Explore Culture in the Kitchen with the Best Cooking Classes in San Sebastian

The best way to immerse yourself in the culture of a new place is to get your hands dirty—and if food is included, that’s even better!

In San Sebastian, the gastronomic capital of Spain, we recommend taking a local version of tapas class, a pintxo class. These cooking classes in San Sebastian are a delicious way to dive in to the heart of the unique culture of Basque Country.

Whether you’re looking to learn the fine arts of the local Michelin-star restaurants or just want to spend a fun afternoon cooking with your family, there’s something for everyone! Here’s a list of cooking classes in San Sebastian that we recommend for real foodies.  

If you're looking for a great cooking class in San Sebastian, you can't go wrong with any of these options!

Ama Ur Cooking Studio

Want to learn how to prepare the most iconic pintxos in San Sebastian? Then Ama Ur Cooking Studio is your number one choice!

With born-and-raised Basque chef Lander, you will learn the secret techniques behind the best bites in town. The world-famous anchovies of Bar Txepetxa and the award-winning cheesecake of La Viña are on the menu, along with so much more!

Lander has years of experience working in the most important restaurants in San Sebastian and elsewhere. Curiosity took him around the world where he studied and explored different international cuisines and ingredients. 

With a special knowledge of Asian gastronomic cultures and techniques, Lander offers a wide selection of workshops. Besides the San Sebastian Pintxos and Traditional Basque Cuisine classes, there’s a variety of international workshops, such as Asian Curries or Sushi Basics.

We love the relaxed atmosphere at the classes—it’s like cooking and learning with an old friend! The cooking studio and kitchen are cozy and extremely well organized, which makes the experience even smoother. 

As a bonus, if you want to take your foodie skills to the next level, Ama Ur Cooking Studio offers a workshop on the basics of gastronomic photography—something that comes in very handy in San Sebastian, where the bar counters are full of beautiful pintxos to photograph!

When it comes to cooking classes in San Sebastian, Lander from Ama Ur is one of the best teachers.
When it comes to learning to cook food from the Basque Country and beyond, Lander from Ama Ur is one of the best teachers. Photo credit: Ama Ur Cooking Studio

Chef Ben

For a mouth-watering intro to Basque cuisine, we couldn’t recommend Chef Ben’s cooking experiences more. 

Bendur Elizondo has a desire to share his passion and knowledge with those interested in Basque culture and cuisine. He started offering private gastronomic experiences after many years of working in international kitchens in different countries. 

100-percent fresh quality is guaranteed—most of the classes with Chef Ben start with a tour at the local markets to buy the ingredients. 

Chef Ben’s classes are usually around four hours long. In that time, you’ll get a crash course in how to prepare pintxos—the famous Basque finger food—traditional techniques of Basque cuisine or even how to master a perfect paella! For those who are more into haute cuisine stuff, there’s also a class all about Michelin star techniques.

And here comes the best part:

At the end of the class you will get to enjoy the fruit of your work with a great selection of Spanish wines. 

Chef Ben clearly offers a wide range of experiences, but even the smallest members of the family are welcome: there is a cooking class specifically designed for children with their parents

Chef Ben offers one of our favorite cooking classes in San Sebastian.
Chef Ben is one of the foremost experts in Basque Cuisine in San Sebastian, and by the end of one of his courses, you’ll see why. Photo credit: Chef Ben

Cooking class with Tenedor Tours

Fancy learning about the Basque history and culture while in the kitchen? We do! 

Cooking classes with Tenedor Tours are famous for giving much more than just kitchen knowledge. While learning how to prepare the most important traditional Basque dishes you’ll also dig deep into the local culture.

The experience will also take you out of the kitchen and into the field as you explore the local markets and gourmet shops, choosing the ingredients yourself. What could be a better way to ensure good quality? 

As a bonus with all of these cooking classes in San Sebastian, you’ll bring back the perfect souvenir: recipes of some of the most legendary Basque dishes!

Cooking class San Sebastian
The kitchen is one of the best places to experience local culture in a new city!

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