6 Romantic Things To Do In Seville (on Valentine’s Day and All Year Long)

With so many beautiful parks, stunning views and amazing restaurants, Seville is the perfect place for a romantic getaway with someone special.

Plaza de Espana in Seville with water and lampposts
It’s hard to think of a more romantic place than Seville! Photo credit: Amy Burry

For many people, Seville is one of the most romantic cities in Spain, and even in all of Europe. It takes just one stroll through the historic city center to feel the special atmosphere of the Andalusian capital. Whether you’re taking in the beautiful landscape by day or meandering through the gently lit streets at night, romance can be found around every corner in Seville

Of course, we do celebrate Valentine’s Day here in Seville, but you’ll see just as many loved-up couples walking hand-in-hand through the city on any normal day as you do on February 14. In a city full of passion and love, here are some of our top suggestions for romantic things to do in Seville.

The most romantic things to do in Seville

Take a romantic stroll

Sometimes the simplest of things can be the most romantic. Parque María Luisa is one of the most beautiful parks in Seville, and with so much space and greenery it’s the perfect place for an intimate picnic on the grass.

When the sun goes down, take a stroll down by the river from the Torre del Oro towards the iconic Puente de Isabel II, an especially beautiful sight at night. Then settle into one of the riverside bars for a drink to cap off a perfect romantic evening in Seville!

People stroll through Seville's Jardines de Murillo on a sunny summer day
Jardines de Murillo is one of several romantic parks in Seville – perfect for a Valentine’s Day stroll. Photo credit: Adam Jones

Sit down to a special dinner

Seville may be famous for its casual tapas bars and restaurants, but when the occasion calls, there are a number of amazing sit-down restaurants in the city. And if you really want to impress your other half, why not wine and dine them at some of Seville’s top fine-dining restaurants.

Perhaps the most appropriate for a special romantic night is Abades Triana, where the food is great but the views across the river are absolutely spectacular. This is the place to go if a candlelit dinner is top of your list of romantic things to do in Seville.

A delicious meal + and an amazing view of the Seville? Yes, please!. Photo credit: Creative Vix

Relax in the Arab baths

The Moorish influence on Seville’s architecture is one of the first things you notice when you enter the city. But apart from the towering Giralda bell tower and the sprawling Real Alcazár palace, we also have the Moors to thank for the tradition of baños arabes, or Arab baths, in Seville.

Hidden away in the Jewish Quarter of the city, Aire de Sevilla is the perfect romantic escape for any couple. Forget the stresses of life and enjoy some quality time with your loved one with an amazing massage, then share a relaxing dip in the dimly lit pools of the Arab baths.

Banyo arabe or arab bath at night with water arches and illuminated entryway
The stunning baths in the Real Alcázar were the original inspiration for Arab baths that you can experience in Seville today. Photo credit: Marco Nürnberger

Enjoy a breathtaking view, drink in hand

With so many amazing monuments in Seville, it’s only natural that the city is also home to a number of rooftop bars. One of our favorites is the cozy terrace atop the Hotel Doña Maria, which comes complete with incredible views of the cathedral and Giralda.

Thinking of planning a romantic evening during the colder months in Seville? Don’t worry! Get a round of drinks, head up to the rooftop for sunset, and snuggle up beside the stove heaters that many bars put out during the colder weather.

view of seville's giralda tower from rooftop terrace at night with drinks at Hotel Doña María bar
Seeing Seville from up above should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Photo credit: Jennifer Morrow

Lose yourself in the Santa Cruz neighborhood

If you ask any local where to find the most romantic places in Seville, they’ll point you towards Santa Cruz. Hidden away in its narrow streets are a whole host of intimate squares that are ornately decorated, gently lit, and incredibly peaceful. If you’re lucky, you may even stumble across a local musician strumming a beautiful flamenco tune on their guitar. 

Throw caution to the wind and ignite your sense of adventure by getting completely lost in this gorgeous barrio. You’ll always stumble across something new—this is definitely one of our favorite romantic things to do in Seville!

Two glasses of sherry wine (one amber-colored and one light yellow) in front of a dish of olives on a wooden tabletop.
Discovering sherry and other wines is also a romantic activity in Seville!

See a flamenco show

Flamenco is an intense, layered dance telling stories of love and strength—so it’s no wonder why seeing a show is the perfect way to spend a romantic evening in Seville. The infectious passion of the dancers and performers will blow you away.

With so many authentic flamenco shows in Seville, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And combining the show with some delicious tapas or a drink with a view makes for an unforgettable evening.

Woman wearing a red dress dancing flamenco.
The passion of flamenco will stay with you for long after the show has finished.

Update notice: This post was updated on January 25, 2023.

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