An Insider’s Picks for Where to Eat Near the Trevi Fountain

Finding a restaurant near iconic landmarks like the Trevi Fountain is risky business—the possibility of ending up in tourist traps is very real. 

And this isn’t just true in Rome; it’s an international fact. So imagine if you get hungry and need to figure out where to eat near the Trevi Fountain. What a nightmare, huh? 

But not to worry—we’ve got you covered with this selection of five amazing restaurants near the famous Fontana di Trevi where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your food (without the risk of falling into a tourist trap).  

If you're wondering where to eat near the Trevi Fountain, avoid tourist traps by heading to one of these spots instead!

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1. Baccano

Just a coin’s throw away from the Trevi Fountain, Baccano is a delicious Mediterranean bistrot inside a former bank. It’s one of those restaurants that’s able to pull off a cool retro Parisian vibe while maintaining the spirit of a Roman restaurant: high ceilings, large glass windows and a big main room. 

The food is a mix of Mediterranean dishes that range from seafood and meat to pasta. You can order everything from a carbonara to burgers and salads. And if you’re into oysters, stop by from 5 p.m. onwards to indulge in their delicious oyster and champagne bar. 

But it isn’t just the food you should go for—they’ve recently gained a spot on the exclusive World’s 50 Best Bars list. With award-winning mixologist Mario Farulla managing the bar, you can expect an amazing selection of cocktails for any type of mood. 

Baccano is one of our favorite options for where to eat near the Trevi Fountain when we're craving carbonara.
Baccano does Roman classics like carbonara right. Photo credit: Abbie Stark

2. Al Moro

A favorite of Federico Fellini, Al Moro is an intimate restaurant serving Roman fare. What mainly sets it apart from a classic trattoria is its price tag (and care for details). While prices are on the higher side compared to your average Roman trattoria, the location and the quality of its ingredients do set it apart from the competition. 

The 1920s retro vibe with wood-paneling all throughout creates a cozy setting, and the walls are decorated with cinematic and artistic paintings and pictures recalling La Dolce Vita. On the menu, classic Roman dishes with a modern twist await you, along with a wonderful Italian wine selection. 

Order the spaghetti al Moro, a twist on the classic carbonara, or try their fresh seafood and quality meat. The daily specials are also always worth a try as well. To finish off, a dessert is a must. 

First up in our pasta shapes guide: spaghetti.
We can’t get enough of the fresh seafood at Al Moro.

3. Piccolo Buco

If you get a pizza craving near the Trevi Fountain, Piccolo Buco is the place to go. Literally translating to “little hole,” this restaurant is as small as they get! But even with just a few tables inside (and said tables being quite close to one another) it’s a place that’s always packed.

Why? Because its quality ingredients and perfectly executed pizzas always leave you craving more. The selection here is vast, ranging  from the classic margherita and marinara to the more gourmet cheese and pears pizza.

There’s also a good selection of Roman pasta if you’re not into pizza (but who isn’t?), as well as a few meat dishes. The bottom line? It’s a great one to put on your list, but reservations are definitely recommended!

Eating pizza in Rome deserves a place on anyone's bucket list.
Life goals: eat as much pizza alla romana as we possibly can. Photo credit: Abbie Stark

4. Colline Emiliane

If you’re tired of Roman cuisine and want to taste some comfort food from Emilia Romagna, Colline Emiliane is the place to go. Just footsteps from the Trevi Fountain, this family-run restaurant has been serving top-notch food since 1931. 

Picture warm gnocchi fritti with thin slices of cured meats, from Culatello di Zibello to mortadella and Squacquerone cheese. Or why not go for their heavenly tagliatelle alla bolognese or pumpkin ravioli—trust us, you’ll never forget them! If you’re stopping by during wintertime, nothing will keep you warm like their tortellini in brodo. 

The setting of Colline Emiliane? Modern and simple, just like their food. 

5. Il Chianti

Feel like dining al fresco? Vineria Il Chianti offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant’s menu is focused on Tuscan specialties but also has a selection of Roman fare to choose from.

Start out with a cured meats and cheese board to share, paired with a nice bottle of Tuscan wine. For a pasta dish, don’t miss out on the pici al ragu bianco di cinta senese or the pappardelle al ragu di cinghiale. And of course, what kind of Tuscan restaurant would it be without juicy bistecca alla fiorentina? 

Their wine selection comprises the best of Tuscan wines, from the famous Antinori wineries to the Biondi Santi winery. Reservations are recommended. 

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