5 Vineyards Near Florence & How to Get There

You might have heard the one thing you must do while visiting Florence is a little wine tasting. And what could be better than wine tasting right at the source? 

Rolling hills with vineyards at sunset
Tuscan wine country is a dream come true. Photo credit: Greta Farnedi

You don’t have to go far to find beautiful vineyards near Florence, and most of these family-run wineries are more than happy to welcome visitors for tastings and tours. Just make sure to call ahead and reserve your spot as they are often run by small teams and can get very busy. 

Visiting the vineyard gives you a whole new experience where you can learn from the winemakers themselves and find out everything that goes into your glass. Take a walk through the vines for dreamy views, sip on different vintages of Chianti or trebbiano toscano, and let yourself be guided by the in-house wine experts to discover the story of every bottle.  

Let’s get to it—here are a few of the best vineyards near Florence! 

1. Poggiopiano 

This family-run vineyard near Florence produces traditional organic wines, plus something a little special—their own orange wine. Oh, and you won’t want to miss a taste of their very own extra-virgin olive oil.  

Tastings are led by the latest generation of the family in their garden overlooking the vines and olive groves. These tastings include a sip of their own products paired perfectly with other local flavors. 

When the weather is warm, you can opt for a different style tasting—a picnic aperitivo to enjoy in the vineyard, with a bottle of their wine and a few bites from a local bistrot. 

Not only a day trip, Poggiopiano also acts as an agritourism with rooms to host guests, a pool, and a house breakfast. 

How to get there: This little winery is so easy to get from the center of Florence. Just take the 14A bus going towards Il Girone and enjoy a little walk. After you hop off at Girone, follow Via dei Bassi for about 700 meters through olive groves, enjoying a beautiful valley view.  

If you have any trouble with the walk or it is late, give Poggiopiano a call and they can even give you a ride! If you happen to have a car, this trip will be even quicker.  

A picnic with wine cask, wine, nibbles, and a cat looking out over a Tuscan vineyard
Poggiopiano provides guided tastings of wines, olive oil, grappa, and honey in their vineyard. Photo credit: Poggiopiano

2. Villa Medici di Lilliano 

Step back in time to sip a little Chianti in this 11th-century Medici villa. This charming wine estate is just 15 minutes outside Florence’s city center, making it a great choice for a little tasting experience. 

This spot is located in the nearby Colli Fiorentini, one of the main sub-regions of Chianti. The Malenchini family, owners of Villa Medici di Lilliano, offer tastings of organic Chianti wines and their own olive oil. 

But that isn’t all you’ll get with a day in the vineyard—Villa Medici also offers lunch with wine pairings, tours of the private grounds and even cooking classes! You’ll be able to choose the perfect experience for you and book it all online directly. 

If you are looking for something extra special try a glass of their Tuscan Bruzzico, a delicious blend of sangiovese and cabernet sauvignon. 

How to get there: Having a car makes reaching the Villa easier, but you can also take public transportation part of the way then grab a cab. Take the 23 bus from Serristori Demidoff to the Danimarca stop, and from there you can grab a local taxi which will be just a 13-minute drive. 

Stately Italian villa lit up by exterior lighting at dusk
The stately Medici villa forms the centerpiece of the winery. Photo credit: Villa Medicea de Lilliano

3. Castello del Trebbio  

Slow tourism at its finest in the Tuscan hillside, Castello del Trebbio offers wine tastings and seasonal experiences such as olive harvesting, hikes, and much more.   

These vineyards near Florence surround the beautiful 12th-century castle of the Pazzi family. The Pazzis were wealthy bankers that were behind Florence’s famous “Pazzi Conspiracy”: an elaborate plan to remove the competing Medici family from power. 

Today the estate is run by the Baj Macario family. A family passionate about great wine and ethical agriculture. They’ve brought the practice of biointegrale to their vineyards, implementing both organic and biodynamic philosophies.  

Here at the castle, you will taste the classic wines of Chianti but with a unique twist. The winemakers of del Trebbio have chosen to integrate the use of amphora into their ageing. This gives the wines a rich flavor and has them stand out amongst other regional wines. 

Tastings and tours require a minimum attendance of two people, so grab a buddy and give them a call to book your spot in advance. 

How to get there: Fairly near to Florence, it takes about an hour to get to Castello del Trebbio, but your experience will be worth the trip! To get there by public transport, take the regional train from Firenze Santa Maria to Sieci, then take the 331 B bus from the piazza to Trebbio_V which stops right in front of the castle.  

A group of people taking part in a wine tasting in front of a row of barrels
A private tasting at Castello del Trebbio. Photo credit: Castello del Trebbio

4. Poggio La Noce  

A small estate just outside of Florence in nearby Fiesole, Poggio La Noce is an adorable winery run by Claire and Enzo, an Italian-American couple with a true passion for wine. Their organic vineyards are filled with sangiovese, canaiolo, and colorino vines, but that’s not all you will get to taste here. 

The couple makes a rosé pet-nat that is not to be missed, plus a delicious white wine. As an ode to Enzo’s home region, the couple produces a 100 percent falanghina from their vines located much further south, just outside of Naples in Campania. This is a crisp white wine that offers a unique tasting experience in the heart of Tuscany. 

The estate is small and intimate and provides private tastings by appointment only, so be sure to call ahead. 

How to get there: Just 15 minutes by car from the city center, you can reach Poggio La Noce also by bus and cab. From Florence, take Bus 7 from Stazione Nazionale (in front of Santa Maria Novella Station) and it will drop you off right in Piazza Mino in Fiesole. From here, you can make your way to Poggio La Noce by grabbing a cab.  

Wine tasting space with a bar and table decorated in neutral tones
An inviting tasting space at Poggio La Noce. Photo credit: Poggio La Noce

5. Verrazzano 

Verrazzano is a beautiful castle with 250 hectares of surrounding vineyards located between Florence and Greve in Chianti.  

Named for the navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano, who explored and mapped the bay of New York and the east coast of the USA, this castle has quite the story to share.  

The property has been producing wine for over 1,000 years. Today they bottle Chianti Classico wines with a base of sangiovese, as well as merlot, cabernet sauvignon, traminer, and malvasia. You can have a taste of their full selection, or the highlights of Chianti.  

They also offer lunches with paired wines, vineyard tours and even have an in-house hosteria, All can be easily booked on their website. 

How to get there: These gorgeous vineyards near Florence are located along the route to Greve in Chianti. To get there, grab one of the SITA buses from Piazza della Stazione headed to “Greve in Chianti” and hop off at Greti. This drops you off in front of the wine shop, and from there you can take a walk over to the castle and winery. 

Trees and bushes surrounding a small pond enclosed by stone
The beautiful grounds of the Verrazzano winery. Photo credit: Harpers470

Counting down the days to your trip to Tuscany so you can start devouring all the delicious food in sight? We feel you—that’s how we travel, too. 

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