Best Pizza in Florence: 5 Spots You Can’t Miss

Pizza is the holy grail of Italian gastronomy. But watch out: the best pizza you can find in Florence may be very different from what you’ve imagined. 

Close up of half of a thick crust pizza garnished with basil
You can find great Neapolitan pizza in Florence—but there’s so much more to try! Photo credit: Shaian Ramesht

How much do you really know about pizza? 

You’re surely familiar with Neapolitan pizza and its history: the round, thin dough with plenty of toppings and soft cheese. It is usually served as pizza al piatto: literally “pizza on a dish.” 

However, you may not know that there’s a world beyond that. Take Roman pizza al taglio, for example. It’s thicker and crunchier, and usually served in slices—the perfect street food. 

Several pieces of pizza by the slice with various toppings on a wooden board
Pizza al taglio at a market stall in Rome.

But in Florence, we’ve created our own pizza-like dish: schiacciata. Thick as a panino, but salty as a pizza. 

(FYI: if you’ve travelled around Italy, you may have seen something similar and called it focaccia. Nevertheless, Florentines still claim that our schiacciata is different. The truth? Not even Italians can sort this out.) 

Pizza vs. Schiacciata: The Basics 

You now may ask: It’s just water and flour. What’s the difference between schiacciata—the Florentine take on pizza—and a Neapolitan pizza? 

First, there’s the most striking difference: pizza has toppings, while schiacciata has fillings. Schiacciata is always salty and thick enough to be filled with your favorite Tuscan cold cuts, cheese, sauces… and whatever your imagination suggests. 

And while Neapolitan pizza is best served on a dish and consumed at a table, you can comfortably walk around Florence with your schiacciata. 

But some differences may be more subtle and linked to the way the two doughs are prepared. 

Close up of Tuscan style focaccia topped with roasted cherry tomatoes
Don’t leave Florence without trying schiacciata!

The Difference is In the Dough 

Pizza is an alchemical transmutation. There’s something magical in combining the four elements to get this delicious serum of happiness: 

  • Earth: Gives us wheat and flour, the basic ingredients for any kind of pizza, bread, or schiacciata 
  • Water: Depending on the kind of pizza that you want to make, the water/flour ratio will be different. That means more water for schiacciata, and less for bread and pizza. 
  • Air: The time that you let the yeast do its job determines how much air will enter the dough.  
  • Fire: Tame the heat as you please to cook the dough as you need. 

You’re finally ready to discover the hidden locations of the best pizza in Florence. Let the ceremony begin! 

Person's hands holding a ball of pizza dough.
Pizza and schiacciata are close cousins, but their difference comes from how the dough is prepared. Photo credit: Artur Rutkowski

Where to Find the Best Pizza in Florence

1. Un Caffè

You may be confused when you see a gigantic Sardinian flag welcoming you on the outside. But rest assured that the schiacciata at Un Caffè (Via Cesare Battisti, 2) is one of the best. Each of their unique option is named after a saint.  

The best part? You can enjoy your schiacciata under the arches of Piazza Santissima Annunziata, and while admiring Brunelleschi’s architecture. 

2. Il Cernacchio Food & Wine

Il Cernacchio (Via della Condotta, 38r) is another magical place to try out a perfect schiacciata. You can choose between 20 different fillings that include cold cuts, truffle or mushroom sauces, cheese, and even vegetables. 

Interior of a bakery-style restaurant with red details around the counter space
Il Cernacchio is one of the most charming schiacciata spots in Florence. Photo credit: Il Cernacchio

3. All’Antico Vinaio

We know, we know: we’ve promised you wellkept secrets… and we’re suggesting you go to one of the most reviewed places in the whole world! 

But here’s the secret: there are no secrets. All’Antico Vinaio may have gained worldwide popularity, but it’s never lost its quality. 

A man smiling while holding up a stack of focaccia-style bread loaves atop a restaurant counter
One of the secrets to All’Antico Vinaio’s success is their amazing bread. Photo credit: Lin Judy

4. Pizzeria Giotto Bistrò

Make sure to reserve your place and to be on time when planning a meal here. Every Florentine wants to go to Pizzeria Giotto 

The hype is high and valid: this is the real Neapolitan pizza. The dough is soft, the ingredients are top quality. In one word: perfect. 

Close up of Neapolitan margherita pizza garnished with fresh basil
If you’re craving more familiar Neapolitan pizza in Florence, you can’t go wrong with Giotto. Photo credit: Rene Strgar

5. Pizzeria Spera

Have we told you that Pizzeria Giotto is the best in Florence? Well, some Florentines may argue that the best pizza in Florence is actually found at Pizzeria Spera, famed for offering some of the best Neapolitan pizza in Florence.  

So how do you know who’s right? There’s one solution: try them both! 

More Great Schiacciata Spots in Florence

Once you’ve tried some of our picks for the best pizza in Florence, you’re now ready for the next level: discovering your own favorite spots. 

The real charm of schiacciata is that it’s cheap and easy to find. Pugi, Forno Tre Pini (Via de’ Ginori, 54r), and so many other bakeries can provide you with this Tuscan staple. You can even enjoy it for a midnight snack at one of the many secret bakeries in Florence!

You can go for a crusty, crunchy schiacciata or a fluffier one—it’s your time to choose. And then go crazy with whatever filling you like—you’re well on your way to becoming the Master of Pizza!