Where to Eat the Best Pasta in Florence

Be careful when asking a Florentine (or Italian) where the best pasta in Florence is. To any Italian, there’s no pasta like their Nonna’s—even when faced with a world-renowned chef. 

Overhead shot of long, wide pasta with meat sauce and herbs in a bowl against a dark background
You can’t leave Italy without eating pasta—and these places in Florence should be at the top of your list. Photo credit: Nicholas Grande

Luckily, we have the ultimate list of the best places for pasta in Florence. Follow this list and you’ll never go wrong. So buckle up—we’ve selected for you the seven perfect places to enjoy pasta like you had an Italian Nonna of your own. 

1. Angiolino – Ai 13 Arrosti 

Deep in the heart of Oltrarno, Angiolino – Ai 13 Arrosti will surprise you with its commitment to authentic Tuscan cuisine.  

The menu here provides Tuscan-style pasta fresca with a variety of truffle sauces or venison meat sauces. Try the wild boar ragu, one of the most famous pasta sauces in Florence: it’ll make you understand the meaning of life and the Florentine essence. 

Wide pasta noodles served with boar ragu on a blue and white plate
The incredible wild boar ragu at Angiolino. Photo credit: Angiolino

2. Osteria Antica Casa Torre 

You already know that Italians are so crazy about pasta that they have a name for every different type of noodle. And Tuscany is known for pappardelle: flat, large noodles, made with eggs. This is the most authentic way to enjoy wild boar ragu.  

The best place to find boar pappardelle is Osteria Antica Casa Torre. The pappardelle have just the right amount of roughness to hold sauce, and the boar meat melts in your mouth almost like a cream. 

Wide pasta noodles with wild boar ragu on a black plate
Florence’s incredible pappardelle with wild boar ragu is a must try. Photo credit: Wei-Duan Woo

3. Trattoria Mario 

At Trattoria Mario (Via Rosina 2r), the secret for a good pasta runs in the family. As one of the best restaurants in Florence, it’s only open during lunch time, so you’ll have to find a little room in your busy schedule to enjoy the place. 

The menu changes every day, but you won’t miss a good pasta dish. Their pasta al ragù is a particularly good choice when available. It’s different than a typical bolognese sauce in that it only uses beef, and is slow-cooked to perfection over the course of five hours.

Rigatoni pasta with meat sauce on a white plate.
The secret to Trattoria Mario’s incredible ragu is its 5-hour cook time. Photo credit: Trattoria Mario

4. Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe 

Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe is a historical place in Florence, in one of its most historical alleys. The variety of traditional food that you can find here is impressive: and whatever you choose, you’ll be happy with it. The good-to-go place if you want to try a little bit of everything.  

5. La Gratella 

La Gratella is another typical place where to try regional food and fresh pasta. The atmosphere is cozy and the place warm. Here, you can also find what we think is the best truffle pasta in Florence: the ravioli stuffed with lemon and covered in truffle sauce and parmesan. 

6. Tamerò Pasta Bar 

Tamerò Pasta Bar doesn’t need an introduction: it’s just a quintessential fun spot when it comes to pasta. Its location in a former garage is sure to pique your interest, and you can try here everything that Tuscany has to offer in terms of typical pasta. 

Our favorite is pici cacio e pepe: a Florentine pasta (pici are a strong kind of noodle) with a sauce made with cheese and just the right amount of pepper. You can also pair your pasta with creative cocktails. 

Pasta with tomato artfully presented on a white plate.
Pici pasta served with a tomato sauce at Tamerò. Photo credit: Tamerò

7. Deposito Bagagli 

Deposito Bagagli (Piazza della Libertà, 29/r) literally means “luggage storage.” And this uniquely named spot is the last pasta spot that you must visit before leaving Florence.   

A few years ago, the place was renowned for its all-you-can-eat dinners that offered only ravioli. Times changed, but trust us: the ravioli are still good, and the carbonara will melt in your mouth. 

Spaghetti carbonara served on a white plate with a stemless glass of red wine in the background
You don’t have to go all the way to Rome to find great carbonara.

A Final Tip 

For a complete Florentine experience, remember to always pair your pasta with a good glass of Tuscan wine (or maybe two). There’s no shame in having some booze during lunchtime and it’ll surely increase your level of conviviality… and make every pasta you’ll try the best pasta you’ve ever have! 

Server pouring a glass of red wine
Wine with lunch is perfectly acceptable in Italy!

You know how to find the best pasta in Florence — now it’s time to put your skills to the test and spend an evening eating like a local! Join us for our Dine Around Florence food tour for a foodie adventure you won’t soon forget!