Here’s Our Favorite Places To Drink Sherry In Seville – Salud!

This blog post was originally posted on December 18, 2015, and was updated on February 8, 2018

Barcelona is famous for sparkling cava, La Rioja for delicious red wines, and here in Andalusia, we have our own local specialty – sherry!

Sherry comes from the province of Jerez, near Seville, and whether it’s a crisp manzanilla or a sweet Pedro Ximenez, sherry complements nearly every typical Andalusian tapa. Popular among locals, our treasured vino de Jerez can be found in nearly every bar in the city, but here are some of our favorite places to drink sherry in Seville.

Looking for an authentic place to try southern Spain's famous sherry? Live the sherry tradition like a local in these places to drink sherry in Seville!

El Rinconcillo

You can’t talk about Seville without mentioning the city’s oldest bar, El Rinconcillo. This iconic bar has been serving locals since 1670, meaning it’s older than the United States! The varied menu consists of some of the city’s finest traditional tapas and a wide variety of sherries, making this historic bar the perfect place to drink sherry in Seville.

Insider’s Tip: Grab a space at the bar, order a tapa of jamón and pair it with a glass of dry manzanilla – you won’t regret it!

Address: Calle Gerona, 40

We all can do our part to help practice responsible travel in Seville. Spend as much money as possible at local restaurants and bars rather than chains, for example.
El Rinconcillo: a timeless classic.

Casa Morales

Another example of an amazing place to eat in the Arenal neighborhood, Casa Morales is an essential stop for all sherry lovers in Seville. This bar has come a long way since its beginnings as a wine shop in 1850. Now, it boasts delicious food along with a great variety of sherries.

Their specialty? Montaditos, which are slices of bread with something delicious ‘mounted’ on top, and there is a montadito for nearly every type of sherry!

Insider’s Tip: The bacalao con salmorejo (cod with cold tomato soup) montadito paired with a glass of dry fino is an unbeatable combination.

Address: Garcia de Vinuesa, 3

Having started as exclusively a wine shop in 1850, Casa Morales still has huge wine vats in the back section of the bar. With amazing variety and expert staff, this really is a great place to drink sherry in Seville!
The huge wine vats in the back section of Casa Morales reference its origins as a wine shop

Vineria San Telmo

Having opened in 2004, Vineria San Telmo has quickly gained a name for itself in Seville. Although it has some incredible food, it is the extensive selection of wines and sherries they stock that sets them apart. The expert knowledge of the owners, Juan Manuel and his wife Reyes, means that this restaurant is one of the centers of Seville’s Sherry Week celebrations, boasting special menus and amazing sherry tastings. An ideal place for a comfortable sip of sherry in Seville.

Insider’s Tip: The salmon tataki with leeks paired with a glass of dry fino or manzanilla is amazing. Also, sip some sweet Pedro Ximenex for dessert.

Address: Paseo Catalina de Ribera, 4

Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo

Located in a 17th Century sevillano house, Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo has spent the last twenty years bringing a fascinating tradition back to life in Seville – the abacería. Traditionally, an abacería was a shop where the owner would invite customers to try the locally sourced products, including sherry, before they bought them. Nowadays, San Lorenzo is one of the leading abacerías in the city. Here, people sit down, snack on some tapas and sip some sherry before bringing their favorite produce home.

Insider Tips: Locals really love the sopa de tomate (tomato soup) with a glass of oloroso.

Address: Calle Teodosio, 53

With hams hanging from the ceiling and a wide variety of locally sourced products behind the counter, Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo is a very traditional abacería, and a great place to drink sherry in Seville!
At Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo, you can try local products like sherry before purchasing! Photo credit: Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo

Bar Las Teresas

Founded in 1870, the decoration in Bar Las Teresas is an education in some of the city’s most treasured traditions. Posters from Holy Week and the April Fair are seen on the walls, along with bullfighting and flamenco memorabilia. The food in this bar is traditional food at its finest and the variety of sherries on offer complete the experience

Insider’s Tip: Their jamón paired with manzanilla is amazing, but also try their solomillo (pork loin) with a flavorsome amontillado.

Address: Calle Santa Teresa, 2

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