A Local’s Guide to Wine in Amsterdam: Wine Bars, Shops & More

From Dutch grape varieties to natural orange wines, and from sparkling sensations to wine bars offering the perfect pairing, the Dutch capital has something for every oenophile. Read on for the ultimate guide to wine in Amsterdam.

If you’re contemplating what people drink in the Netherlands, you might think of the famous Dutch beers like Heineken and Amstel, or perhaps our Dutch national spirit – jenever. But wine probably wouldn’t be the first thing that springs to mind. With much of the country below sea level and very few hills or mountains, the Netherlands isn’t an obvious grape-growing country. But to neglect wine when in Amsterdam would be a mistake, because many of the city’s bars and shops take it very seriously indeed. We’re here to help you find the exact glass of wijn you’re looking for, whether that’s French or Dutch, natural or old-school, with or without food. Proost!

glass of rose wine on wood shelf
Look no further for the best wine in Amsterdam! Photo credit: Maria Orlova

A brief introduction to Dutch wine

Most of the wine the Netherlands does produce comes from the southern provinces of Limburg, Gelderland and Zeeland – where there are at least a few changes in elevation (AKA hills) for grapes to grow on. For obvious reasons, hardy varieties that ripen later in cooler climates are the order of the day. Some you’ll recognize, like Riesling and Pinot Noir, which also grow well in neighboring northern Germany. Others you may not have heard of, like Johanniter, Solaris, and Souvignier Gris for the whites, and Cabernet Cortis, Regent, and Rondo for the reds.

Where to buy Dutch wine in Amsterdam

Bob Wijn

The Netherlands exports hardly any of its wines, preferring to focus on quality over quantity. So if you’re curious to taste Dutch wine, you’d better do it while you’re here! Head to Bob Wijn – a shop-in-shop at the two Vindict locations in Amsterdam, one on the Jordaan and one in Noord – where they sell a wide selection of Dutch wines.

You can also book a tasting at Bob Wijn if you’d prefer to try before you buy. In case you’re wondering where the name comes from, BOB stands for Beschermde Oorsprongsbenaming (Protected Designation of Origin – the equivalent of AOP in France or DOC in Italy). Believe it or not, a couple of Dutch wines even have EU protected status!

A woman in a jean shirt points to a tall shelf of wine for sale
Picking out a bottle of Dutch wine could be on your shopping list while in Amsterdam! Photo credit: Lucía Montenegro

Where to drink natural wines in Amsterdam

Natural, organic, and low-intervention wines are a big trend in Amsterdam at the moment, and many restaurants specialize in such wines on their menus. But there are also several wine bars selling exclusively natural wines – including many by the glass – if you’d like to taste your way through a few.


GlouGlou in de Pijp was perhaps the first all-natural wine bar in Amsterdam, going strong since 2015. As well as serving wines made without pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers, GlouGlou’s wines are unfiltered – which means they can be cloudy and funky.

Bar Centraal

While GlouGlou does serves some snacks, it’s primarily about the wines. But if you love natural wines and are looking for dinner as well, Bar Centraal in West is owned by the same people and will serve you up a more substantial meal with your orange wine.


A newcomer to Amsterdam’s natural wine scene in spring 2023, Bottleshop in Oost boasts scores of primarily French wines by the bottle, but also has a carefully curated selection of open bottles that can be ordered by the glass. If you’re into Pet-Nat and orange wines, you’ll be thrilled. But we also loved Bottleshop’s Gamay from Beaujolais, especially when paired with a sumptuous selection of French cheeses.

Close up of two people each holding a glass of white wine.
Discover your new favorite natural wine at the best places in Amsterdam.

Bars for bubbles in Amsterdam

Got something to celebrate? Sometimes Champagne is the only way. And in Amsterdam, where there’s a specialist bar or restaurant to cater to your every desire, you’ll of course find wine bars specializing in sparkling.

Bubbles & Wines

Bang in the center of town, Bubbles & Wines has been helping Amsterdammers celebrate for decades. And it’s unsurprising when you consider that they stock 400 different Champagnes, not to mention hundreds of other wines. Bubbles & Wines also offer flights of wine: three half-glasses to allow you to relish a selection. And don’t miss their “High Wines” experience, in which a curated variety of wines are paired with snacks.

Five Brothers Fat

Prefer your bubbles Spanish-style? Enter Five Brothers Fat, a more casual wine bar focusing on Cava and tapas (although they do serve other bubbles and wines as well). Five Brothers Fat now has three locations in Amsterdam and one in Haarlem.

Glass of sparkling wine on a wooden tabletop
Who doesn’t love a glass of something sparkling?

Bars for wine and food

Of course, prioritizing fine wine doesn’t need to be at the expense of excellent food. There are plenty of Amsterdam wine bars that have exquisite food menus as well.


Near the leafy Oosterpark, you’ll find Clos – a wine bar with a covered, heated terrace that’s ideal for the unpredictable Dutch weather. The wines by the glass are arranged to make it easy to select one you’ll like, and Clos offers plenty of top-notch snacks like good-quality charcuterie and cheeses, fresh bread with hummus, meatballs in tomato sauce and more substantial dishes.


Meanwhile in de Pijp, Paskamer offer around 50 wines by the glass and hundreds more by the bottle. The food is perfectly designed for sharing, and Paskamer’s knowledgeable waiting staff will help you with wine pairings if that’s your thing. Think smoky pulpo (octopus) with spicy mayo paired with a Grauburgunder from Pfalz, or umami-rich marinated salmon with an Alsace Pinot Blanc.

Modern presentation of an octopus and vegetable dish served on a black plate
Pair wine with sophisticated dishes – like smoked octopus – at Paskamer.

Rayleigh & Ramsay

And last but certainly not least, perhaps the most unique wine concept in Amsterdam is Rayleigh & Ramsay. With three locations in the city, they have a dozen or so wine-dispensing machines throughout their bars – each containing ten bottles of temperature-controlled, vacuum-sealed, perfectly preserved wine. After loading up a card with credits, the vino-curious customer can choose from over 100 wines – by the glass, half-glass or sample tasting.

As Rayleigh & Ramsay rightly say on their website, it’s like a candy store for adults! On the food front, they offer various shareable, snackable plates – think charcuterie, pâté, cheeses, and so on. If you’re looking for something more substantial, main courses are also on offer and there’s a good-value fixed menu, too.