Markets, Malls & More: Shopping in San Sebastian

Traditional, time-honored products meet modern sophistication and elegance on San Sebastian’s shopping scene.

What’s amazing about this city is that it has held true to its traditional roots while still growing and evolving with the times. Nowhere is that more evident than when you head out shopping in San Sebastian. From bohemian boutiques to high-end designer shops to century-old stores that have been there for generations, there’s no limit to what you can find here. This guide to shopping in San Sebastian will help you narrow down where to go and what to buy while you’re there.

Get ready for some great shopping in San Sebastian! Here's where to go and what to buy.

Old Town/Parte Vieja

As the most popular part of town, it’s no question that the Parte Vieja is home to some of the best shopping in San Sebastian. From little souvenirs and trinkets to designer stores, the variety here is unbeatable.

The Old Town is one of our favorite neighborhoods for shopping in San Sebastian!
The streets of the Old Town are the perfect place to get lost.

Beltza Records

If you’re a music fan, then Beltza Records is a must when heading out shopping in San Sebastian. Owner Luis has become something of a local icon in the nearly 30 years the shop has been open. Not only does he sell just about every kind of music imaginable on vinyl as well as CDs, but he can tell you all about it as well.

AddressSan Juan Kalea, 9


Want to take home something truly one of a kind? From its privileged location in Plaza de la Constitución, Alboka sells Basque handicrafts and homemade gifts. From traditional Basque clothing to beautiful ceramics and tiles, this is where to go shopping in San Sebastian for something you’ll treasure forever.

AddressConstitución Plaza, 8

Looking for something really unique while shopping in San Sebastian? Head to Alboka in Plaza de la Constitución for homemade Basque gifts.
You’ll find Alboka in beautiful Plaza de la Constitución.

City center

Just south of the Old Town, San Sebastian’s modern city center is bursting with small, high-end stores as well as major international brands. This is where to go shopping in San Sebastian for something a little more special.

Centro Comercial La Bretxa

In addition to housing one of the city’s best markets, Centro Comercial La Bretxa is also home to some of the best shopping in San Sebastian! This incredible mall is so much more than just a market. It also houses dozens of restaurants, fashion retailers, and even a movie theater!

AddressAlameda del Blvd., 3

One of our favorite places to go shopping in San Sebastian is La Bretxa!
La Bretxa is most famous for its market, but the entire complex is shopper’s paradise!

Mercado San Martín

Like La Bretxa, Mercado San Martín is most famous for its fresh food market. However, that’s just one element in a large mall complex that houses more than 50 businesses. In addition to the market and some of the biggest names in fashion, you’ll also find a dry cleaner’s, multiple bakeries, a supermarket, florist and gym. You could run all your daily errands here alone!

AddressUrbieta Kalea, 9

We love going shopping in San Sebastian! The city center is full of amazing stores.
Get lost in the city streets as you move from shop to shop. Photo credit: Shane Fallon

Gros neighborhood

A little ways off the beaten path, in the Gros neighborhood you’ll find some of the most unique shopping in San Sebastian. From antique stores to modern surf and sport shops, shopping in Gros is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Kberbi New

This beautiful shop in Kursaal Conference Center near Zurriola Beach specializes in artisanal jewelry and watches. Sophistication and high quality reign supreme at Kberbi New, and you can guarantee that any product you pick up will be treasured forever. Ask their friendly and helpful staff about any of their exclusive designs to be sure you’re taking home something that’s perfect for you.

Address: Avenida Zurriola 1, B 6. Edificio Kursaal

Going shopping in San Sebastian is so much fun, and you can find some seriously unique things in Gros!
You’ll find Kberbi New in the massive Kursaal Center (left).

Izadi Kirolak

Ready to take part in San Sebastian’s fantastic outdoor scene? Sports shop Izadi Kirolak has everything you need. From athletic clothing to camping gear and more, everything here comes from top-quality brands. This is where to go shopping in San Sebastian if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and experience the great outdoors.

AddressUsandizaga, 18

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