Where to Find the Best Gelato in Venice

As you wander around Venice during a hot day, there’s no better refreshment than a creamy cup of gelato. But let’s be real: even in the deep, cold winter, gelato is a must-have on Italian soil. Venice knows that: and the city will probably surprise you for the great amount of gelaterie that you’ll find on your path.

close up of a person's hand holding a small waffle cone with two scoops of gelato, one light green and one white, with a Venice street in the background
Gelato is a delicious treat any time of year. Photo credit: serena_tang

But be careful: not all gelato is the same. That’s why you need to read on, to find out how and where to enjoy the best gelato in Venice.

Every region has its gelato way

First, let’s clear the air: gelato isn’t the same in North and South Italy. Depending on the city you’re visiting, gelato can be served (and paid for) in different ways.

Generally, in the south, gelato is served in a cono or coppetta (cup) that can be small, medium, or large. But even with a small gelato, you can have up to 2 flavors. With a large gelato, you can go crazy with more!

But this system to assess the hugeness of your gelato isn’t the same in the north of Italy. In Venice, gelato is served in palline (literally meaning little balls) that the maestro gelataio scoops the flavored balls out of the tin and onto your cone or cup.

So you’ll pay for a cono or coppetta with one, two, three, four, or five palline: and that will also be the number of flavors you can choose to have on your gelato.

A person holds a white cup with three scoops of gelato, one brown, one yellow, one pink, at a gelato shop in Venice
Venetians enjoy their gelato in the form of perfectly round palline. Photo credit: Kanesue

Where to find the best gelato in Venice

Finding in-house gelato in Venice is harder than you think: most places are tourist traps that dazzle you with flashy, bright colors and sky-high cones.

Nonetheless, at Devour Tours we like to take a challenge and prove our worth, and finding the best gelato was easy once we followed a few rules and asked some trusted locals.

Now you’re ready to follow our lead and taste the best gelato in Venice!

Gelatoteca Suso

Nested just a few steps away from Rialto, Gelatoteca Suso (Sotoportego de la Bissa, 5453) will definitely stand out for its long line of locals and tourists waiting for their gelato.

We recommend you try pistachio, where all the other gelaterie fail, Suso is there to prove that a good pistachio gelato is possible and delicious.

close up of someone holding a cone with two scoops of gelato, one light green and one pink
Pistachio is a delicious but tricky flavor to master. Photo credit: serena_tang

Gelateria Ca’ d’Oro

Gelateria Ca’ d’Oro has only one mission: to bring you the traditional gelato, with a strong link with the territory and its raw materials. That’s why they strictly follow the cycle of the year. Depending on the month you’re visiting Venice and the seasonal fruits, you’ll find different flavors.

But some classics are always there to be savored like custard cream and bussolai, the traditional Burano biscuits.

Gelateria Leonardo

Don’t mix it up with Gelateria S. Leonardo! Gelateria Leonardo is in Calle de Castel Forte San Rocco, 3098A, and it’s entirely dedicated to the noble art of gelato making.

Flavors are creative and innovative. Here, you can find Oreo as well as cheesecake flavored gelato. But the best thing you’ll find here is a new and funny alternative to the cone or cup choice: the waffle! If you want something different, make sure to try this out.

close up of a paper tray with a small Belgian waffle topped with chocolate syrup, a scoop of gelato, and whipped cream
The gelato waffle is a decadent treat. Photo credit: TAYLOR149

Gelateria Nico

Gelateria Nico is one of the most romantic gelato places in Venice. With an elegant terrace and a beautiful view of sunset on the water, this gelateria is the perfect place to have a break.

The gelato itself displays a refined balance between traditional and modern flavors. Having a gelato here is an experience you’ll always remember.