4 Places to Experience a Port Tasting in Lisbon

If you’re visiting Portugal, it’s only natural that you’re looking for the best places to try Port wine. Don’t fret! Even if you’re not visiting Porto, there are extraordinary places for a Port tasting in Lisbon, too.

Even if you’re just getting started with Portuguese wine, odds are you’ve heard of Port, or Vinho do Porto. Hailing from the north of Portugal, it’s a sweet fortified wine usually served in a small glass as a digestif, or generously poured over desserts like pêras bêbedas (poached pears, soaked in wine).

It’s made with grapes from the Douro Valley region, and stored in cellars at Vila Nova de Gaia, across the bridge from the city of Porto, which gave it its name. These days, you can find it at wine stores across the globe.

Most people think Port is red, but there are several styles. Port wine colors range from white to rosé, including your typical scarlet red. 

Some Port wines, like Ruby, you can drink straight away, while others need time to mature, like a Colheita or Vintage, which can age up to 40 years. Luckily for you, Port wine production has been around for many centuries, so you can sample all of these today in a single tasting.

Port tasting in Lisbon
Nowadays, you can find Port wine anywhere in the world. Photo credit: Stefan Grage

Taylor’s Port (Alfama)

Established in the 17th century, Taylor’s is one of the oldest brands of Port wine in Portugal. They’ve had their cellars in Porto for decades, but they’ve recently opened a shop and tasting room in Lisbon, right in the heart of Alfama.

Each day, they offer 15 Port wines to try. You can also order a thematic tasting like the Introduction to Taylor’s, which includes five Port wines from different styles and ages. 

In the summer, there are Port-inspired cocktails like the Taylor’s Chip Dry and Tonic, a twist to your average gin and tonic.

To pair with the wine, they offer a selection of Portuguese cheeses and cured hams, as well as sweet treats like our beloved pastel de nata.

Taylor's has a great Port tasting in Lisbon
Taylor’s wine cellars have been in Porto since the 17th century, but you can do their Port tasting in Lisbon. Photo credit: Ray in Manila

Lisbon Winery (Bairro Alto)

Lisbon Winery is the ideal meeting spot for wine lovers visiting the city. If you’re looking for a quiet wine bar away from the crowds in Bairro Alto, this is the place for you.

The 16th-century cistern is the first thing you’ll notice when you walk in, along with the boxes stocked with wine bottles. There are over 100 Portuguese wines on the menu, with a focus on small producers.

You can come for a glass, share a bottle, or book a tasting and learn from their passionate Port wine experts. Their Port tasting in Lisbon takes around two hours and includes five top Port wines, a selection of local cheese and sausages, traditional ham, olive oil, bread, and water.

A charcuterie board goes great with your Port wine
Try five exclusive Port wines paired with delicious traditional charcuterie and cheeses. Photo credit: Jessica Johnston

Grapes & Bites (Bairro Alto)

Food, wine, and a bed for the night—you can get it all at Grapes & Bites. Yes, it’s a hostel, but it’s the cozy bar downstairs that keeps the wine crowd coming. 

Dedicated to Portuguese wine, it has over 650 varieties available by the glass, including Port. They also offer tastings, if you want to sample a variety of Port wines in one go.

The bar opens at 3 p.m., but it gets busier in the evenings with their live music sessions. 

When you start to feel peckish, you can order a meal or get a round of petiscos to share. We suggest the garlic shrimp, and don’t forget to dip the bread in that delicious sauce before they take it away!

Insider’s Tip: The area can get a bit noisy at night. Keep that in mind if you’re planning to sleep here.

Port wine selection with different colors
A Port tasting in Lisbon is a great way to try different wine options and learn about them. Photo credit: Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Chafariz do Vinho (Príncipe Real)

If you’re strolling around Príncipe Real and need a wine break, head over to Chafariz do Vinho (R. da Mãe de Água 43 33). The name translates as the “fountain of wine,” since this used to be part of a 19th-century water reservoir. You can still see traces of this in its stone walls.

There’s no shortage of wines to choose from here. If you’re coming for the Port, they offer an already famous Port tasting in Lisbon called “100 years of Port.” 

It allows you to taste four kinds of Port aged in wooden barrels, from 10 to 40 years. You can also order Port by the glass.

Insider’s Tip: Before heading to the bar, you can visit the nearby Reservatório da Mãe d’Água, one of the most beautiful water reservoirs in Lisbon.

Try exclusive wines in a Port wine tasting in Lisbon
Options are endless, but we’re certain you’ll find your favorite. Photo credit: Bruno Martins

Update Notice: This post was updated on January 19, 2024.


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