8 Can’t-Miss Tapas Bars in Valencia

Enjoying a night out complete with tasty food, endless drinks and good company is an integral part of Spanish culture. And although tapas aren’t typically associated with Valencian cuisinevalencianos have adopted this beloved tradition as well. As Spain’s third-largest city, there are endless options for tapas bars in Valencia.

Overhead shot of various small plates of food and glasses of red wine on a white tabletop.

Though often overlooked in favor of its more famous neighbors Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is nothing short of a dream come true. Whether you’re just in town as a quick day trip or staying for longer, experiencing the city’s vast culinary offerings is a must!

Although it’s a bit hard to narrow down from so many delicious choices, here are our top picks for tapas bars in Valencia that will make you feel like a local.

Best Tapas Bars in Valencia

Tasca Ángel

Despite the menu and the restaurant itself both being on the small side, Tasca Ángel is proof that quality beats quantity. Come for the house specialty—freshly fried sardines—and stay for the vibrant, authentic atmosphere. Just be prepared to squeeze your way through the crowd for a seat!

Close up of a plate of fried anchovies with several other dishes in the background.
Fresh fish is easy to come by in Valencia.

El Pederniz

At El Pederniz, tucked away in a residential neighborhood outside of the touristic center, the welcoming and enthusiastic staff will make you feel at home immediately. Owner Fouad greets all his guests as if they were family and takes the time to talk to each group, finding out each person’s likes and dislikes in order to provide them with a high-quality dining experience that suits everyone’s tastes.

The ample menu here offers dozens of delicious homemade dishes that are especially perfect for sharing. Wine experts on staff are also available to recommend the best bottle of vino (out of more than 600 varieties!) to pair with each meal.

Bar Pilar (La Pilareta)

Step back in time at Bar Pilar, also known as “La Pilareta” among locals—one of the most iconic tapas bars in Valencia. This historic establishment was originally a grocery and liquor store and began serving food in 1917. Valencianos adore this place for its historic ambiance as well as for its clóchinas (fresh mussels—the house specialty!).

Close up of a plate of mussels with lemon wedges.
Delicious clóchinas are a Valencian specialty.

Casa Montaña

This classic, elegant establishment has delighted valencianos and guests alike since 1836. The posh interior and exquisite selection of both wines and tapas at Casa Montaña is sure to impress. As one of the oldest tapas bars in Valencia, it’s a must for visitors who want a high-quality dining experience.

Close up of a plate of fried salt cod croquettes with toothpicks sticking out of them.
Casa Montaña’s salt cod croquettes are a local favorite.

Central Bar

Michelin-starred Valencian chef Ricard Camarena is the mastermind behind Central Bar, one of the most classic tapas bars in Valencia with a modern twist. Located right inside Valencia’s bustling Mercado Central, the tasty dishes here are prepared with ingredients from the market itself. What could be better than a classy dining experience made complete with locally sourced products?

Interior of a large market hall with a glass dome above the stalls.
Valencia’s massive Mercado Central is one of the largest fresh food markets in Europe. Photo credit: Juan Gomez

Taberna La Sénia

Taberna La Sénia is a great spot in Barrio del Carmen that specializes in seasonal tapas made using market-fresh ingredients. The menu here highlights a diverse array of Valencian and Spanish dishes, celebrating the freshness and quality of local cuisine. Its spot in the prestigious Michelin Guide only heightens its status as one of the best tapas bars in Valencia.

A person's hand holding a clay dish of artichoke hearts sprinkled with bits of Iberian ham.
La Sénia’s artichokes with cured ham are one of their star dishes.

Tinto Fino Ultramarino

Tinto Fino Ultramarino offers a fantastic wine selection and interesting Mediterranean-inspired tapas in the heart of the city. Offering the essence of an Italian trattoria yet going beyond the typical pizza and pasta, this is certainly one of the most unique tapas bars in Valencia. Come for the simple and flavorful food; stay for the fun and inviting ambiance and good vibes.

Close up of an Italian charcuterie board with slices of prosciutto, salami, various cheeses, and a small dish of honey.
Few things in life compare to the simple pleasure of an Italian charcuterie board.

La Otra Parte

With a prime location right near the beach, La Otra Parte offers great tapas with a modern touch. Here you’ll find a mix of Spanish classics and international fare, from patatas bravas and perfectly cooked secreto to ceviche and mini burgers. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a fun and laid-back meal in good company on a beach day!

Tapas Bars in Valencia FAQs

What food is served in a tapas bar?

Here in Spain, the concept of “tapas” can have many different definitions! However, most would probably agree on two things: tapas can be small plates (the best-known definition of tapas abroad), or they can be larger portions that are shared among several people. Some of the most popular tapas served at bars in Spain include fried fish, patatas bravas (potatoes in a spicy sauce), tortilla de patatas (potato omelet), and gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp).

What food is Valencia famous for?

The most famous example of Valencian cuisine is paella, particularly paella valenciana—the most traditional version of this famous rice dish. Other typical Valencian foods and drinks include mussels, turrón (nougat-style candy bars), horchata, fartons (sweet pastries traditionally served with horchata), and fideuà (a seafood-based noodle dish).

Update notice: This post was updated on June 6, 2023.

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