Best Desserts in Florence: 6 Sweet Treats You Shouldn’t Miss

At the end of an unforgettable meal, there’s only one thing that can crown it all perfectly – a delicious dessert. And while desserts in Florence may not be as famous as Florentine steak, they’re still an unforgettable experience.

But what should you order, and where? We’re here to help! Here’s the ultimate list of our favorite desserts in Florence.

Dessert spread with sparkling wine, tea, and apricot tart
Look no further to discover the best desserts in Florence. Photo credit: Betty Subrizi


No, not ice cream: gelato. The milky, soft, colorful thing that stands on a cone and makes you think that life really is worth it.

Even if gelato (and lemon sorbet in particular) appears on every restaurant menu, our advice is to choose a gelateria.

Stroll around Florence to enjoy a little bit more of the beautiful city. Then, get your gelato from one of our favorite gelato shops:

Metal bins with gelato on display in many different colors
Vanilla, pistachio, chocolate…which gelato flavor is your favorite? Photo credit: Hilda Gea

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We dare you to name something more Italian than tiramisù. Savoiardi buiscits dipped in strong espresso and covered with sweet mascarpone cream; tiramisù is the quintessential Italian dessert. In fact, it is one of the most common desserts in Florence – and in Italy.

The best tiramisù in Florence can be found at Pompi. Every Florentine comes here to order the tiramisù after family dinner. Try their special tiramisù, and you’ll understand why it’s one of the best desserts in Florence.

Small plate with a slice of tiramisu cake and cinnamon
Don’t miss the tiramisù when you come to Florence. Photo credit: Aurelian Săndulescu


Did you know that Florentines have their own version of tiramisù? It’s called zuccotto, and is one of the best desserts in Florence!

Traditionally, zuccotto is sponge dipped in sweet liquor and layered with chocolate cream. You’ll notice it by its distinctive half-sphere shape. Its color is often such a deep shade of red that the dessert is named aftera bishop’s hat, the zuccotto.

Zuccotto is a classic local dessert, and each Florentine family adds their own twist to the tradition. (It usually involves a generous amount of Nutella.)

Every respectable osteria has zuccotto on its dessert menu, so if you’re not lucky enough to have a Florentine mamma all for yourself, you can try it around the city. A special mention goes to the zuccotto at Pasticceria Marisa.

A slice of round, dome-shaped cake with filling and icing sugar with a fork on a plate
You’ll find many types of zuccotto, including a Nutella-drenched variety. Photo credit: Naomi Kawakami

Schiacciata dolce fiorentina

Please don’t confuse this treat with simple schiacciata, which is some of the best pizza in Florence.  Schiacciata dolce is a completely different experience.

Only baked during Carnival, this is one of the most traditional desserts that you can have in Florence. This yellow sponge cake – flavored with saffron and covered in icing sugar – is hands-down one of the tastiest desserts in Florence.

The best place to have your sweet schiacciata is Pasticceria da Giorgio, a local favorite.

Schiacciata all’uva

Yes, here is another schiacciata to mess with your understanding of Italian. Don’t worry though, the naming of desserts is also confusing to non-Florentine Italians.

Schiacciata all’uva is a treat made of soft bread and filled with black grapes. You can only find it during Florence in fall, since the grapes must be ripe to give it the perfect amount of sweetness.

Schiacciata all’uva may not be as sweet as you expect, but it’s definitely an experience that you’ll want to try. A great place to sample it is at Pugi, one of the best bakeries in Florence.

Close up of Tuscan style focaccia topped with roasted cherry tomatoes
Schiacciata alla’uva is a classic that we heartily recommend.

Cantucci and vin santo

Cantucci are dry, stale almond biscuits. How can they resemble a tasty dessert?

Well, cantucci are never served alone. They’re always paired with vin santo, a sweet wine the color of amber. It’s called santo (saint) because it was the wine made by friars to celebrate Holy Mass. And now, it gives us a little bit of heaven when we drink it.

For an otherworldly experience, follow these steps. First, dip your cantuccio in the small glass of vin santo. Then, count to five and take a bite. Finally, when you’re done with the cantucci, drink the remaining wine. The sweetness of the wine enhances the angelic taste of the almonds.

There’s not a real place to have cantucci e vin santo; it’s one of the cheapest, most common, and best desserts in Florence. It’s usually served at fairs and parties, so you won’t have any trouble finding it.

A basket of hard, yellow cookies and a small glass of amber liquid
Cantucci and vin santo are a classic Florentine dessert pairing. Photo credit: McPig

Now you’re ready to go. Choose the dessert in Florence that you prefer and discover your favorite!

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