Solo Travel in Florence: Everything You Need to Know

Solo travel is the closest thing to complete freedom, and solo travel in Florence is as perfect as it gets. It’s the right destination for every kind of solo traveler—both experienced and first timers.  

View over the city of Florence, Italy at sunset
Exploring Florence solo gives you the chance to discover the beauty of the city on your own terms. Photo credit: Sergei Wing

There’s nothing that shatters your comfort zone more than solo travel. You hop on the plane and leave everything behind. Any trouble you face, you’ll be completely alone.  

But you have to trust the process, hope that humanity won’t fail you, and get used to the idea that even strangers may be willing to help you in times of need. So once you’ve accepted the risk, you can get excited by the opportunities. A whole lot of personal growth is involved when solo traveling, as well as the chance to meet the friends of a lifetime. 

Solo travel in Florence is a special kind of solo travel. No other Italian city offers you the opportunities of a big town, compressed in the area of a small village. Here at Devour Tours, we strongly believe that Florence is a dream come true for solo travelers, and here’s why. 

Solo Travel in Florence: Where to Stay

Florence is a peaceful place to live and enjoy a quiet (or not) night out. Local residents have worked hard to make every part of the city safe. Not so long ago, certain neighborhoods were considered quite sketchy, but now they’re the heart of Florentine nightlife.  

In any case, we recommend you choose a hostel or hotel in the city center—that is, inside the ancient walls, now i viali di circonvallazione (the roads surrounding the center). This will help you reach your places of interest in no time, saving important time for more adventurous activities than waiting for the tram.  

Every corner of the center is filled with people coming from different countries enjoying the city—something Florentines won’t stop complaining about, but secretly adore. You’re soon going to find out that tourists are the loudest people in town. 

City streets of Florence, Italy with the cathedral dome visible in the background
Central Florence is an ideal home base for solo travelers. Photo credit: Damian Mechura

Safety Tips for Solo Travel in Florence 

That doesn’t mean, though, that you can wander alone in Florence as if you were in some kind of heavenly village. There are some dangers here, too. 

But you have a superpower to protect you: common sense. 

What do you do when in a crowded place? You know that some pickpockets may be around, so you carefully watch your personal belongings. 

What do you do if you feel unsafe? You leave. 

And if you’re the only one on the bus? You stay near the driver. 

Easy, right? Florence is, overall, an incredibly safe city. Keep your wits about you as you would in any unfamiliar destination and you’ll be fine. 

A woman in a red outfit standing in front of a cathedral bell tower in a large, open piazza
Florence is overall a safe city, but be sure to keep your wits about you. Photo credit: Nicholas Beel

What to Do as a Solo Traveler in Florence 

You might not be used to having so much time for yourself, especially if you’re new to solo travel. But don’t stress: you’ve got a whole load of things to do. Filling your itinerary will be no trouble at all.  

You can simply wander around the city center. Florence is the kind of city where it makes sense to get lost, since every corner is dripping with history and beauty. 

Museums are certainly another fun activity to do alone. You can hire a private tour guide and enjoy being taken around like you’re a Renaissance lord (or lady). 

And if you just want someone to share the adventure? Don’t worry! Florence offers an international environment… and so many pubs you’ll have a hard time trying to be left alone. 

A woman in a white dress looking out over the city of Florence
The great thing about solo travel is that you can explore the city at your own pace. Photo credit: Helen Richardson

Solo Dining in Florence 

In Italy, life is just the time you spend between one meal and another. So enjoying every single delicacy along the way should be the foundation of your trip! Check out our guide to eating alone in Florence to discover our top tips for dining out as a solo traveler. 

Ready to meet some new friends? Join us for an evening of food and fun in the trendy Oltrarno neighborhood. Our Florence evening food tour is the best way to discover Tuscany’s best food and wine in the company of other friendly foodies!