10 Michelin Star Restaurants in Rome That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Every night in Rome is a night of 23 stars—which is how many restaurants in the greater Rome area have at least one Michelin star.

Apart from the Naples area, which has 24 Michelin-starred restaurants, Rome has more than any other Italian city. And the number is always growing.

In stark contrast to the city’s traditional osterie, these restaurants are the very definition of innovation while still remaining firmly within the tradition of Italian cuisine. Without further ado, let us introduce you to 10 of the best restaurants in Rome with a Michelin star.

Have a once-in-a-lifetime meal at one of these Michelin restaurants in Rome. Here are the 10 spots you should add to your bucket list.

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Restaurants in Rome with Two and Three Michelin Stars

1. La Pergola

If you want to eat at La Pergola, Rome’s only three-Michelin star restaurant, you’re going to have to book up to four months ahead, but the panoramic view of Rome and the Vatican, in the direction of the setting sun, is worth it.

Perched atop the five-star Rome Cavalieri hotel, the dining room sings class like a Rossini mass. Food is prepared under the watchful eye of chef Heinz Beck and includes his signature dish of Faggotelli La Pergola, stuffed pasta in a carbonara sauce, which has to be tried to be believed.

La Pergola is one of the top Michelin restaurants in Rome, and the only one in the city that boasts three stars.
La Pergola’s stunning Vatican views are just the cherry on top of a world-class dining experience most of us would be lucky to enjoy once in a lifetime. Photo credit: Antonio Saba for La Pergola

2. Il Pagliaccio

Despite its name, which means “the Clown,” this two-Michelin star restaurant takes its food seriously.

Il Pagliaccio was founded in 2003 by chefs Anthony Genovese and Marion Lichtle, and they received their double star in 2009. The checkerboard floor and high-design furniture give it an intimate feel conducive to a romantic meal for two. The set menu “Otto” presents eight dishes which tell the story of Chef Genovese’s culinary career.

Restaurants in Rome with One Michelin Star

3. All’Oro

All’Oro’s name is a pun on gold and bay leaves, and these are decorative themes which dominate the first of our one-Michelin star restaurants in Rome.

Run by husband and wife team Riccardo and Ramona Di Giacinto, the presentation of the dishes (not always on plates!) is as innovative as the cuisine. The Raffaello di Foie Gras aroma creative (foie gras truffle with creative aromas) comes sealed in a plastic bag, to be snipped open with a pair of golden shears.

All'Oro is one of the most unique Michelin restaurants in Rome, as evidenced by their signature dish.
One of All’Oro’s signature dishes: cappelletti pasta in “dry broth” with Parmesan cheese and lemon. What makes this dish especially interesting is the fact that the broth is inside the pasta, and the dish comes with a special spoon for the ultimate tasting experience. Photo credit: Aromi Creativi for All’Oro

4. Il Convivio Troiani

Innovative presentation is also on the menu at Il Convivio Troiani. Having achieved their Michelin star in 1993, Massimo, Angelo and Giuseppe Troiani are the big brothers of the Roman restaurant scene.

There are four dining spaces here, each with their own character, including “Il Chiostro,” where you can eat outside. The menu focuses on fresh ingredients cooked with skill and courageous combinations such as wild boar and sea urchin.

Il Convivio Troiani is one of the most unique Michelin restaurants in Rome, with four one-of-a-kind dining spaces.
La Galleria, one of the four unique dining spaces at Il Convivio Troiani, features an art-centered theme. Photo credit: Krizia Olivieri for Il Convivio Troiani

5. Acquolina

Acquolina is a play on words for “mouth-watering,” so they have a reputation to keep up—and keep it up they do!

It’s run by the younger generation of the same Troiani family of Il Convivio fame, so it’s no surprise that it also has a Michelin star. The menu includes classics such as carciofi alla Romana (braised artichokes stuffed with mint) and more innovative dishes, such as mackerel cooked with Jerusalem artichoke and turnip in a sweet and sour coffee sauce.

Acquolina is one of the top Michelin restaurants in Rome, serving creative and delicious dishes.
Acquolina’s beautifully presented cuisine helps the restaurant live up to its mouthwatering name. Photo credit: Acquolina

6. Aroma

If you want a gourmet meal with Colosseum views, then one-Michelin star Aroma is for you.

It occupies the penthouse floor of the prestigious Palazzo Manfredi hotel, featuring elegant interiors with a modern twist. The same phrase could be used to describe the food, prepared by Roman native chef Giuseppe Di Iorio.

Unusually, Aroma is also open for breakfast. They also offer a gourmet gluten-free menu with dishes such as maize pasta with monkfish, sun-dried tomatoes, samphire and candied lemon peel.

7. Moma

As far as Michelin stars are concerned, Moma is the new restaurant on the block.

The restaurant received its first star in the 2019 Michelin Guide, although it’s actually been part of the Roman dining scene for more than ten years. It’s situated in the posh end of town just off the Via Veneto with its dolce vita lifestyle. The menu is a mix of traditional and not-so-traditional, such as their sweet polenta, red chicory, honey and raisin dessert.

8. Il Tino

If you fancy dinner by the sea, then take a trip to Il Tino, located in Rome’s coastal suburb of Fiumicino.

Chef Daniele Usai won his star for the restaurant in 2015 and you can see why. The menu is inspired by the restaurant’s location on the Tyrrhenian Sea coast with many of the dishes featuring high-class surf and turf. An example is the dish he calls the “Castelfusano Kilometer,” featuring wild boar and amberjack.

Il Tino, located in a nearby seaside town, is one of the top Michelin restaurants in Rome, with a kitchen team led by chef Daniele Usai.
Chef Daniele Usai and his talented kitchen team craft some of the most masterful seafood dishes in the region. Photo credit: Il Tino

9. Per Me

Chef Giulio Terrinoni’s philosophy is to create food targeted at the tastes of the client rather than those of the chef.

This is what he set out to achieve when opening Per Me in 2015 and within a year he was rewarded with a Michelin star. The presentation of his plates, which range from a raw fish starter to the apple-based “Original Sin,” is superb throughout. So much so that you almost feel guilty eating them—almost.

Per Me is one of the most charming Michelin restaurants in Rome, where everything is carefully curated to masterpiece status.
Per Me’s idyllic setting adds to its indisputable charm—everything about this place is a work of art. Photo credit: Alberto Blasetti for Per Me

10. Tordomatto

Located practically on the Pope’s doorstep, Tordomatto’s food is served on plates that look like they are straight out of the Vatican Museum.

Chef Adriano Baldassare’s tasting menu “TraDizione In-Progressione” consists of twelve courses, each reminiscent of and named after a different part of the city. It’s a real tour of Rome, without ever leaving the restaurant!

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