Where to Eat at Newark Airport (By Terminal)

Travelers love to hate Newark Airport, or as it’s officially called, Newark Liberty International Airport. Despite being only 40 percent the size of John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark handles almost as many flights. Which is why it always has perpetual lines for security and food.

Newark's Terminal C, from above
Newark’s Terminal C, from above! Photo credit: Shubham Sharan

The dining options here are hit or miss. Unlike JFK, LaGuardia, and other big airports, Newark hasn’t fully adopted the “think local” ethos. The dining scene is big on national chains. That said, in all three terminals there are some restaurants good enough that you certainly won’t go hungry. Here is where to eat at Newark Airport.

Terminal A

Cheeseburger Cheeseburger

A burger so nice they had to say it twice? Maybe. This is a classic American fast food chain outlet that does a decent hamburger. If you’re dying for a burger, this is your best bet for where to eat one in Newark Airport’s Terminal A. Located in the food court.

Earl of Sandwich

The dining options in terminal A mostly consist of national chain restaurants. Earl of Sandwich is no exception. The sandwiches here are good, however. The meatball sandwich and the Cuban are worthy meals. Located in the rotunda after security.

Earl of Sandwich meal with sandwich and drink
Looking for where to eat at Newark Airport? If you’re in Terminal A, Earl of Sandwich is a good option. Photo credit: prayitnophotography

Jersey Mike’s

This national chain traffics in sub sandwiches with an emphasis on variations on the theme of Philly cheesesteaks. Bring one on the plane and you’ll perk up your palate during a boring flight. Located in the food court, pre-security.

Phillips Seafood

A chain of upscale seafood restaurants, Phillips might be the best sit-down option in terminal A. Tuck into a bowl of lobster bisque, a seafood-loaded dim sum sampler, or beer-battered fish and chips. In the rotunda, post security.

Terminal B

Smash Burger

This national chain has perfected the smash technique in which the chef presses down hard on the patty as it is being grilled in order to intensify the flavor. The double truffle mushroom Swiss burger is tops here. Located in the pre-security food court.

Cheeseburger at Smash Burger
Smash Burger is a great choice in Newark’s Terminal B. Photo credit: Bex Walton

Belgian Beer Cafe

With a nice selection of Belgian brews (albeit, from just the big breweries) and a menu of hearty food items that pair well with beer, this restaurant is a good choice when you’ve got some time for a sit-down meal at the airport. The stews, sausages, and pots of mussels will fill up any traveler before a long flight. Located in the rotunda, pre-security.

Malone’s Fish Market

Want fish when looking for where to eat at Newark Airport? It’s mostly sandwiches at Malone’s, a better-than-average airport restaurant. Think lobster rolls, burgers, and fishy snacks like fish and chips and fried clams. Located after security near gate B40.

Salsarita’s Mexican Grill

This national chain does standard burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and nachos. The best part is that you can customize what you order, choosing the meat and other things to fold into a warm tortilla. Located in the food court, pre-security.

Sora Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

In addition to sushi rolls, Sora also has a very edible menu of ramen, grilled salmon, chicken wings, burgers, and ginger chicken salads. Located after security near gate B40.

Tony + Benny’s

This casual spot is meant to evoke a Brooklyn pizzeria. Diners can opt for slices, as well as tasty chicken parm sandwiches and, in the morning, breakfast sandwiches. Located in the pre-security food court.

Terminal C


A pan-Asian spot with sushi, Kaedama is really a nice place to tuck into a plus-sized bowl of noodle soup. There are variations on the theme of ramen here and they are all quite good. In the morning you can opt for a breakfast-y version: bacon and egg ramen. Located after security near gate C70.

No matter the time of day, Kaedama's is a great spot when you're looking for where to eat at Newark Airport.
No matter the time of day, Kaedama’s is a great spot when you’re looking for where to eat at Newark Airport. Photo credit: Hari Panicker

Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse

The menu here was created by Mario Carbone, the chef/owner of hit Manhattan restaurants Carbone, Dirty French, Parm, and Santina, among others. The menu is separated between pastas and steak and for an airport eatery, Abruzzo is molto buono! Located past security near gate C70.

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Caps Beer Garden

You wouldn’t know it from the name, but Caps Beer Garden is a pub with an Asian-themed menu. Sip a martini or a Negroni while grazing on various sushi rolls. The menu also has more standard sandwiches and salads as well. Located past security near gate C120.

Proof Whiskey Bar

Like nearly every airport restaurant these days, you order off of a tablet and Proof is no exception. The menu is long here on American staples, such burgers, sandwiches, fries, various egg dishes.

Not surprisingly, the whiskey list is long too. For a pretty penny, you can even order a glass of legendary bourbon Pappy Van Winkle. Located past security near gate C101.

Looking for where to eat at Newark Airport? Proof Whikey Bar is a good place for burgers and whiskey.
Proof Whiskey Bar at Newark Airport serves up burgers, fries, and, of course, whiskey. Photo credit: Adam Jaime

Casciano Italian Specialties

Like Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse, this Italian spot has a menu designed by chef Mario Carbone. Casciano Italian Specialties is meant to evoke a neighborhood Italian market and butcher shop, like the old-school shops that used to be sprinkled around Brooklyn. The menu focuses on rotisserie meats such as porchetta and roast beef. Located after security near gate C70.

Forno Magico

The wood-fired “Magic Oven” churns out halfway decent pizzas of different varieties while the kitchen also delivers artichoke dip, arugula salads, and meatballs. Located past security near gate 120.

Garden State Diner

This spot might be the most emblematic dining option in the entire airport. New Jersey is the greatest state for diner dining and so it’s perfectly fitting there would be an authentic-looking diner at Newark Airport with a menu of pancakes, French toast, tuna melt sandwiches, and burgers and fries. Located after security near gate 101.

Tsukiji Fish Room

Opened in 2018, this seafood-based restaurant is one the most intriguing options in terminal C, as the restaurant claims it flies in fresh fish from Tokyo’s legendary fish market, Tsukiji, on a daily basis. So expect to eat some fairly high-quality sushi and other fish dishes here. Located after security near gate C70.

Tokyo fish market fare
From Tsukiji market to Newark? Yes, please! Photo credit: e

Vesper Tavern

This faux tavern serves up a long menu of American fare, such as several types of burgers, a fried chicken sandwich, and an excellent pork belly BLT. Located after security near gate C70.

Wanderlust Burger Bar

Chef Josh Capon, the five-time winner of the Burger Bash, is the toque behind this hamburger-centric spot. The big-portioned burgers here are excellent and you can even get a bison burger. Located near gate C70 after security.

Custom Burger

This small burger chain is helmed by the meat master Pat LaFrieda who supplies the ground beef for some of the best burger spots in New York City. There are two locations in terminal C: past security near gates C70 and C120.

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