Our Favorite Places to Eat in Jerez

Including a stop in Jerez de la Frontera on your Andalusian itinerary? You’re in for a treat!

Not only does this town have lots to offer in terms of culture and entertainment—the food and wine are wonderful, too! After all, would you expect anything less from the place that some claim was the birthplace of tapas? If you’re wondering where to eat in Jerez, put an end to the guesswork and try one—or all!—of our favorite places to eat in Jerez.

Wondering where to eat in Jerez de la Frontera? Stop with the guess work and enjoy a meal at one of our favorite spots. This is our definitive guide of where to eat in Jerez!

Venta Esteban

If you are looking for where to eat in Jerez in order to rub elbows with the locals, take a trip out to Venta Esteban. Located a short drive from the city center, it’s the perfect place to come for lunch or dinner. Feast on high-quality, traditional dishes while soaking up the atmosphere of an authentic local restaurant. Don’t miss the berza jerezana, a typical stew made from chickpeas, white beans, Swiss chard, chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage) and tender, fatty cuts of pork.

Address: Colonia de Caulina, c. 11-03

If you're wondering where to eat in Jerez, one of our top picks is Venta Esteban, where they serve delicious traditional dishes like this berza jerezana.
Don’t miss berza jerezana, a typical dish from Jerez, while at Venta Esteban.

Restaurante La Tasca

While there are no shortage of bars and restaurants in the center of the city, if you are wondering where to eat in Jerez that is just off the beaten track, head to Restaurante La Tasca. Located a little north of the center of the city, this a cozy local restaurant serving up delicious regional dishes. The specialty of the house is the rabo de toro, or stewed oxtail. You’ll see well-dressed waiters racing dishes of it from the kitchen to every table in the house.

Address: Edificio Jerez 74, Calle Paraíso, 4

Bar Juanito

Specializing in artichokes, this bar has been open since 1943! It’s one of our favorite places to come for tapas in the city center. Ordering the artichokes is obligatory, but we also love the albóndigas (meatballs) cooked in Olosoro sherry sauce and the different varieties of Andalusia’s favorite staple, pescaíto frito (fried fish)—it really is a great place to try typical tapas in Jerez! Bar Juanito‘s central location means it’s the perfect choice for a drink and a bite to eat after a morning shopping or sightseeing!

Address: Calle Pescadería Vieja, 8-10

Asking yourself where to eat in Jerez? One of our favorite tapas bars in Jerez, the specialty at Bar Juanito are the artichokes.
A plate of artichokes paired with a crisp glass of sherry at Bar Juanito.

El Bichero

One of the best restaurants in Jerez for seafood is El Bichero. It’s another great option in the center of the city, just around the corner from Bar Juanito. The different varieties of seafood, whether clams, shrimp or freshly grilled fish, pair perfectly with a glass of unfiltered fortified Fino sherry wine (fino en rama).

Address: Calle Pescadería Vieja, 4

Where to eat in Jerez? El Bichero of course! Try delicious dishes like this arroz con bogavante.
The arroz con bogavante (lobster) is one of our favorite dishes at El Bichero. Photo Credit: El Bichero


On a sunny day, it’s lovely to sit out on Albores‘ outdoor terrace, which is on one of Jerez’s pedestrian streets, and watch the world go by. Then there is also the added advantage of the all-day kitchen, which can be handy when you are visiting Jerez for the day and are subject to eating according to the times that your trains arrive and depart. The menu is extensive, with lots of varied choices—and being in Jerez, it goes without saying that there are local wines available by the glass!

Address: Calle Consistorio, 12

If you ask us where to eat in Jerez, one of our answers is sure to be Albores!
At Albores the food is tasty—and with this presentation you may find yourself reaching for your camera. Photo Credit: Bar & Restaurante Albores

La Cruz Blanca

If you’re wandering through the center of the city and wondering where to eat in Jerez, head to La Cruz Blanca! Located on a pedestrian street near the Plaza Arenal, La Cruz Blanca is in a lovely square ringed by tall trees. If the weather is nice, take advantage of their outdoor seating, but keep in mind that the terrace does fill up as it’s a spot that’s popular with locals! Don’t miss their rabo de toro.

Address: Calle Consistorio, 16

If you don't know where to eat in Jerez, try La Cruz Blanca. Located on a pedestrian street, their terrace is one of the best.
The terrace of La Cruz Blanca is one of our favorite places to be. Photo Credit: Atunéate

Las Banderillas

Don’t be intimidated by the locals spilling out the door at Las Banderillas. That’s just a sign that you’ve found a delicious tabanco, Jerez’s typical type of tapas bar. Sidle up to the bar—if you can—and order a 1€ glass of sherry as you contemplate the menu. Don’t over-order at the start. Instead, go tapa by tapa until you’ve had your fill. One of our favorites at Las Banderillas is the melt-in-your-mouth presa ibérico, a cut of meat from the shoulder region of the black Iberian pig, marbled with flavorful fat.

Address: Calle Caballeros, 12

This spread is from Las Bandarillas, one of our favorite tapas bars in Jerez. Wondering where to eat in Jerez? Give them a try!
At Las Banderillas, you can try a variety of things—all of them delicious! Photo Credit: Las Banderillas


If you’re hungry after a visit to the Royal Equestrian School, pop across the street to Albalá. Albalá made our list of where to eat in Jerez for their new takes on traditional tapas. The service is always spot-on and you’ll find that there’s no better way to end a meal here than with their cheesecake.

Address: Av. Duque de Abrantes, 1


Bodosky is legendary among locals as a great spot for shellfish and fried fish. You’ll find it north of the city center, past the Plaza del Caballo and next to the park where Jerez holds their annual fair. If you’ve been wondering where to enjoy delicious seafood in the company of jerezanos, Bodosky is your spot!

Address: Calle Comandante Paz Varela, 2

Wondering where to eat in Jerez? Try fried fish at Bodosky!
Bodosky is an authentic seafood spot in Jerez.

La Vega

Looking for a typical breakfast or mid-afternoon snack? Try Restaurante Cafetería La Vega, the most typical spot in Jerez for churros con chocolate. Though there’s other things on the menu here, do as the locals do and stick with the churros. La Vega made our guide of where to eat in Jerez because it’s a local institution!

Address: Plaza Esteve, 0

La Rosa de Oro

Ready for dessert? Open since 1928, La Rosa de Oro is Jerez’s most famous pastry shop. With three locations that serve everything from typical jerezano desserts to artisanal ice cream, you can’t go wrong! The most interesting location is in the heart of the city center, where the pastry shop is carved out of the city’s ancient Moorish wall.

Address: Calle Consistorio, 3

We have many answers to the question "where to eat in Jerez?" And this one is a sweet one! La Rosa de Oro is a typical pastry shop in Jerez.
La Rosa de Oro is worth a visit, if only to marvel at the unique building set inside an ancient wall! Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

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