Cooking Classes in Madrid: Bake, Braise, & Broil Like a Local

You’ve fallen in love with Spanish cuisine over the course of your trip—now learn to recreate your favorite foods at home!

Luckily, it’s easy to find cooking classes in Madrid that fit anyone’s taste, schedule, and budget. Once you’re back home, you’ll be able to wow your guests as you whip up Spain’s most famous delicacies from scratch. Here are some great cooking classes in Madrid to get you started on your culinary journey.

Students in a Devour cooking class look on at their paellas on the stove
These spectacular cooking classes in Madrid – like our own Devour class – will show you the secrets of your favorite Spanish recipes.

Devour Tour’s Cooking Class with Market Visit

Our Spanish Cooking Class & Market Visit in Madrid is perfect if you want to discover the secrets of Spanish food, whip up a multi-course meal inside an exquisite private kitchen, and gain the skills to recreate classic Spanish staples again and again. It’s a true 360° view into Spanish cuisine!

Before heading to the kitchen, you’ll stroll through a traditional market to truly understand the strong connection that Spanish food has with the local market. Then, your chef will show you how to prepare and serve several classic dishes. You’ll enjoy your homemade meal with your choice of beer or wine and feel proud for creating a memorable meal that honors the best of Spanish cuisine. 

Location: Plazuela Antón Martín

Dates: Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 10 a.m.

Student in cooking class looks as chef demonstrates how to do something in the kitchen

Time to get hands-on! In our cooking class, you’ll learn how to make gildas, gazpacho, patatas bravas, seafood paella, and buñuelos with the guidance of an expert chef.

A Taste of Spain

A Taste of Spain‘s private cooking classes are led by an expert, English-speaking instructor from Madrid with more than 20 years of culinary experience. After visiting a local market to buy seasonal ingredients for your food, you’ll head to a private, professional kitchen and prepare an entire Spanish menu from scratch! Finally, you’ll sit down to lunch and enjoy the fruits of your labor accompanied by delicious Spanish wine.

Location: Near Metro Ópera

DatesAvailable upon request year round

Wondering where to eat in San Sebastian Centro? Try Bar Antonio, home to some seriously spectacular crayfish ravioli and an excellent wine list to boot.
Our favorite cooking classes in Madrid pair wines with your food for a more delicious experience.

Gourmet Madrid Spanish Cooking Class

Learn to prepare traditional Spanish recipes with your expert chef instructor’s personal touch. At Gourmet Madrid, your small group will first visit an authentic market to pick up the ingredients. Then it’s time to cook! The cooking school’s unique location inside the market provides the perfect atmosphere for learning to cook like a local. You’ll cook four traditional dishes, which can range from popular paella and tortilla de patatas to lesser-known local delicacies. And of course, you’ll get to enjoy the food you’ve made afterwards!

AddressMercado de Torrijos (Calle del General Díaz Porlier, 8)

DatesMonday-Friday at 12:00

The most rewarding part of a cooking class is sitting down to enjoy the delicious meal you prepared.

Cooking Point

Whether you’re a total cooking newbie or you already know your way around a kitchen, Cooking Point offers delicious cooking classes in Madrid. These fun, memorable classes are a great introduction to Spain’s rich, vibrant cuisine. Choose from a variety of experiences, such as a paella cooking class or a tapas cooking class. The hands-on classes are also family friendly. 

AddressCalle de Moratín, 11 

DatesMonday-Saturday, times depend on class

A whole Spanish omelet on a blue and white plate.
Spanish food perfection.

A Punto/Cook Madrid

Perfect for budding chefs and bookworms alike, what makes A Punto (known as Cook Madrid in English) stand out is its unique location in a bookstore! After your class, be sure to spend some time browsing the incredible selection of cookbooks. They offer a variety of cooking classes in Madrid, but for the most complete experience, consider the tapas class. They also offer courses to help you master everything from perfect vegetable cutting to the art of Japanese sushi.

AddressCalle Farmacia 6

DatesVaried depending on class

There are so many great places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid. Pay attention to their professional slicing techniques!

Spanish cooking 101: how to cut the perfect slice of jamón!

This article was updated on January 23, 2023.

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    April 2, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    How much in advance should a class be booked?

    1. Katie Stearns says
      April 9, 2018 at 12:47 pm

      It really depends on the experience, but it wouldn’t hurt to make a phone call before your trip to see how far in advance classes generally fill up!

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