How to Get Around Barcelona: A Complete Guide

This blog post was originally posted on September 23, 2016, and was updated on September 11, 2017.

Like in any new city, knowing how to get around is an important detail that can greatly influence your visit! From taxis to subways to buses and bikes, read our tips for how to get around Barcelona!

Need tips on how to get around Barcelona? We have you covered, from taxis, buses, metros and more!


In general, taxis are plentiful as well as affordable in Barcelona. Though the city does not have alternative services such as Uber, you won’t miss them much with hundreds of taxi stands scattered around the city and plenty circling around to hail. If you’re wondering how to get around Barcelona, just grab one and go! Use the app MyTaxi if you need a taxi at more difficult times like busy holidays or early in the morning.

Local’s Tip: While most taxi drivers will take credit cards, double check before you take off. And if you’re paying in cash, make sure you have small change as many taxis won’t break a 50 euro bill!

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You’ll find a taxi on every street in Barcelona, day and night! Photo Credit: Xavier_15


Barcelona’s metro system is a dream. It’s easy to use, has frequent trains and always clean. Grab a map and navigate it yourself—you will see that it’s truly a piece of cake! That said, be wary of the metro schedule! It runs from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. on weekdays, until 2 a.m. on Fridays, and also all night long on Saturdays and special holidays.

Locals’ tip: Planning on taking the metro more than 5 times? Get a T-10 pass for 1 euro rides.

The metro is the quickest way to get around Barcelona!
The metro is the quickest way to get from A to B in the city. Photo Credit: massimodena

City Bus

Another great option for getting around Barcelona is the city’s bus system. Though perhaps not as speedy as the metro can be, its perks include being able to see the beautiful streets of Barcelona! At each bus stop, you can easily find where the bus is headed and the various stops along the way. And if you really want to see the city, considering buying a ticket to Barcelona’s hop-on-hop-off bus!

Local’s tip: Don’t pay on the bus! Get a bus ticket or T-10 pass at any metro stand or tobacco shop—it will cost you half the price.

On Bike

Barcelona is a wonderful city to see from the seat of a bike! Though our bike share system (Bicing) is only available to residents of the city, there are numerous bike rentals that will equip you with everything you need. We love Rabbit Bike for great prices and quality equipment. If you’re looking for how to get around Barcelona this is definitely for you.

Inside scoop: Around the old city and near the beach, many of the streets give pedestrians and cyclists priority. However, use this bike lane map to get around Barcelona like a pro!

A bike is truly one of the best ways to get around Barcelona!
A bike is truly one of the best ways to get around Barcelona! Photo Credit: Mikael Leppä


Ferrocarrils is Barcelona’s inner city train system. Use it to get to further out places like Sarria, Tibidabo and more. Many of these trains start from Plaza Catalunya and are across town in no time.

Local’s Tip: See some of the best views of Barcelona from atop Tibidabo!

High-Speed Train

Spain is home to some of best high-speed trains in the world. Whether you’re headed Madrid or down south to Seville or Cordoba, there is without a doubt no better way to get there than on the Ave high-speed train. Buy your tickets for the Ave online in advance in order to find some bargains!

We know all the tips and tricks for getting around Barcelona, including getting out of Barcelona! Check out the Ave, the high-speed train in Spain!
Get to where you need to go in record time on the city’s high-speed train system! Photo Credit: Sandra Vallaure


The Rodalies or the Cercanias in Spanish is Spain’s wonderful inter-city train network, and the perfect option to explore wonderful day trip destinations such as Sitges or Girona.

On Foot

Sure, there are many ways to get around Barcelona, but does any one of them beat on foot?! Barcelona’s old city center is particularly pedestrian-friendly, with winding narrow streets and beautiful cobblestoned alleyways. And if you’re unsure how to get around Barcelona? Let us lead the way!

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