Not To Be Missed Places To Eat In Seville

This blog post was originally posted on March 11, 2016, and was updated on February 7, 2018

In a city of over 3,000 tapas bars and restaurants, working out where to eat in Seville can be overwhelming – allow us to simplify things for you!

Let’s be honest, aside from seeing stunning monuments and taking in a city’s culture and history, food is a huge part of everyone’s experience in a new place. With an amazing combination of traditional taverns, modern restaurants and diverse marketplaces, Seville is quickly gaining a name for itself as a haven for foodies of every persuasion – and with good reason!

Whether you’re just stopping by for a few days or planning on setting up shop in the Andalusian capital for the foreseeable future, we’ve put together the ultimate guide on where to eat in Seville to ensure you’ll get only the best bites during your time in the city! From authentic establishments around the sights you simply must see to marketplaces to our favorite foodie neighborhoods and more – there’s something for everyone!

Figuring out where to eat in Seville can be tricky! This guide, full of tips for foodie gems all throughout the city, will ensure you eat only the best!

Try traditional tapas right in the center

The central area around the Cathedral and Alcazar Palace is the tourism hub of Seville, but it’s not all tourist traps. There are still has a number of local, authentic taverns that provide you with some amazing food, you just need to know where to look for them.

Crossing over the main avenue, Avenida de la Constitución, and going into the Arenal neighborhood you’ll find local favorites serving up traditional dishes and tapas. Our favorites include the tiny tapas bar La Taberna (Calle Gamazo, 6) and fried fish gem Freiduría La Isla (Calle García de Vinuesa, 13). Many people automatically journey far away from iconic monuments when searching for where to eat in Seville, but, the great news is, it’s really not necessary!

Wondering where to eat in Seville? This is the delicious vegetable lasagna at Mechela Restaurante, one of our favorite spots in Seville.
One of our favorite vegetarian tapas in Seville, the amazing vegetable lasagna at Mechela Restaurante

Stumble upon modern tapas bars hidden in the backstreets

Ask any local where to eat in Seville, and they will certainly mention the traditional spots first. However, locals are enjoying the modern tapas scene more and more with each passing year. Head a little closer to the river and step into La Brunilda (Calle Galera, 5), a tiny restaurant which has quickly gained a name for itself in Seville. This is primarily thanks to its delicious, inventive tapas that it serves up at a very reasonable price. Keep on wandering towards the Fine Arts Museum and you will find Mechela Restaurante (Calle Bailen, 34) tucked away in the backstreets, another popular spot serving up wonderfully inventive tapas that also happens to have one of our favorite vegetarian tapas in Seville.

When planning where to eat in Seville, don't forget about Seville's modern bars. This is a wonderful, inventive tapa from one of most popular, La Brunilda.
The tapas at La Brunilda are delicious and inventive! This is a unique combination of scallops, white sausage and cauliflower puree.

Fancy a quick lunch after exploring the Cathedral?

Bodega Santa Cruz (Calle de Rodrigo Caro, 1A) is a pillar of sevillano tradition. Here, tapas are quick and delicious and your bill is totted up on the bar in chalk. Along the same street, you’ll also find La Azotea (Calle Mateos Gago, 8), one of the early gastro-bars in Seville which puts a beautiful twist on local favorites from its all-day kitchen; the latter especially useful if you’re traveling with kids in Seville! However, if you don’t need the convenience of an all-day kitchen and have time for a walk, we prefer their first two locations. You’ll find them on Calle Jesús del Gran Poder, 31 and Calle Zaragoza, 5c.

These are the wonderful details of Seville's Cathedral. If you are thinking of where to eat in Seville, there are still some authentic places - not tourist traps! - to be found near to here.
The beautiful details of Seville’s Cathedral. But be warned, restaurants with a perfect view of the Cathedral aren’t likely to be selling the best food! – Photo Credit: Mel Patterson

Step inside and experience Seville’s historic bars

History is all around us in Seville and there is no better place to understand local tradition than inside one of its many historic bars. El Rinconcillo (Calle Gerona, 40), the oldest bar in the city, maintains its local clientele while still appreciating the curiosity of visitors. Sit down and enjoy some masterfully sliced Iberian ham paired with delicious sherry.

Taberna Peregil (Calle de Mateos Gago, 20) was the first place to introduce the local orange wine to the city in 1904 and has captivated locals ever since. Prop yourself up at the bar, order your sweet vino de naranja. Then, get a tapa of chicharrones de Cadiz to perfectly complement the taste.

See these gems, along with some other must visit spots, in this great video from local experts, Jaimie and Hayley.

Don’t miss the oldest market in Seville

Deciding where to eat in Seville is not confined to just restaurants and bars, you must include the food markets too! The beauty of marketplaces in Spain is that you don’t just go there for top quality produce to take home; you also get to sit down and enjoy Seville’s exceptional gastronomy on site. One of our favorites is the historic Mercado de Feria (Plaza Calderón de la Barca). You can’t visit this market without having some fish on the terrace of La Cantina. This simple (but delicious!) bar is located on the edge of the market. Daily specials are picked straight from the market and there are a range of options, both grilled and fried. For the adventurous foodie, try the ortigüillas, fried sea anemone, a unique taste experience you won’t soon forget!

The bright and delicious display of fruit seen at Spanish markets countrywide is seen at Mercado de Feria too - a great option if you're looking for where to eat in Seville
No time for tapas? Pick up some delicious fruit to go! – Photo Credit: Zen Voyager

Follow up a great view – and great food!

