10 Instagrammable Spots in Seville to Give All Your Followers Major FOMO

There’s a lot to love about Seville: incredible sightseeing, rich history, a booming gastronomic scene and lively culture, just to name a few.

All of the above were part of the reason why Lonely Planet named Seville the best city to visit in 2018. As if you needed any more convincing, its pastel-painted walls, cobblestone streets, and mudéjar-style tiles make it absolute eye candy, not to mention a photographer’s dream. 

But where does one even begin, and how do you see it all? It wasn’t easy, but we’ve managed to narrow down our 10 favorite Instagrammable spots in Seville—we guarantee a few will surprise you!

Get your cameras ready: these Instagrammable spots in Seville are calling your name!

1. Plaza de España

Built by Aníbal González for the Ibero-American Exposition in 1929, Plaza de España is an incredible example of regional architecture, mixing Renaissance Revival and Moorish Revival styles. From sweeping panoramic views of the entire plaza to artistic close-ups of the Neo-Mudéjar tiles lining the bridges and alcoves, Plaza de España is a must for any Instagram feed. 

Hollywood loves it, too—the plaza has appeared in many movies, including “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.”

Insider’s tip: Plaza de España is open 24 hours. Consider avoiding the crowds and vendors by going first thing in the morning if you want the perfect shot!

From any angle, it's undeniable that Plaza de España is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Seville.
Plaza de España is stunning from any angle. Photo credit: @happyfilterphotos

2. Patio de Banderas

Although at first glance it might seem like a strange choice, don’t count the Patio de Banderas out just yet. It has a secret corner with a vantage point of the cathedral unlike anywhere else in the city. 

This patio, which is now the exit of the Royal Alcázar, was originally built in the 10th century by the Muslim king Abderramán III as a palace. Later, King Felipe V used it as an armory. However, it is the door leading out towards the cathedral that has the jaw-dropping views really worth stopping for.

The view of the Giralda tower from the Patio de Banderas in Seville
The view of the cathedral as you step out into the Patio de Banderas will take your breath away. Photo credit: @stephcny

3. The Guadalquivir riverfront

Seville’s river might not be perfect for swimming, but it is the perfect backdrop for a morning or evening walk. While you’re at it, you can get some gorgeous shots of the colorful houses of Calle Betis across the water, the intricate Isabel II bridge, and the impressive Torre de Oro. 

On weekend afternoons in spring, you’ll find the riverside packed with students, families, and friends having a picnic and enjoying the atmosphere. Our advice: grab a couple of refreshments from a kiosk and join in!

If you're not sure where to stay in Seville with kids, we love the Arenal neighborhood in between the city center and the river.
The Torre de Oro dominates the eastern bank of Seville’s riverfront.

4. Calle Agua

One of our favorite streets in the Santa Cruz neighborhood is Calle Agua. One side is lined by the walls of the Royal Alcázar. During spring and summer, the fuchsia bougainvilleas hanging above the street form a makeshift tunnel perfect for that romantic shot you’ve been searching for.  

Insider’s tip: Follow Calle Agua down until it meets Calle Antonio el Balarín, the street that leads to the Murillo Gardens. On that corner you’ll find another gem: “Rosina’s Balcony” from the famous opera “The Barber of Seville.” Legend has it that this is the balcony that Figaro told Count Almaviva to climb and get back his love, Rosina. 

Calle Agua, one of the most Instagrammable spots in Seville.
Calle Agua is one of the most colorful streets in Seville—perfect for an eye-catching photo op. Photo credit: @anni_815

5. Parque María Luisa

One of Seville’s largest green spaces is María Luisa Park, right beside Plaza de España. Here you’ll find all kinds of lush backdrops as well as picture-perfect colorful tiles. And don’t miss the tucked-away Mudéjar Pavilion, another Aníbal González creation, which doesn’t get the credit or attention it deserves. 

María Luisa Park in the fall
We can’t get over how stunning the park looks in the fall. Photo credit: @florecitaa_viajera

6. Calle Betis

While it may be a well-known place for students to have a drink on a Friday night, Calle Betis is also incredibly photogenic. 

You can get close-ups of colorful houses, snap some shots of the rowers on the Guadalquivír, and see the Torre de Oro from a whole new perspective. While you’re there, be sure to explore one of Seville’s most beautiful neighborhoods and enjoy some of our favorite food in Triana.

Insider’s Tip: Check out the bar El Embarcadero for front row seats on the river as you sip your G&T while watching the sunset!

The sunset on Calle Betis makes it one of the most Instagrammable spots in Seville.
If you haven’t enjoyed at least one Calle Betis sunset while in Seville, you’re doing it wrong. Photo credit: @anagarfer_87

7. Real Alcázar

This sprawling royal palace and its gardens were built by the Christians on top of an existing Moorish fortress. Today, it’s still used for the Spanish royal family, should they choose to stay there during their trips to Seville. 

It is a spectacle of Mudéjar architecture and breathtaking at every turn. Here are a few of our favorite corners for photo ops:

  • Salón de los Embajadores (The Ambassador’s Room)
  • El Patio de las Doncellas (The Maiden’s Patio)
  • Los Baños de María Padilla (María Padilla’s Baths)

Insider’s tip: Be sure to get your tickets online before you go—the line can wrap around the block! Mondays are free, so if you’re going to take advantage, do be sure to reserve your free ticket online as well. Last but not least, brush up on everything to know before you go with our guide to visiting the Real Alcázar!

The Alcázar is easily one of the most Instagrammable spots in Seville.
From the moment you step inside, the Alcázar will leave you speechless. Photo credit: Sarah Winton

8. Rooftop Terraces

Rooftop bars give you the best of both worlds while visiting Seville: unparalleled views of the city, and no one blocking those views with their selfie stick! The rooftops in Seville are jaw dropping. These are just a few of our favorites:

During your Seville hen do, drinks at a rooftop bar are a must.
Seeing Seville from up above should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Photo credit: This is the milk

9. Metropol Parasol

A somewhat out-of-place looking structure in the middle of the historical center is Metropol Parasol, known locally as “Las Setas,” or “The Mushrooms.”

The structure faced initial criticism from locals, but over the years has been accepted and incorporated into the city backdrop, and serves as excellent shade from the summer heat. The best part? You can walk across the top and enjoy incredible views of the city while sipping a cold cerveza for a €3 entrance fee. 

Insider’s tip: Go for a late evening stroll to catch the sunset and avoid the midday heat. Before heading up to the top, take some time to explore the Roman ruins that were found underneath this structure when construction took place!

One of our favorite Instagrammable spots in Seville is the top of the Setas monument, Metropol Parasol.
Metropol Parasol offers some of the most iconic views of Seville.

10. Plaza del Cabildo

This semi-circular plaza is tucked away in the Arenal neighborhood right next to the cathedral. You won’t find it if you aren’t looking for it—you have to find your way through passages to get there, either from Avenida de la Constitución, Calle Almirantazgo, or Calle Arfe. Once you find it, enjoy the fresco paintings on the arches, the fountain in the center and the tranquility that overcomes you as you enter. 

Insider’s Tip: If you have time, go on a Sunday when they have the weekly flea market. Here, you can find antique coins, posters from ferias past, postcards, military medals, and other countless treasures you won’t find elsewhere. 

Plaza del Cabildo is home to one of the most unique flea markets in Seville: a coin and stamp collectors' paradise.
Plaza del Cabildo is one of Seville’s most picturesque squares. Photo credit: Jesús Fernández

We hope you enjoy your photogenic adventure through Seville! Follow us on Instagram for a peek at some of our favorite stops and bites both here and throughout Europe.

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