How to Be a Good Tourist: Madrid Edition

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The night before your trip to Madrid has finally arrived.

Goodbye work, meals on the go and dreary weather. Hello freedom, tapas and sun! You’ve packed your bag, dusted off your DSLR, retrieved your boarding pass, and you’re ready to go and make the most out of your trip to Madrid. But are you really?

In the haste of preparing a trip abroad, we often forget a small step that would greatly enhance our travel experience. How about taking a few moments to really understand your destination?

Choosing to be a responsible tourist in Madrid simply means that you will be making choices that will have a positive impact on the local community. With many destinations battling overtourism, Madrid is hot on the tourist map due to its authentic feel. But keeping it this way is a fine balance! Here are some ways to be a responsible traveler in Madrid.

What is responsible travel in Madrid? It means eating locally, staying in locally owned hotels, and getting off the beaten path, among other things. Here's how to make the most of your trip in a way that respects madrileños and their community. #Madrid #ResponsibleTravel

When to visit Madrid responsibly

Choosing when to travel can have a huge impact on your experience. Think of the difference between enjoying your chocolate con churros as soon as you get the craving versus drooling over the delicious smell as you stand in a never-ending line. Traveling in low season will not only allow you to beat the crowds, but also give you the opportunity to mingle more with the locals you encounter. They will be the ones to introduce you to Madrid’s real culture and hidden gems. You will also find better deals as far as flight and accommodation are concerned and, at the same time, you’ll be helping the city even out its tourism flow throughout the year. Makes sense, right?

Our pick: To beat the crowds, travel November to February!

Start your journey towards responsible travel in Madrid before you even go: plan your trip for low season to avoid contributing to overcrowding.
A bonus of visiting during low season: you can take great pictures without nearly as many crowds!

Where to stay in Madrid responsibly

Though Airbnb can seem like the right choice every time, there is an ethical debate behind it which any responsible tourist should be aware of. While the traveler may be enjoying a more local stay in a neighborhood, more and more neighbors are being forced out of their homes due to rising rent prices. The solution? Stay in a locally-owned bed and breakfast or pensión, a Madrid-owned boutique hotel, or, for an even more authentic feel, head out to one of Madrid’s peripheral neighborhoods which are all very well connected with the city center.

Our picks for where to stay: Central Palace, centrally located with views of the palace, or Dear Hotel for a luxurious boutique hotel with a terrace offering some of the best cocktails and views of the city.

Part of responsible travel in Madrid is getting off the beaten path and exploring more local areas. Don't just limit yourself to the touristy stuff!
Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path—you never know where it will take you!

Where to eat in Madrid responsibly

One of the best ways to experience a new culture is through its food and Madrid is no exception! With a seemingly infinite number of bars and restaurants, how do you make the right choice as a responsible traveler?

First off, forget the chains! Although tempting in their familiarity, chains are often foreign-owned and have little to offer in terms of a local experience. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for independent, local restaurants where you will find seasonal food items on the menu. Also, keep on the lookout for the centennial plaques proudly displayed by Madrid’s older taverns. These are restaurants that have been open for over 100 years and that are often family owned and run, offering an array of local traditional delicacies.

Responsible travel in Madrid means supporting the same businesses that have been around for ages. Look for gold plaques like this to pick out places that have been around for 100+ years!
This gold plaque denotes a sure winner!

Our picks:

Seasonal and local: La Berenjena for its local vibe and seasonal dishes

Centennial and traditional: Casa Labra for their salted cod croquetas

A responsible travel itinerary for Madrid

Depending on your interests and length of stay, there are so many different activities you can enjoy in Madrid. Do make room for cultural activities such as museum visits or a stroll over to the cathedral and Royal Palace. Also, check-out some of the lesser-known attractions such as the Barefoot Nuns Monastery or the Sorolla Museum.

That said, you will find that even the best planners tend to be led off the path by the Madrid way of life! And that is perfectly okay—as a responsible tourist you do want to let yourself be guided by your instincts! Leave TripAdvisor and Google Maps at home and wander the little backstreets of Hapsburg Madrid. Before you know it, you’ll find a quaint little jewelry shop, an authentic tapas stop or even a local food market.

Want to practice responsible travel in Madrid? Start by letting yourself get lost! Don't just limit yourself to a touristic itinerary.
You might even find your new favorite go-to spot!

Our favorite small shops and artisans

Everyone loves to return home with a little memento for themselves or their loved ones after a wonderful trip. But before you add more stuff to your already about-to-burst hand luggage, ask yourself where it came from. Is it a cheap import or a genuine local product? Try to avoid the shops that are flooded with the same type of ubiquitous souvenirs you can find anywhere in the world. Purchasing local souvenirs instead is a great way to support local craftspeople when you buy in the right places. Suss out the specialty shops selling olive oil and wine, pottery or leather goods.

Our picks: Casa González for incredible gourmet products and Antigua Casa Talavera for unique pottery.

Platter of Spanish cheeses
Four different, yet equally delicious, Spanish cheeses from Casa González.

How to be a good tourist in Madrid


  • Plan ahead
  • Learn a few words in Spanish
  • Read up on our history and culture
  • Make room for cultural attractions
  • Lose yourself in the backstreets
  • Mingle with the locals
  • Eat locally-sourced and seasonal products
  • Buy local souvenirs
  • Travel by foot or public transport
  • Stay in locally-owned accommodation
Responsible travel in Madrid can still include some of the city's biggest attractions! It's about visiting them in a respectful way.
Traveling responsibly doesn’t mean avoiding the main sights altogether—it’s more about doing so in a way that respects locals and their communities.


  • Eat at chain restaurants
  • Rely solely on TripAdvisor recommendations
  • Leave your trash behind
  • Disturb residents on your way back from a wild night on the town
  • Act any differently than you would at home!
  • Overuse A/C or water
  • Overlook lesser-known attractions

Follow these tips and you can leave Madrid knowing you’ve been a great tourist. Don’t stop there—take a look at the rest of our responsible tourism guides:


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  1. Scott says
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    What is the best dress code? I was told not to wear shorts and tennis shoes, but photos show a lot of both.
    Thank you

    1. Devour Tours says
      June 25, 2019 at 10:19 am

      Wear whatever you’re comfortable in! It gets really hot here during the summer and locals and tourists alike can be spotted in shorts and tennis shoes 🙂 Here are our packing tips for Madrid:

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