The Ultimate Wine Lover’s Guide to Barcelona

The classy Catalan capital is the perfect place to enjoy wine.

Whether it’s a crisp glass of cava, a refreshing vermouth or anything in between, there are so many ways to experience wine! Our wine lover’s guide to Barcelona will show you where to drink wine, where to buy wine, where to learn about how wine is made, and more! Get ready for a wonderful wine adventure through one of Spain’s most glamorous cities.

Our wine lover's guide to Barcelona is a must for any vino fans visiting the city!

Wine bars and shops

One essential part of any wine lover’s guide to Barcelona: where to buy and drink wine! Luckily, there are dozens of fabulous wine bars and shops where you can enjoy wine by the glass. Bodegas Maestrazgo (Carrer de Sant Pere Més Baix, 90) is the oldest wine store in Barcelona (as well as a stop on our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour!) and the perfect place to find both local and less-common wines.

First stop in our wine lover's guide to Barcelona: the oldest wine shop in the city, Bodegas Maestrazgo!
We visit Jose at Bodega Maestrazgo on some of our fun-filled wine and history evening tours!

The city is also home to Vila Viniteca (Carrer Dels Agullers, 7), which has earned a name for itself as one of Spain’s wine authorities and a must in any wine lover’s guide to Barcelona. And for the perfect wine experience with a more modern touch, head to El Diset (Carrer Antic de Sant Joan, 3) in Born to enjoy fabulous wines in a hip, modern locale.

Wine tours

Of course, we have to include some wine tours in our wine lover’s guide to Barcelona! Our Gourmet Tapas & Wine Tour will take you into some of the best family-run wine and tapas bars in the historic Born district. You’ll taste more than 8 fabulous Spanish wines, each paired beautifully with home-cooked tapas. Along the way, you’ll also gain insider knowledge about Barcelona’s wine scene and learn how to drink like a local.

Our Gourmet Tapas & Wine Tour is a must on our wine lover's guide to Barcelona!
Fabulous wine and gourmet tapas? We’re in!

Wine tastings

A wine lover’s guide to Barcelona would be incomplete without listing some of the city’s best wine tastings! Many of our favorite wine bars also offer incredible tasting experiences. For one of the most elegant wine experiences in the city, head to Monvínic (Carrer de la Diputació, 249), a sleek wine temple in the heart of Eixample. Taste exclusive wines from all over the world, straight from their collection of more than 3,000 references.

Another bar with great wine tastings is Sentits (Carrer de Bailèn, 88), a lovely little wine shop and delicatessen also in Eixample. Their small, dedicated team of sommeliers loves sharing their knowledge of wine with guests, and their regular tasting events are classy yet unpretentious.

A wine tasting is a must in our wine lover's guide to Barcelona!
We’re always up for a wine tasting!

Local tips & tricks

Last but not least in our wine lover’s guide to Barcelona, we’ve got some insider tips for how to enjoy wine like a local. First, get familiar with Catalan regional wines! Throughout Spain, many locals drink wine from their nearest wine region. While this may seem limiting, there are so many wine regions in any given area of Spain that you’ll have plenty to choose from! While in Barcelona, try something from one of Catalonia’s 11 wine regions, such as Montsant, Priorat or Penedès.

You’ve ordered your wine—great! If you want to take things a step further and really drink like a local, drink it from the porrón. Common in more rustic tapas and wine bars, this strange-looking jug is a traditional Catalan drinking vessel. Simply pour the wine straight from the spout into your mouth (it’s not as easy as it looks!).

One unique experience in our wine lover's guide to Barcelona: drinking from the porrón!
Can you master the porrón?

Finally, be sure to try some other local specialties while in Barcelona! Everyone has heard of champagne, but not everyone is familiar with cava, its lesser-known Spanish cousin. This crisp sparkling wine is often much more affordable than its French counterpart, and just as delicious! And since the majority of Spain’s cava comes from Catalonia, you’ll be able to drink it just about anywhere. Head to a cava bar for a truly local experience!

Another must-drink on our wine lover’s guide to Barcelona? Vermouth! Despite its dark color, vermouth is actually a type of fortified white wine! While abuelos all over Spain have enjoyed vermouth their whole lives, the drink is experiencing a resurgence in popularity among the younger generations in recent years. Head to one of our favorite vermouth bars to experience it, and watch the video below to see Devour Barcelona expert guide Victoria show you how to drink it like a local.

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