Top 5 Places to Take a Cooking Class in Lisbon

Want to go behind the scenes of Portuguese cuisine? Sign up for a cooking class in Lisbon to learn all the local culinary secrets!

If you love Portuguese food as much as we do, you know it only takes one meal to get obsessed. But what if you’re only in Lisbon for a few days? You can’t be expected to just forget about everything you ate…and you might not be able to find authentic Portuguese food back home.

The best solution? Take a cooking class in Lisbon and learn to recreate your favorite foods! Not only will you be able to devour these dishes whenever you want, but you’ll gain a greater appreciation of what goes into making them. And as we all know, everything tastes better when you’ve put in the work to prepare it yourself!

Where to find the best cooking classes in Lisbon

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Where to take a Portuguese cooking class in English in Lisbon

Portugal’s capital offers plenty of options for curious travelers (and locals) to learn how to cook. Whether you’re looking for a crash course in the country’s cuisine or you want to discover the secrets of a certain dish, there’s a cooking class in Lisbon for you. Here are some of our favorites.

Kiss the Cook

This inviting venue is located at LX Factory in the Alcântara neighborhood. Kiss the Cook specializes in all things culinary, including workshops, courses and private events. If you’re here on vacation, we recommend the Portuguese Cooking Experience, which is specifically designed for international visitors.

Kiss the Cook is also renowned for its team building events. If you’re in town for a meeting or conference, this is the perfect way to connect with colleagues and add some fun to your work trip! You’ll learn to make multiple dishes, and be provided with plenty of wine and snacks along the way.

Kiss the Cook cooking classes in Lisbon
Kiss the Cook teaches you all the fundamentals of Portuguese cooking in a fun, interactive environment. Photo credit: Kiss the Cook

Lisbon Cooking Academy

Headed by two accomplished Portuguese chefs, Lisbon Cooking Academy offers a variety of classes in a beautiful space. Choose a daytime or evening experience—and by that we mean lunch or dinner—and create a multi-course meal to enjoy. There’s also a wonderful pastel de nata class, in which you’ll learn how to make the legendary Portuguese custard tarts.

One unique aspect of Lisbon Cooking Academy is the options they provide for vegetarian and vegan cuisine. While many cooking classes in Lisbon include meat and animal products, here you can learn to make a vegetarian Portuguese dinner or even vegan pastéis de nata.

Looking for more veggie-friendly cuisine? Check out our guide to vegetarian food in Lisbon!

Time Out Academy

Lisbon’s Time Out Market is an essential stop for any food lover, and its on-site cooking school is ideal for those who want to step behind the counter. The Time Out Academy is the first school of its kind to operate inside a food hall, offering workshops, demonstrations and all kinds of group activities.

The Academy is run by chef Rodrigo Meneses, who aims to bring flavors from all over the country to Lisbon. He and his team give both visitors and locals the opportunity to try their hand at various types of cuisine, from Portuguese pastries to dishes from around the world.  

Learning to cook at the Time Out Academy in Lisbon
Time Out Academy allows you to learn how to cook dishes from all over Portugal in one of Lisbon’s most iconic foodie destinations. Photo credit: Time Out Academy

Compadre Cooking

If you want to learn how to prepare a traditional Portuguese family meal, Compadre Cooking is the place for you. Sign up for their Hands-on Portuguese Cooking Class for a truly authentic activity. You’ll learn how to prepare three classic recipes, including a starter and two main dishes. They’ll even send you the recipes afterward, so you can relax and enjoy the experience!

If you want dessert as well, Compadre also offers a pastel de nata cooking class. They’ll teach you to prepare this iconic pastry, plus another surprise sweet treat. Like many cooking schools in Lisbon, this place limits class sizes to make the experience as personalized as possible.

Compadre cooking class in Lisbon
The diverse offerings available at Compadre mean that there’s something for everyone. Photo credit: Compadre Cooking School

Cook & Corks

Located near Parque Eduardo VII, Cook & Corks is a modern culinary school catering to travelers with an interest in traditional gastronomy. Their Evening Portuguese Cooking Class is an immersive experience in which you’ll learn to prepare a three-course meal, complete with wine and dessert.

At this cooking class in Lisbon, usual dishes might include caldo verde (traditional kale soup), bacalhau à Brás (salt cod with crispy potatoes and olives) or seafood cataplana (a delicious stew). Cook & Corks can also adapt the menu for vegetarians and vegans upon request!

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