An Insider’s Guide to the Best Spas & Hammams in Seville

Many remnants of the glory days of Al-Andalus are still present in modern Seville.

One of the most iconic symbols of Moorish Spain might just be the ancient Arab bath. With its age-old relaxation and cleansing rituals, the hammam has remained an icon for centuries, and everything from the Arab-style bath houses to the modern, state-of-the-art spa facilities in Seville today draw inspiration from these spaces. If relaxing in a luxurious spa or hammam in Seville sounds like your kind of thing, read on for our top recommendations.

Treat yourself to an indulgent experience at one of these spas and hammams in Seville. Here's where to grab a little R&R.

Las Termas de Hispalis

Hispalis” is one of the most ancient names that was used for Seville, bestowed upon the city by the Romans centuries ago. The name of Las Termas de Hispalis is a nod to the city’s importance in ancient Andalusia, an environment that the hammam strives to recreate in every sensation.

Here, ancient Arabic and Roman bathing rituals come together under one roof in Seville’s historic old Jewish quarter to create a sensual experience unlike any other. Its soothing candlelit rooms, decorated by extravagant tiled murals, play host to a wealth of luxurious treatments, from the traditional thermal circuit to aromatherapy sessions to salt-water flotariums.

AIRE Ancient Baths

Housed in a breathtaking Mudéjar-style palace just a few blocks away from the cathedral, an experience at AIRE Ancient Baths will transport you far from the worries and stresses of everyday life into a world of luxurious R&R.

Despite its Arabic influences, the essence of Spain is the star of the show here, with top-quality Spanish products being used in many treatments (from olive oil facials to wine baths). In the mood for a massage? Go the traditional route, or up the ante with some argan oil. No matter which of their indulgent experiences you decide to treat yourself to, don’t leave without checking out the stunning rooftop pool with views of the cathedral and Giralda.

If a hammam in Seville is what you're after, you can't go wrong with AIRE Ancient Baths—a facility that will transport you back in time to the glory days of Moorish Spain.
AIRE Ancient Baths captures the essence of Moorish Spain in every detail. Photo credit: Sandra Vallaure

Spa Gran Meliá Colón

Stepping away from the traditional Arabic baths, the spa at the Gran Meliá Colón hotel offers an experience that skews towards the contemporary, but is no less luxurious.

Each experience is tailor-made to fit your needs and desires, so no two guests will ever have exactly the same treatment. Their expertly trained, caring staff uses specially developed plant-based products in nearly all spa rituals, and even provides recommendations for how to continue your treatment long after you’ve left the spa itself. Their modern take on relaxation, health and beauty is an experience that’s worth every cent.

Indulge in a luxurious experience at one of these fabulous spas and hammams in Seville. We could go for a massage!
You’re on vacation—treat yourself to a massage!

Agua y Salud

Just steps away from the colorful Triana neighborhood in the laid-back Los Remedios district, Agua y Salud‘s off-the-beaten-path location is just the first element in a relaxation ritual unlike any other. As Seville’s premier urban spa, this place prides itself on the use of the latest and greatest technology to create a bespoke, streamlined experience that’s sure to leave you refreshed and revitalized.

Intimate massage facilities, a traditional Finnish-style sauna, and a thermal circuit that includes a saltwater pool kept at a constant 36º Celsius (97º Fahrenheit) are just a few of the offerings that await you at this renowned facility. They even make celebrating a special occasion easier than ever, with special packages designed for couples, bachelorette getaways and more.

When it comes to spas and hammams in Seville for couples, few places have Agua y Salud beat.
Treat your special someone to one of the luxuriant couples’ experiences at Agua y Salud. Photo credit: Agua y Salud

Bodyna Las Casas del Rey de Baeza

A stunning massage and beauty treatment center plus a rooftop pool atop a hotel housed in a magnificent 18th-century building? Count us in. The location on the rooftop of the Las Casas del Rey de Baeza hotel isn’t just the only thing we love about Bodyna, though. Their next-level treatments and friendly, professional staff help take the experience from “fabulous” to “simply unforgettable.”

Ready for a perfect day of R&R complete with the passionate sevillano essence you know and love? Indulge in one of their massages or beauty rituals, then head to the pool or solarium to sip on a healthy, fresh fruit juice courtesy of the hotel rooftop bar. It all comes with breathtaking views of the city that, more than likely, captured your heart at first glance.

When it comes to spas and hammams in Seville, Bodyna is one of our favorites. They offer top-of-the-line massages and beauty treatments from a stunning location atop one of the city's most luxurious hotels.
A few hours spent at Bodyna’s relaxing facility will give you all the energy you need to take on the rest of your vacation. Photo credit: Bodyna

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