Insider Tips: How To Get From Seville To Jerez

Andalusia is the home of some of the most beautiful regions in Spain, and one of our favorites is Jerez. A day trip to the home of sherry is super easy, and something you won’t soon forget!

Jerez is a region famous for its sherry wine, a favorite aperitif among locals in Seville. With a fascinating history, beautiful scenery and, of course, delicious food, a day trip to Jerez is a great addition to your itinerary in the south of Spain. Thankfully, getting to Jerez is really easy, and can be done a few different ways. Check out the info on how to get from Seville to Jerez and get planning your sherry adventure.

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By Train

The easiest way to get to Jerez is definitely by train. Trains run from Santa Justa Train Station more or less every hour. If you’re staying in the center of the city, it is a bit of a walk to the train station so you might want to catch a taxi to the station to save time.

The round trip should cost you about €20 and the journey takes just over an hour. Although there are faster trains that go throughout the day, they’re only faster by about 10 minutes but could double the price of your ticket! You can buy tickets online, at the train station itself or in the Renfe ticket office just off Plaza Nueva, right in the center of the city.

By Bus

If you are staying in a central area, especially Santa Cruz, the bus station is going to be closer to you than the train station. There are two major bus stations in Seville, and the buses to Jerez leave from San Bernardo Bus Station. There are regular departures, roughly every hour and a half throughout the day. Costing €18 return, the journey takes about an hour and a half and there’s beautiful countryside to enjoy as you travel.

By Car

Hiring a car is very easy in Spain and a great way to get from Seville to Jerez. There are a number of car rental stalls by Santa Justa Train Station. The most direct route to Jerez is by taking the AP-4 highway and that road will get you to Jerez in just over an hour. Bear in mind it is a toll road. If you have time, it’s not a bad idea to divert off the highway and stop by some of the beautiful villages en route, or even get a bit lost in the Spanish countryside.

Why not let us plan your entire Jerez day trip for you? We’re launching an amazing day trip experience to the sherry capital in the coming months. With a number of delicious food stops and, of course, plenty of sherry to enjoy, it’s the perfect way to experience the magic of Jerez. We’ll have more details soon – stay tuned!

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