My Seville: Michaela’s Must-Dos for 2017

Our Devour Seville guide Michaela is always pounding the streets of the city in search of the ultimate tapa and wine pairing. But what are this passionate local’s Seville must-dos for 2017?

Born and bred in North Dakota, U.S.A, Michaela made her way to Spain to experience a new culture while teaching English. Fast forward 5 years and this once eager newcomer has become the ultimate Sevillana.

We’re consulting our guides on their absolute must-dos for 2017 in Seville, and here’s what made the cut for Michaela. From food to flamenco to that day trip that never seems to happen – there’s a bit of everything!

We've consulted our expert guide, Michaela, on her absolute must-dos for 2017, who better to make suggestions than a passionate local, right?

 Photo Credit: Abel Maestro Garcia, Text Overlay: Devour Seville Food Tours


Call me a big kid, but I LOVE all things Christmas so anything going on around the Holidays is a must for me. In Spain, we don’t exchange gifts on the 25th of December, instead The Three Kings bring presents on the 6th of January. The highlight of the whole thing is the huge parade to mark the arrival of the Reyes Magos. Elaborate floats wander through the streets and people literally throw tonnes of sweets into the crowd. Head with an upside-down umbrella for maximum yield and catch the float crossing the Triana bridge for the ultimate view!

The delicious prawns at Abantal are a symbol of why this restaurant deserves its Michelin Star and is one of Michaela's Must-dos for 2017
One of the many delicious dishes you can find at Abantal. Photo credit: Abantal


With over 3,000 bars and restaurants in Seville, and new ones popping up on a daily basis, I may never make it to all of them. However, there are some that I simply have to get to in 2017. I’ve heard great things about both Mechela (Calle Bailén, 34) and El Traga (Calle Aguilas, 6), a new spot in the Alfalfa neighborhood. But 2017 absolutely has to be the year I finally make it to Abantal (Calle Alcalde José de la Bandera, 7), Seville’s only Michelin star restaurant. Not somewhere you’d casually pop in for lunch, but definitely worth a look for a special occasion.


The minute Christmas ends, people turn their attention to Seville’s two biggest celebrations; Holy Week and The April Fair. But before we can begin to think about enjoying ourselves in the tents of the fair, there’s something important to think about – the dress! The SIMOF Exhibition is the highlight of the February social calendar for me. Flamenco dress designers from all over Spain come to debut the year’s latest trends. Last year I scored tickets to a fashion show at the luxurious Alfonso XIII hotel, so I’m hoping to out-do that amazing experience in 2017.

The dress at the April Fair celebration is hugely important, pairing the beautiful headpiece with the patterns and colors of your dress is quite the science!
Getting the perfect dress for the April Fair is essential for a local like Michaela!


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a BIG fan of the April Fair, and even after 5 years here, there are parts of the celebration I’ve yet to experience. I love the build up, the choosing of the fabric for my new dress, the searching for the perfect matching accessories – it’s such a buzz! This year I want to make it to the alumbrado, where the lights on the extravagant main entrance and the whole fairground are finally lit up. But my ultimate must-do for 2017 is to take a ride on a coche de caballo (horse-drawn carriage).

Day Trip

Hopping into the car and taking a day trip is one of my absolute favorite things to do! While I’ve been to Cordoba a few times now, I’ve never experienced the major celebration in the city. In May the typical Andalusian patio areas of the city are beautifully decorated with vibrant flowers for Los Patios de Córdoba. I can’t wait to finally see it this year! 

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