Renting Bikes in Madrid: Best Options for Hourly Rentals and Tours

Biking around the city is a healthy, sustainable and fun way to see Madrid. When traveling by bike, you can go at your own pace, but have the advantage of moving faster than with your own two feet.

The city is constantly updating and improving its network of bike paths, making it easier than ever to explore. Bikes can take you to all the major sights in the city center, as well as off the beaten path where you can discover the best hidden gems. This guide to renting bikes in Madrid will show you where to get started.

Man with bike pauses in front of statue in Madrid's Retiro Park
Explore the city like a local when renting a bike in Madrid. Photo credit: Daiji Umemoto


As the newest addition to the city’s already expansive public transportation network, BiciMAD is the official service for renting bikes in Madrid. All of their bicycles are 100 percent electric, so you can improve your fitness level and ride even further than a normal bike can take you. They offer more than 1,500 bikes set up at 123 stations throughout the city, so it’s easy to grab a bike and go whenever you need. It’s easy to use, too: simply register using the machine at one of the docking stations and choose whether you’d like to use the service for one, three or five days.

Bici charging station in front of Madrid's Atocha trian station
BiciMAD stations are easy to find all over the city, like this one in front of the Atocha train station. Photo credit: Jorge Franganillo

Bike Madrid Tours

Bike Madrid also offers bike rental servies in a central location near Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. For cycling aficionados and speedsters, they even offer top-notch brands like Specialized and Kalkhoff. In addition to bike rental, they also offer bike tours in locations like Aranjuez, El Escorial, Segovia, and the mountains outside of Madrid.

Rent & Roll

With a wide range of bikes available at different prices, Rent & Roll provides plenty of choices to fit your itinerary and budget. They even offer rental skates and longboards if you prefer to see Madrid a different way! You can pick up your equipment from their office conveniently located near Retiro Park, or you can choose the delivery option and have them bring your bike to you. They also offer great guided bike tours if you’d like to learn about the city from a pro.

Groups of picnic revelers enjoy a lazy afternoon in the shade
What could be better than exploring Retiro Park by bike? Photo credit: Delaina Haslam

Bike Spain

With headquarters right in Madrid’s iconic Plaza de la Villa, Bike Spain is one of the country’s leading bike tour operators. In addition to tours in and around the city (think Segovia and Toledo, in addition to Madrid proper) they also offer one of the best and most convenient services for renting bikes in Madrid. They’re proud to offer a full fleet of excellent city and road bikes, so no matter where you plan to explore, you can get there comfortably. Prices vary depending on the bike and the amount of time you want to rent it.

Sunset over a small pond in a park
Madrid’s green spaces, such as Tierno Galván Park, are perfect for exploring by bike! Photo credit: Ant_S95


For nearly 20 years, the passionate team at BravoBike has prided itself on their commitment to showing visitors how to discover Spain on two wheels. In addition to hosting excellent guided bike tours all over the country, they also provide a fantastic service for renting bikes in Madrid. They offer all kinds of bikes, including kids’ bikes. Pick up your bike from their offices near Plaza de España. You can also opt to have them bring you your bike for an additional cost.

Update Notice: This post was updated on February 6, 2023.

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