These 6 Bakeries Are the Only Ones You Need to Visit in Paris

If you don’t believe in heaven on earth, you clearly haven’t stepped inside a Parisian bakery.

Whether you’re there for the bread, croissants, pastries, or all off the above, boulangeries have the power to change your life, or at the very least, to make your trip to the City of Lights a memorable one.

But when your stay in the French capital is limited, it’s only natural that you just want to make time for the best bakeries in Paris. Look no further: these 6 splendid establishments are the only ones you need to visit!

Narrowing down the best bakeries in Paris is no easy task, but it sure is a delicious one. Here are the sweet spots you can't miss.

1. La Maison d’Isabelle: Best Croissant in Paris 2018

A must-go for all bread and pastry lovers, La Maison d’Isabelle isn’t just known to make some of the tastiest, freshly baked baguettes in the city, the owners have also recently won an award for best croissants in Paris!

That’s two excellent reasons to stop by this acclaimed boulangerie after a stroll along the River Seine or around the quaint streets of the Latin Quarter.

Address: 47ter Boulevard Saint-Germain

La Maison d'Isabelle is one of the best bakeries in Paris. Their croissants are award winners!
Follow the scent of fresh-baked croissants to La Maison d’Isabelle and dig in.

2. Boulangerie Utopie

Do perfect places exist? When it comes to bakeries, anything is possible!

The best example is the aptly-named Utopie, which offers bread of superb quality at affordable prices.

Don’t let the line of locals deter you from tasting their scrumptious-looking products. The staff is highly efficient, and you’ll be grateful for the extra time to take your pick from the amazing range of products on offer.

Our favorites: the charcoal baguette and the apple turnovers!

3. Chambelland

Since 2014, Chambelland has been bringing happiness to all gluten-free eaters in Paris!

In order to bring their project of an entirely wheat-free bakery to life, the owners had to build their own mill and produce their own flour from ingredients such as rice, buckwheat or millet.

Chambelland isn’t just a dream-come-true for bread eaters. Here, dessert lovers can choose from a great selection of cookies, pound cakes, tarts and tartlets too!

Chambelland is easily the best bakery in Paris for gluten-free eaters.
Gluten doesn’t have to be a staple of your diet to enjoy the freshly baked bread and sweet treats at Chambelland.

4. 2M: Best Baguette in Paris 2018

If good bread is what makes a good bakery, then 2M is just the best boulangerie in Paris!

In 2018, baker and owner Mahmoud M’Seddi was awarded the top prize for best baguette in the French capital.

For the purpose of the competition, bread quality is assessed by a jury according to various criteria, including crust, crumb, and taste. This way, you can be sure that the baguettes you get in 2M will be crispy, airy, and truly delicious.

Address: 215 Boulevard Raspail

If you're looking for the best baguettes in Paris, our guide will show you where to find them.
Perfectly made baguettes are true works of art. Photo credit: Rachel Hathaway

5. Laurent Duchêne

Known as one of the best craftsmen and bakers in the city (and with the title to prove it), Laurent Duchêne owns two boulangeries in Paris, in the 13th and 15th arrondissements. Whichever you decide to visit, don’t leave without trying the heavenly chocolate croissants, and save a little room for some of the best macarons in Paris!

Laurent Duchêne is one of the best bakeries in Paris, and they have the awards (and the macarons) to prove it.
Have you really been to Paris if you haven’t sunk your teeth into a colorful macaron?

6. La Gambette à Pain

Located in the heart of the 20th arrondissement, La Gambette à Pain offers delectable bread and baked treats to suit every mood.

Their traditional baguettes are perfect to serve with lunch. The more adventurous will want to try the pumpkin bread or some of the unusual creations that reflect the seasons and market.

And, for a special treat, the orange blossom brioche won’t leave anyone indifferent!

Address: 86 Avenue Gambetta

Can you smell the heavenly bread and pastries yet? If you suddenly find yourself with an unshakeable craving for French baked goods, do yourself a favor and check out our Ultimate Paris Food Tour. A traditional boulangerie is just one of several stops during a whole morning of French foodie fun, so you’ll be sure to walk away with your carb and pastry cravings more than satisfied. We hope you’re hungry!

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