There’s nothing quite like taking in an epic view during your day of exploring in the Andalucian capital, and seeing the panoramic display from atop Las Setas in Plaza de la Encarnación is a must in Seville. Catch the ultimate local breakfast of tostada de pringá at nearby Bodega El Picadero (Calle Arguijo, 6) or give a modern twist to your morning at quirky café La Cacharrería (Calle Regina, 14).

If you’re in the area in the afternoon, head to Bar El Comercio (Calle Lineros, 9) to enjoy the best churros in Seville and stick around for some of the bar’s delicious vermouth in the evening. If you’ve opted to head up Las Setas at sunset, wander over towards Plaza Alfalfa afterwards and stop by Sal Gorda (Calle Alcaicería de la Loza, 17), a wonderful little joint with delicious, tapas – think Andalusian classics done in a new and inventive way. Also, they have a small but great selection of local wines by the glass, making it the perfect spot to finish the evening.

When choosing where to eat in Seville, don't forget to pick places with traditional favorites like this - sherry and pringá (pork stew spread on toasted bread!)
No trip to Seville is complete without trying pringá (pork stew spread on toasted bread) and a glass of sherry.

Cross the river to the Triana neighborhood

When people ask us where to eat in Seville we always include some Triana suggestions. Crossing over the river, you’ll find this neighborhood that is a hub of local tradition and culture. It’s also the home of some of Seville’s most authentic flamenco bars. While getting a riverside drink on Calle Betis is a great way to take in some scenery, delve a bit further into the area when it comes to meal time!

Puratasca (Calle Numancia, 5) is the quintessential dive bar but contradicts that image with its amazing food. Make sure to stick around for dessert, prepared by local master baker Manu Jara, or head to the bakery in his name (Calle Pureza, 5) to get your treats to go as you stroll through the neighborhood. You can experience the authentic abacería tradition at La Antigua Abacería, a place so authentic and traditional, we chose it for our one-hour ham, cheese, and sherry tasting in the area.

Get a sense of the importance of bullfighting to the Triana area at Sol y Sombra (Calle Castila, 147-9), a family run establishment furnished with pieces reminiscent of those found in the tents at Seville’s iconic April fair celebration. And, of course, no trip to Triana is complete without popping into the Mercado de Triana, where you can enjoy anything from Spanish ham to deliciously prepared oysters.

Even better, why not join us on an authentic tour through the Triana neighborhood, learning about this fascinating area of Seville and trying some of its best tapas and drinks along the way!

When we're asked where to eat in Seville, we always suggest crossing the beautiful Triana bridge to explore this authentic neighborhood's amazing foodie scene
Apart from the beauty of the Triana neighborhood itself, the views of the city center and the bridge that connects them is also stunning

Join the locals in the Alameda Boulevard

Another vibrant foodie neighborhood in Seville is La Alameda. Enjoy an afternoon café con leche with a delicious piece of cake in the quirky surroundings of book café Viajero Sedentario (Alameda de Hercules, 77). When it comes to tapas, Bar Antojo (Calle Calatrava, 44) provide some delicious local favorites with a modern twist, while Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo’s (Calle Teodosio, 53) amazing local food, décor, and vibe stretch far past its seven short years in the city.

The gem of the Alameda neighborhood has to be Eslava (Calle Eslava, 3), with a menu including some national prize-winning tapas along with local standards. Another amazing eating experience is found at Contenedor (Calle San Luis, 50), a unique slow food restaurant found on nearby Calle San Luis, and home to some of the most delicious dishes you’ll find in Seville.

Wondering where to eat in Seville? This is the Alameda, a boulevard and popular neighborhood for food and nightlife.
Sitting on the Alameda boulevard with tapa and drink in hand is a popular past-time for many sevillanos! – Photo Credit: Franek N

As you can probably tell, Seville is positively bursting with great foodie finds. Experience a little bit of everything when you join us on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Tour, one of our most diverse experiences in that you’ll visit everything from a bustling market hall to old-school tapas bars to a convent (yes, you read that right!). Get ready to devour the best bites in the city at every stop along the way.

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    Hi Jaimie, great guide! I’ve booked a tour with Devour for an upcoming trip but I’ll also have 2 days on my own before meeting up with a larger group. Will use this guide as a starting point, but would you point out any places that would be better suited for a solo diner? Thank you!

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      Hi there! The great thing about tapas in Seville is that they’re usually eaten standing up, which means solo travelers have no reason to fret sitting at a table alone in a stuffy dining room. We honestly can’t pick a favorite, you’ll have to try them all! We can’t wait to see you in Seville!

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    Hi, this was a great read. I’m going net month to celebrate my 50th bday with 20 friends. I wanted to host a bday dinner party at Eslava but they are closed on my bday the 28th. Any other great places that you can think of? Contenedor? We would be happy to do a tour with you guys.

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      Hi Lisa! Yes, Contenedor would be a great choice. Here are a few of our other favorite restaurants for groups: Salvaje, SEIS, Antojo, Sidonia, Antigua Abaceria San Lorenzo, El Pinton and La Azotea! We like these spots because the food is great, they can accommodate larger groups and they take reservations. We’d also love to put together a special experience for your group! You can see what we offer here:

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      Sounds like a special trip you’ve got coming up!! The terrace of Mariatrifulca is the prefect place to celebrate a special occasion in Seville. You can even reserve a table online – If you’re looking for somewhere more casual for a birthday celebration, why not grab a table at one of the city’s modern tapas bars? Perro Viejo is right in the center and also accepts online reservations –

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