Where to Do a Wine Tasting in Barcelona: 5 Great Ideas

Spain is a wine-lover’s paradise, and with the nearest vineyards located just 20 minutes from the city, Barcelona is no exception.

Whether you’re a newbie to the world of Spanish wine or an absolute expert, there is always room to learn more, so why not do a wine tasting in Barcelona? The city is filled with great options, from tastings at nearby wineries to exciting events in the city, check out where to do a wine tasting in Barcelona with our tips.

woman with auburn hair drinking from glass of red wine
Barcelona is full of great wines to try.

Bodega Maestrazgo Tastings

One of our favorite wine shops in Barcelona hosts all sorts of different wine tastings in their beautiful bodega and private tasting room. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for different wine tastings held throughout the year. They also offer a tasting menu for people to try while there. Great wines and vemouth straight from the barrel? Yes, please!

One of the best places to do a wine tasting in El Born is Bodega Maestrazgo. It's a beautiful hidden gem with so much charm!
One of our favorite places is a beautiful hidden gem with so much charm and incredible staff.


Undoubtedly one of the most famous wine bars in the world is Monvinic. The name itself means “world of wine!” This fancy place hosts a wealth of fantastic wine tastings at their bar and restaurant just a stone’s throw from Plaça Catalunya, including blind tastings. It’s pricey, but they do have wines from all over the world. Learning through your senses on a wine tasting in Barcelona is an evening well spent.

Don't forget to taste some beautiful cava whilst on a wine tasting in Barcelona
Don’t miss out on cava, Spain’s wonderful sparkling wine, at wine tastings in Barcelona.

Vila Viniteca

Vila Viniteca is a family-run wine and gourmet shop in the beautiful Born neighborhood. It’s what some might call a gastronomical dynasty in the area. From the gorgeous bodega to the cheese and charcuterie emporium, this place knows good food and wine! Don’t miss out on the different Barcelona wine tastings, festivals, and events held at and around their tasting rooms and shops throughout the year. Also worth stopping into their deli for some wine and cheese!

Beautiful wine shops like Vila Viniteca host a number of wine tasting in Barcelona!
The impressive bodega of Vila Viniteca! Photo credit: Javier Lastras

Sentits BCN

A lovely little wine shop in the Eixample, Sentits BCN not only stocks great bottles of wine, but they also hold ongoing tastings and activities inside their shop! It’s a great place to buy wine if staying the Eixample neighborhood too.

Don't forget to try drinking from a typical Spanish Porron. Learn how to drink wine like a local on a wine tasting in Barcelona.
Don’t forget to try drinking wine from a typical Spanish porró. Learn from the experts.

Wine tasting in Barcelona with Devour

We offer an array of fabulous food and wine tours in the Catalan capital.

Wine tastings in the heart of Barcelona

What’s better than a wine tasting in Barcelona? A walking wine tasting tour! Join us on our Barcelona at Sunset: Tapas & Wine Tour, where we’ll taste different Spanish and Catalan wines, all paired with delicious, local tapas. Each and every moment is accompanied by a local expert in Spanish food and wine.

Our lovely guide Fintan explaining the world of Spanish wine on our Evening Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour. Truly one of the best way to do a wine tasting in Barcelona.
Our lovely guide Fintan explaining the world of Spanish wine on our Evening Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour.

Wine tasting in the outskirts of Barcelona

Have more time? Why not make a day trip out of it?

On our Montserrat & Cava Winery Tour: Day Trip from Barcelona with Lunch you’ll delve deep into the world of Catalan and Spanish wines, and enjoy a fantastic lunch in the beautiful city of Montserrat, about one hour away from Barcelona. Don’t miss this fantastic day trip!

people cheersing
From robust reds to crisp whites and delicate rosés, Catalan wines have lots to offer.

Update Notice: This blog post was updated on April 15, 2024.

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  1. nina says
    June 21, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    Vinos y Max

    C/Padua, 76 – Barcelona
    super nice guy, very knowledgeable,
    catalan, spanish and especially italian wines in gracia.

    1. Renée Christensen says
      June 22, 2016 at 4:23 pm

      Thank you Nina!

  2. Sergi says
    October 10, 2018 at 10:27 am

    If you want to move a bit you have to visit the best wine area in Spain. The DOC Priorat. Wines with Parker scores between 90 and 100.

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