirit of the city. You’ll meet the people who make these incredible flavors come to life and hear their stories. It’s a side of Madrid few tourists get to see, and we can’t wait to show you!

You’re sure to love the vegetarian options available on this tour. Among them are:

  • Freshly fried churros and rich hot chocolate at the neighborhood’s best chocolatería
Our vegetarian food tours in Madrid offer a variety of Spanish foods that all travelers are sure to love—like churros!
There’s no better way to start your day than with churros con chocolate!
  • Incredible artisanal honeys, jams, olive oils and more at the oldest grocery store in the city. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time!
  • Six fantastic different varieties of olives
Try Spain's famous olives on our vegetarian food tours in Madrid!
Delicious olives are a perfect addition to any Spanish meal!
  • Vegetarian tostas (open-face toasted sandwiches) at Los Gatos—with so many vegetarian options, it’ll be hard to pick just one!

Evening Tapas & Flamenco Tour

The dramatic passion of flamenco will enrapture you on this fantastic tour. The Tapas & Flamenco Tour includes a sampling of more than 12 tapas and an intimate performance at the best flamenco show in Madrid. This is one of the best vegetarian food tours in Madrid for travelers who want to experience two incredible Spanish traditions at once.

Before the show, you’ll enjoy a glass of local wine while learning about this beautiful art form that has captivated Spaniards and visitors alike for centuries. After the show at a world-class flamenco venue, sit down for dinner at a beloved local establishment, where tapas are paired with wines from a fourth-generation tavern owners’ own vineyards.

One of our vegetarian food tours in Madrid is our Tapas and Flamenco Tour. Sample delicious veggie-friendly tapas and enjoy a fantastic flamenco show.
The jaw-dropping passion of flamenco will leave you speechless.

Here are just a few of the delicious vegetarian foods you’ll try:

  • A selection of vegetarian tostas, or toasted bread topped with seasonal veggies, and a sample of some of the best Spanish omelet in Madrid.
  • Your own personal cheese plate featuring a selection of four delicious Spanish cheeses while other guests sample jamón and other cured meat
  • A Spanish twist on scrambled eggs: huevos revueltos con trigueros (local asparagus!)

Behind-the-Scenes Botin Lunch & Prado Museum Tour

How many people can say they’ve eaten at the oldest restaurant in the world? On our Behind-the-Scenes Botín Lunch & Prado Museum Tour, you’ll have an exclusive dining experience at Botín and skip the line at the world-renowned Prado art museum.

An expert guide will lead you through the Prado, showing you the museum’s masterpieces. After that, you’ll step back in time at Botín for a traditional Spanish lunch (three courses!) at this record-setting restaurant that opened its doors in 1725. This is easily one of the best vegetarian food tours in Madrid if you want to feel like a VIP!

Our Behind-the-Scenes Botin Lunch and Prado Museum Tour is a great vegetarian food tour in Madrid that will give you an exclusive reservation at the world's oldest restaurant.
Taste history at Sobrino de Botín, the world’s oldest restaurant!
While Botín is famous for its roast suckling pig, this historic dining experience includes meatless options, too! Some of our vegetarian tastes on this tour include:
  • Some of Madrid’s best vermouth on tap and some tasty manzanilla olives
  • Cheese and artichoke tapas as well as savory local vegetables made to order
  • Pescatarians can also enjoy baked merluza (hake) at Botín as a substitution for the roast suckling pig.

Be sure to check out our other helpful guides for vegetarian dining in Madrid: Complete Vegetarian & Vegan Guide to Madrid and Delicious Vegetarian Tapas in Madrid!

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