9 Amazing Restaurants that Serve the Best International Food in Athens

Athens is a city that welcomes culinary diversity with open arms. While traditional Greek cuisine is undoubtedly a beloved highlight for any visitor, Athens has also been a hub of migration and international exchange for centuries, and a plethora of international flavors have found a home here. These days, options for international food in Athens is quite diverse. 

From Thai and Lebanese to Mexican and Indian, there is truly a little bit of everything. In fact, there are so many options for authentic flavors from almost every corner of the globe, that it can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, we’ve put together a local guide that lets you in on the best restaurants that serve international food in Athens.

a plate of traditional greek food including lamb and salad with veggies and cheese
Greek food is absolutely delicious, but when you crave something with an international flare, Athens has got some great options. Photo credit: Geoff Peters

Naan Stop – A broad selection of Indian flavors

Naan Stop has an honestly expansive menu, with flavors and dishes from all over India. Their chef opened this welcoming little spot in an attempt to bring more authentic Indian flavors to Athens, and he has hit the nail on the head. We cannot get enough of their korma or their butter paneer, both packed with flavors and stewed until absolutely mouth-watering.

Their naans, be it garlic naan or keema naan, are fluffy yet crispy and transport whatever your meal is to a whole new level. Naan Stop is located right near Ambelokipi metro station, and is an easy and rewarding stop after visiting the Benaki Museum or National Portrait Gallery just a few metro stops away. 

metal bowl with red sauce and flat bread
Indian food always hits the spot, but the dishes at Naan Stop are especially mouth-wateringly good. Photo credit: Marvin Ozz

Thai Zab – Savory Thai curries and some real spice

Located in the hopping Gazi neighborhood, Thai Zab offers an authentic taste of Thailand in the midst of Athens’ historic charm. From aromatic curries to impeccably crafted pad thai, each dish at Thai Zab showcases a meticulous attention to detail and a masterful blend of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy notes. We strongly recommend the pineapple fried rice, which is an unreal blend of sweet and savory. Also– this is one of the few spots in Athens that has spicy food that is actually spicy, and is one of our favorites for those times when you’re looking for a little heat.  

Thai dishes
Known for serving authentic dishes, Thai Zab is a local favorite. Photo Credit: Larissa Farber

Mama Roux – Cajun and Creole delights

For a touch of the American South in the heart of Athens, Mama Roux is the place to be. This restaurant, located in the vibrant Psiri neighborhood, serves up a delightful array of Cajun and Creole dishes. From gumbo to jambalaya, the chefs at Mama Roux bring the soulful flavors of Louisiana to Athens. But Mama Roux is best known for their vast all-day brunch menu, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike looking to start their day right, or recovering from a full night out. 

gumbo soup in blue plate and bread
Generally speaking, there aren’t that many Cajun or Creole restaurants in Europe, so Mama Roux a great find. Photo credit: Nelson Cardoso

Feyrouz – Levantine street food plus bakery

Athenians absolutely lose their minds over Feyrouz, and for good reason. This classy street-food joint offers some of the best dishes from Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon. Think to-die-for lahmatzoun wraps with toasted za’atar, fluffy peinirli pies with fried eggplants, and rich makhlouta soup. The Feyrouz bakery across the street has sweets from the same regions, and some of the best kanafeh in Athens. We recommend getting a sweet with one of their Arabien Coffees, which is blended with cardamon for a truly rich flavor.

Nothing beats a delicious Peinirli served with Turkish tea while on a break from exploring Athens. Photo credit: Heather Cowper

Dosirak – Korean lunchtime favorites

Dosirak stands out as a haven for lovers of Korean cuisine. Dosirak is named for the traditional Korean dosirak, or packed lunch boxes, which this little spot makes with a variety of vibrant colors and bold tastes. From sizzling bulgogi barbeque to mouthwatering bibimbap, each dish at Dosirak captures the essence of Korean culinary flavor. This little spot has an airy dining room and is located right next to the central Syntagma square, making it a perfect place to stop after a day of touring the central historical sites. 

Mikra Asia – Authentic Kurdish dishes 

This no-frills but deeply authentic dinery is an Athens favorite, and serves up some of the top hits of Kurdish cuisine. Mikra Asia was opened by two Kurdish political refugees, and now their daughter has expanded and opened up a second location which is equally excellent. The Mikra Asia go-to is the flavorful beyti kebab, grilled on the traditional flat skewers, served up sizzling hot over pita bread and roasted eggplant. We particularly love the hand-made ayran yogurt drink, with just enough saltiness to leave you wanting more. 

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Sushimou – A high-class sushi experience

For a curated sushi experience, the renowned Sushimou is the place to go. Largely agreed to serve the most high-quality sushi in Athens, this tiny spot fills up fast, and we recommend booking a reservation. Their sushi and nigiri are made with the freshest local fish and artfully displayed on the plate in a way that almost makes you not want to disturb the art, but of course everything is too delicious not to! Do keep in mind Sushimou only has a set omakase menu, which rings in at 55€ per person, but is an ideal for an elevated date night. 

Sushimou offers some delicious and high-quality sushi options.

Cupola – A traditional Italian trattoria

With its cozy atmosphere, stone pizza oven, and vast wine list, Cupola has all of the marks of a classic Italian trattoria. Beloved for its outdoor dining and homey ambiance, this restaurant is a great place to go with a big group and share several pizzas. Beyond their vast pizza menu, Cupola also has a selection of classic Italian pasta and risotto dishes. Their cocktail and wine menus are both extensive, and if you’re overwhelmed feel free to ask the staff there who can definitely guide you in the right direction.

Amigos -Mexican flavors with a party atmosphere

It is hard to find Mexican food in Athens, but you need look no further than Amigos restaurant in Nea Smyrni. This vast restaurant and vibrant colors are a favorite for Athenians going out for a celebration or just to gather with friends. They have an excellent cocktail list and tequilas galore. But of course Amigos has made their name on their delicious Mexican dishes– from full burritos to crispy fried chimichangas. We love their varied salsa menu with salsa verde and salsa del diablo, which add layers of flavor to each dish. 

A wooden table with a blue and white painted platter on top of it with five tacos and lime wedges
Amigos is definitely the spot for high-quality Mexican food in Athens. Photo credit: Lou Stejskal

Whether you’re a local seeking a break from traditional tavernas, or just simple eager to explore international food in Athens, the city really has something for every palate. Of course, once you’ve had your share of these international dishes, why not swing back around and try the best of Greek cuisine on one of our fabulous food tours? Let our expert guides take you to local markets, quaint neighborhoods, and hidden tavernas to find Athens’ most authentic dishes or an evening out trying the best treats in the Koukaki neighborhood.