Where to Find Luggage Storage in Madrid

Traveling in Madrid, but not sure what to do with your bags? Not a problem!

Spain’s capital is well prepared for visitors. No matter which part of town you’re exploring or which public transport hub you’re bound for, there are plenty of options for luggage storage in Madrid!

Man in a red jacket and dark jeans walking across a street with a white suitcase
Drop your luggage off and head off to explore Madrid! Photo credit: Jon Tyson

Nobody wants to explore a new city while dragging suitcases around. Whether you’ve just arrived and can’t check into your accommodation just yet, or you’re on your way out and need someplace to stash your luggage while you enjoy your last few hours in town, there’s a luggage storage option in Madrid that will work for you.

Tip: Look for the word consigna in Spanish to find left luggage facilities at the airport or train station.

Madrid Airport Luggage Storage

Luggage storage at the Madrid airport is available through Excess Baggage Company. Facilities can be found in terminals T1, T2, and T4.

This is one of the most flexible options for luggage storage in Madrid, with prices starting at €6 per item and plenty of discounts available. The storage area is quite large, so there’s no need to worry about booking ahead, and facilities are completely secure.

Note: As of June 2021, the luggage storage service at the Madrid airport is unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interior of an airport with a moving walkway and modern ondulated ceiling held up by yellow beams.
Madrid’s airport boasts an excellent luggage storage facility. Photo credit: David Klein

Luggage Storage at Madrid Train Stations

Luggage Storage at Atocha

Madrid’s main train station, Atocha, offers luggage lockers in varying sizes. Prices range from €3.10 for a small item, €3.60 for a medium item, and €5.20 for a large item.

The luggage storage area is located near the main entrance of the station (from Plaza del Emperador Carlos V). Once inside, look for the famous tropical garden. At the end of the hall, next to the Burger King, you’ll spot the left-luggage lockers.

For anyone joining us on our Prado Museum Tour and VIP Botin Lunch experience, this is where you’ll want to go! It’s close to our meeting point and easily accessible. Just leave your things here and get ready for a morning of art, culture and food!

Note: As of June 2021, the luggage storage service at Atocha is unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interior of a train station with a large tropical garden
Make your way to the back of Atocha’s unique indoor rainforest to find the luggage storage area! Photo credit: Mindaugas Petrutis

Luggage Storage at Chamartín

Madrid’s other large train station, Chamartín, also offers left luggage lockers. The prices are the same as at Atocha. You’ll find the facility attached to the main passenger terminal.

Note: As of June 2021, the luggage storage service at Chamartín is unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luggage Storage in Madrid’s Neighborhoods

If you’re nowhere near the airport or either of Madrid’s largest train stations, no worries! There are some excellent options for luggage storage scattered throughout Madrid.

Literary Quarter/Huertas

Cruising down Calle de las Huertas or meandering through Plaza Santa Ana is much more enjoyable when not weighed down by bags!

For luggage storage in Madrid near this area, head to Locker in the City’s location on Calle Atocha. This urban locker storage is open 24/7/365, so you’re guaranteed to have access no matter when you need to pick up or drop off your bag.

Reservations must be made in advance online through their easy-to-use booking system. Each locker has an outlet for charging electronics, and the facility is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance.

If you’ve decided to join us on our Huertas Neighborhood Food and Market Tour, then Locker in the City is a very convenient choice. It’s an easy walk from both the starting and ending point of the tour, each of which is less than 10 minutes away. Drop your bags off with them and come find us for a morning spent sampling local specialties at a traditional Spanish market!

Urban plaza with a statue of a man in the foreground and a large white hotel in the background.
Plaza de Santa Ana is the starting point for our Huertas tour!

Historic City Center

Madrid Lockers are located near the Plaza Mayor, perfect for mornings touring the historic city center. Literally right in front of the Mercado de San Miguel, there’s no way for you to miss it!

This is a great option for anyone signed up for our Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour, our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour, or our Private Madrid for Kids Walking Tour with Activities and Snacks. Luckily, this locker space in Plaza San Miguel is just a stone’s throw away from all three tours’ meeting points!

View of Plaza Mayor, a large arcaded square in Madrid, with a statue of a man on horseback
What could be better than a morning spent in Plaza Mayor?

Throughout Madrid

Still not sure where you’ll be based for your stay? LuggageHero is exactly what you need.

They’ve currently partnered with more than 50 local businesses throughout Madrid—shops, hotels, cafes, you name it—to offer safe, secure luggage storage close to anything and everything. All bag locations are regularly vetted by a LuggageHero rep to ensure safety and quality.

Luggage Storage in Madrid FAQs

Can I store my luggage at Madrid airport?

Usually yes. Madrid’s airport does offer a massive left luggage facility that requires no prior booking. However, as of 2021 the service is temporarily unavailable for health and safety reasons related to the pandemic.

Is public transportation in Madrid accessible with luggage?

Many—but not all—metro stations in Madrid are equipped with escalators, elevators, and other amenities that make getting around with suitcases a bit easier. That said, some stations are still stairs-only. You can see a full list of accessible stations on the metro website to help you plan ahead.

Update Notice: This post was originally published on October 17, 2018 and was updated with new text and photos on June 2, 2021.

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