Best Bites: Top 5 Experience Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredible city, from its towering churches and bustling avenues to its charming squares. It truly has everything a city needs dotted throughout its numerous neighborhoods.

Some of these areas known for their selection of beautiful boutiques, others for their cafes, but each of them have one thing in common: their incredible dining scenes! From quirky bistros and dusty-floored local tapas bars to elegant dining rooms, one thing is for sure—there is something to suit all tastes!

But what if you had just one night to experience something magnificent? One night to experience an innovative and unforgettable meal in Barcelona? Look no further than this great list of our top 5 experience restaurants in Barcelona!

Enjoy incredible food, quirky vibes and astonishing flair at some of our favorite experience restaurants in Barcelona! Indulge your senses and treat yourself!

1. Dans Le Noir

This unassuming restaurant in the Born area is definitely one which appeals to all of your senses, quite literally! Enjoy a culinary experience from start to finish completely in the dark in this innovative restaurant. As far as experience restaurants in Barcelona go, Dans Le Noir is not to be missed. The fun part is, of course, managing to guess what you are eating just by using your other senses. The hard part is making sure you don’t knock over your accompanying wine! The food here is not just great—the experience also makes you appreciate your sense of sight, which was actually the motivation behind the restaurant’s opening.

Address: Passeig de Picasso, 10

2. La Posada Maldita

If you know anyone who loves a good scare, this restaurant is for them! In this unique and quirky spot, it’s all about the scare factor. From devilish dishes to creepy wait staff, it really is a must when visiting the city around Halloween—though this is one place where Halloween happens all year long. This is one of the best experience restaurants in Barcelona for team-building or group events. It will no doubt get everyone talking, and they’ll be on the edge of their seats all night while enjoying the interesting and spooky fare!

Address: Avinguda de la Flor de Maig, 57

Treat yourself to an evening of spectacular food and wine in some of the best experience restaurants in Barcelona!
Treat yourself to an evening of spectacular food and wine!

3. Tickets

What are the images your mind conjures up when you hear the words “ticket booth”? Red velvet curtains, golden rope and shiny bells are just a few of the items you will find in this legendary restaurant in the heart of the city. Home to one of the most famous chefs in the world, Ferran Adrià, it’s not surprising this glamorous, cabaret theater-inspired restaurant is often booked up months in advance. A selection of classic tapas and unique dishes are prepared with modern flair and the exceptional culinary skills which you would expect from an Adrià experience restaurant in Barcelona. This is one place which never ceases to impress.

Address: Avinguda Del Parellel, 164

The food on offer at some of our top experience restaurants in Barcelona is exceptional!
Just one of the delicious seafood tapas on offer at Tickets! Photo Credit: David Berkowitz

4. El Bosc de les Fades

Want to experience a real-life fairy tale forest right in the heart of the Gothic Quarter? El Bosc de les Fades is calling your name. The whimsical decor at this magical spot makes it so much more than just a tapas bar. You’ll meet fairies, talking trees and more as you make your way through your culinary adventure. This is one for your bucket list!

5. Disfrutar

A list of experience restaurants in Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without a mention of this Michelin-starred wonder. Disfrutar has been steadily climbing up the fine dining pyramid since it opened in 2014. Their modern Mediterranean cuisine is paired with impeccable service. Expect the usual fancy tricks like dry ice, bird cages and even the odd blowtorch, but don’t think that this is like any other European fine dining restaurant. The end result is a mind-blowing meal which will leave you hungry to return again and again! With not one, but three very famous chefs heading the kitchens, who also worked together in elBulli, it really is no surprise that Disfrutar is one of our favorite experience restaurants in Barcelona!

 Address: Carrer de Villarroel, 163

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