5 Things to Do in Paris Alone at Night – Tips for Solo Travelers

Exploring a city on your own might seem daunting, especially after dark—but it doesn’t have to be! These are our favorite things to do in Paris alone at night.

Solo travel is invigorating, exciting and liberating—it’s your moment to see the world on your schedule. You’re spending time with you, learning about a culture and what it’s like to be immersed in it. But sometimes, it’s nice to share your new discoveries, and indeed make some more.

For those who want to make the most of their evenings—and meet locals and other travelers alike—we’ve put together a list of the best off-the-beaten path evening activities for solo travelers in Paris. Get ready to share experiences, stories and maybe even a glass or two!

Read our list of the best things to do in Paris alone at night.

The Best Things to Do in Paris Alone at Night

1. Catch a concert

Whether you’re a classically trained pianist or an original punk, Paris has something for you. This city is home to hundreds of concert halls, theaters, cabarets and other venues—the choice can be overwhelming. We love the Folies Bergères, one of Montmartre’s oldest music halls, which offers a mix of drag shows, cabaret, dance and comedy in a beautiful Art Deco setting. It’s in the same neighborhood as the celebrated Moulin Rouge—minus the bus loads of tourists.

If live music is your thing, check out L’International in the buzzing nightlife hub of Oberkampf. Littered with bars and late-night joints, Oberkampf is one arrondissement that never sleeps—and L’International is a great place to see up-and-coming live bands while you soak in the local music scene.

A tip for Paris nightlife: it's a lot more low-key than you might be expecting, but still a ton of fun.
It’s hard to feel lonely when you’re surrounded by a crowd of people jamming out to the same beat!
Photo credit: La Machine du Moulin Rouge

2. Grab a glass

Walking into a packed bar alone might seem daunting, especially when you don’t speak the language. Not only that, but French wine is—eek—complicated. Among all the best wine bars in Paris, we’ve picked out two of the friendliest to make things a little easier.

Nestled in a quiet side street in the trendy 11th arrondissement, Septime La Cave is one of Paris’ most celebrated addresses for natural wine. It’s the size of a postage stamp and packed to the rafters with bottles, so be ready to squeeze your way up to the bar to order. 

Bilingual wine specialists are on hand to help you choose, and a great mix of tourists and restaurant professionals rock up each night, jamming in until the place feels like a can of sardines. It’s not the place for private conversations—and you can’t help but make new friends!

Red wine on the Devour Paris wine tasting tour
In Paris, wine is always a good idea.

Down in the celebrated neighborhood of Saint Germain des Prés, there are bars on every corner… But in this touristic area, you need to go a little further to get off the beaten path. Seek out L’Avant Comptoir du Marché, a bar tucked away in an unsuspecting corner of the local market. 

After the success of their first three establishments, the team behind L’Avant Comptoir has branched out. Here they focus on all things pork, with the same excellent wine selection and welcoming seats at the bar. Approachable, friendly staff will help you navigate the myriad of wine choices, and hopefully—if you ask nicely—serve you a generous slice of that four-pound slab of butter standing proudly on the bar.

3. Soak up some culture

A night alone in Paris is a great time to check out some of the city’s museums—later hours mean smaller crowds. Luckily for us, some of the city’s biggest names keep their doors open after sundown.

The Louvre is open until 9 p.m. on Wednesdays, while the Centre Pompidou—Parisians’ favorite museum—is open until 9 p.m. on Thursdays. And every night of the week except Tuesday, the Palais de Tokyo, Paris’ top spot for contemporary art, is open until midnight. The Palais de Tokyo also boasts some of the city’s best views of the Eiffel Tower, plus a late-night bar where you can grab a glass and watch her sparkle just across the river.

Visiting the Louvre after sundown is one of our favorite things to do in Paris alone at night!
The Louvre’s iconic pyramid is beautifully illuminated after dark.

If you’re looking for something more interactive, check out the program at Shakespeare and Company. This celebrated English-language bookshop is open most days until 10 p.m. (6 p.m. on Sundays) and hosts evenings with writers, conferences and even drawing classes.

4. Pamper yourself

Tucked away in the 5th arrondissement, behind the Jardin des Plantes, is the Great Mosque of Paris. Still a functioning place of worship, the Mosque also hosts a restaurant, café, garden, reading rooms and one of the most beautiful hammams in Paris

When the hammam was completely renovated in 2019, the architects chose to respect the original 1920s design. Traditional columns and niches add to the drama of dark, sumptuous colors and steamy rooms. 

This is the perfect place for solo female travelers to unwind after a long day of sightseeing; it’s reserved for women only every day except Tuesdays, and open until 9 p.m. Sitting in the menagerie courtyard with a glass of mint tea is the perfect way to end your evening. It’s essential to bring your own towel, and keep in mind that you can’t book online.

5. Dine alone

Dining alone at night might seem intimidating for solo travelers! But for Parisians, eating alone is an act of self-care; a way to take some time out for you. Look carefully, and you can always find a Parisian solo diner. That said, it’s easier to eat at the bar—the bartender is there to chat with, and who knows? The person next to you might be alone, too. These are some of the best bars for eating alone in Paris at night.

One of our favorite spots is Clamato. With 32 seats at the bar, this is a convivial dining space—loud and laidback yet professional—which serves some of Paris’ best seafood. Six oysters just for you? That might be the epitome of self-care. 

Clamato is one of the best restaurants in Paris for seafood.
Oysters at Clamato are the ultimate indulgence. Photo credit: Sandy Noto

Watch out, though: this space fills up quickly and doesn’t take reservations. Turn up early, and if it’s full, they’ll add your name to the waiting list. Luckily, Septime La Cave is located right across the street, so you can pass the time with a delicious drink in your hand! (Yes, we just planned your night out for you.)

If you can, get into Clown Bar. Another spot with plenty of seats at the bar, this trendy restaurant has been classified as a historical monument since 1995. The interior is decorated with weird and wonderful clown murals, paying homage to its famous neighbor—a 19th-century circus! What’s on the plate is less weird and more wonderful: beautiful market-fresh seasonal produce, cooked by some of Paris’ most talented chefs. 

For even more solo travel recommendations, check out our detailed guide to eating alone in Paris.

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