The Complete Guide to Craft Beer in Florence

Tuscany may be the place to go for wine lovers, but Florence always has a spot for any taste. Recently, the craft beer scene has been growing throughout all of Italy. Producers have taken an interest in experimenting with different hops, styles, and flavorful ingredients.

Smiling women holding up beer mugs and glasses for a cheers
Cin cin for craft beer in Florence! Photo credit: ELEVATE

Let’s explore some of the best places to grab a craft beer in Florence!

What is Italian craft beer like?

First, let’s look at what makes Italian craft beer unique. Most craft beer in Florence – and in Italy – follows styles from other regions of Europe. Some producers even experiment with the American pale ale style.

However, there is one beer unique to Italy: the Italian Grape Ale. Italian Grape Ale is a high fermentation beer that uses the addition of grape must (yes, the same must that is used to make Tuscan wine). This adds an extra layer of flavor to the beer, but the final taste depends entirely on the grapes used. It is definitely worth a taste during your trip to Florence.

A long, tall glass of pale beer in the foreground with the Florence duomo in the background
A hot summer day makes a perfect moment to slow down and enjoy those Florentine views. Photo credit: Erik Cleves Kristensen

Where to grab a craft beer in Florence

Archea Brewery

Via dei Serragli, 44R

While  this bar serves Archea craft beer, the name is a little misleading as this beer isn’t produced in Florence. However, it is delicious!

Archea is a great place to experiment with your beer tastings. Order their taster rack, which includes four mini glasses of your choice. They have a range of light to dark beers, with a tangy fruity IPA as well (not always that common in Italy!).

You won’t easily stumble into Archea as it is a step off the usual visitor path. But if you are a craft beer lover, save this on your map for your next visit to Florence. Indoor and outdoor seating is available, making it a great stop all year round.

A flight of light, medium, and dark-bodied beers
Fancy a flight? then this is your place. Photo credit: Daniel Morrison

Rione Brewpub Firenze

Via Pisana, 1r
Looking for a classic, pub-style eatery where you can pair your craft beer with a hamburger or pizza? Then Rione is exactly what you might imagine: simple wooden furniture, low lighting, and plenty of beers on tap.

Apart from its tasty menu, the great thing about this eatery is that they also serve Il Bovaro. Bovaro is a local beer made right here in Florence!

Whether you prefer classic blonde beer, amber, or something darker, you’ll find it at Rione. Their offerings rotate, but they make sure to always have something for every palate.

King Grizzly

Via del Canto alla Quarconia, 7

King Grizzly is the perfect solution if you find yourself craving a cold craft beer in Florence. Found right between Palazzo Strozzi and the Bargello Museum, this bar is as central as they come.

This is a classic tavern-style pub with wooden paneling and a vintage bar counter. While spacious enough, you won’t find many tables.

As for the beer selection? Discover some excellent local, Italian, and foreign craft beers both by the bottle or on tap. While most of the selection stays the same, one or two on tap do change every few weeks. Check their Facebook page for regular updates about what is on tap.

Young barman hand at beer tap pouring a draught lager beer serving in a pub or restaurant
See what’s on tap this week at the Florence breweries and pubs. Photo credit: Nenad Stojkovic

Birreria Art. 17

Borgo la Croce, 64
Birreria Art. 17 is a passion project from a true craft beer lover. The owner spent years traveling and tasting until he decided to bring his craft beer to Florence. Now, he gives locals a taste of Italian and Tuscan craft beers.

The local beer menu changes often, always switching it up to give visitors a new perspective of the Tuscan craft beer scene. One thing that makes the region’s craft brewers stand out is that they often offer only limited quantities. This is because brewers experiment with seasonal additions for limited editions.

You’ll find this spot just outside the historical center, behind Sant’Ambrogio. They mainly have an indoor space, with tables and a standing bar. If you come early enough, you can enjoy a beer on the bar stool outside.

Alibi Craft Beer

Via Faenza 21r

Alibi gets straight to the point: come here for great craft beer and a delicious burger! It’s a simple eatery, not far from the Santa Maria Novella station and church.

You’ll find a wide range of beers on tap and bottled. Some highlights include variations of the Italian Grape Ale, a craft beer mixed with wine must that combines wine and beer tradition. You’ll also find a few select sour and fruit beers here – very rare in Italy!

A large bottle of Panil Barriquee wine from Italy along with a mug of dark beer
Some Italian beers, like Panil Barriquée, are fermented in wooden barrels that originally held wine. Photo credit: Bernt Rostad


Via Pisana, 78r

A true hidden gem, Diorama is tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spot for craft beer in Florence.

This is a local favorite, with a great menu of craft beer from Tuscany and beyond. When it comes to food, however, they stick to classic Tuscan cuisine.

Diorama has a very relaxed ambiance, with outdoor seating to enjoy the street life passing by. Inside there is only space for a small group, which makes it a great choice for couples or solo travelers.

Pint of View

Borgo Tegolaio, 17/r

For something a little different than pub style, add a touch of class to your experience with a visit to Pint of View. This spot is a casual, yet elegant gastropub in the Oltrano area. You’ll find a great selection of craft beers including IPAs, Stouts, Saisons, and many more.

In addition to their beer selection, they also have fantastic craft cocktails and a unique Asian-style menu.

A large bottle of beer along with a poured glass of beer
You may find beers from Birra del Borgo, a brewery from Borgorose, a small town on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo. Photo credit: Bernt Rostad

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