Guide to Eating Vegetarian & Vegan in Madrid

Fear not: Spain may love its meat, but eating vegetarian or vegan in Madrid is surprisingly easy. The trick lies in knowing where to go and what to order!

Small green peppers on a white plate beside a bottle of wine on a crowded tabletop

At first glance, Spain may not seem like the most herbivore-friendly of destinations. With giant legs of ham hanging from the ceilings of traditional bars, and market stalls overflowing with fresh seafood, it can seem like meat-based products are the way to go here.

But look a little closer, and you’ll soon find that eating vegetarian and even vegan in Madrid can be surprisingly simple. From traditional dishes that are naturally plant-based to a growing scene of contemporary vegan restaurants, here’s where to go and what to order while you’re there!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

1. B13

Tortilla de patatas without the eggs? Yes, it’s possible—and you’ll find it at B13!

This casual spot in Malasaña is the go-to place for vegan versions of delicious, traditional Spanish food like croquetas and the aforementioned tortilla. Because nobody should have to miss out on some of the most typical foods in Madrid!

Several fried croquettes on a white plate.
Some of the best croquettes out there don’t have a hint of meat or bechamel!

2. La Colectiva Café

If you’re traveling with non-vegans who don’t believe that a vegan restaurant can just be undisputedly good, take them here! La Colectiva Café has wowed many a skeptical carnivore with their soy yogurt parfaits, plant-based toasts, and everything in between.

Bonus: They also happen to be one of our favorite specialty coffee shops in town and serve a fantastic vegan brunch!

Coffee shop interior with a white mug in the foreground and a barista working at the counter in the background.
La Colectiva Café is one of the most picturesque spots in Madrid to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and good vibes. Photo credit: Michelle Thomas for La Colectiva Café


This is asily one of the best spots for those eating vegan in Madrid. VEGA has an extensive menu of vegan dishes made with love! From a plant-based twist on traditional arroz negro to dishes with international flair (jackfruit al pastor tacos, anyone?), there’s something for all tastes at this cozy cafe.

4. La Encomienda

If you’re looking for a trendy, vegan brunch spot, La Encomienda is it! But no worries if you can’t make it first thing in the morning. Stop by later for a drink and enjoy the free tapa that comes with it.

Slice of blueberry cheesecake on a white plate, with a handful of individual blueberries for decoration
You don’t have to be a vegan to know that the plant-based cheesecake at La Encomienda is to die for. Photo credit: Anne

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid

1. Reineta Vegetariano

Reineta has achieved the seemingly impossible. It’s a vegetarian restaurant so delicious that many of its regulars aren’t even vegetarians!

You can’t go wrong with anything you order here, but definitely try the spiced lentil “meatballs.” Just be sure to save room for dessert: their rich chocolate cake with bitter orange marmalade is the stuff dreams are made of.

Six meatballs in sauce surrounding a small mound of white rice garnished with herbs
Albóndigas don’t need meat to be delicious!

2. Yerbabuena

Yerbabuena offers hearty plates of healthy comfort food. Our favorites include the seitan al ajillo sandwich with vegan cheese and tomato, vegan nachos and the eggplant moussaka. Bring your appetite; the portions here are very generous!

Local tip: Order their veggie-friendly menú del día for a delicious and filling lunch that won’t break the bank.

Vegetarian dish garnished with flowers on a white plate
Yerbabuena’s healthy and colorful dishes are guaranteed to make your taste buds happy. Photo credit: julianaka

3. Viva Burger

If you find yourself in the artsy La Latina neighborhood, stop by Viva Burger for lunch. Here, you’ll find goodies such as veggie paella and meatballs in addition to delicious vegan burgers. For something different, don’t miss their fresh-pressed juices and vegan desserts.

Vegetarian hamburger with avocado, lettuce, and black beans
Viva’s hamburgers are so good that even carnivores won’t miss the meat. Photo credit: Deryn Macey

4. Shi-Shang

Falling into the “off-the-beaten-path” category is this all-you-can-eat veggie buffet just off of Gran Vía. They specialize in vegan and vegetarian Asian dishes, so if you’re looking for something besides typical Spanish tapas, this is the place to be!

Person's hand pulling the lid off a wooden container of Chinese dumplings with steam rising out
Traditional dumplings that are completely vegetarian? Yes, please. Photo credit: Pooja Chaudhary

5. La Hummusería

Specializing in vegetarian Middle Eastern slow food, La Hummusería is a gem of a restaurant in Chueca. Their five hummuses (from “the Classic” to “the Irresistible”) are the stars of the show, but they also serve salads and veggie tapas on their regularly changing menu.

Plate of hummus garnished with olive oil, chickpeas, and spices.
Classic Middle Eastern hummus. Photo credit: Christopher Alvarenga

Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Madrid

While the following places don’t offer an entirely vegan or vegetarian menu, they do have plenty of options for plant-based or meat-free dishes!

1. Abonavida

This vegetarian-friendly café and store is a true oasis smack dab in the middle of central Madrid. Both the terrace and eclectic seating inside offer a tranquil escape from the massive crowds of tourists in bustling Callao just around the corner.

2. La Chilostra

La Chilostra is your typical Spanish bar that just happens to have a few vegan options! This is a good choice if you’re looking for something traditional, not trendy.

Toasted bread with fresh pureed tomato
Toast with excellent olive oil and fresh tomato. A Spanish breakfast classic that happens to be 100% vegan!

Spanish Vocabulary for Eating Vegetarian and Vegan in Madrid

When you have dietary restrictions, we understand how important it is to communicate your needs when ordering food. In an unfamiliar language, it can seem like an overwhelming task!

To help make your life a little easier, we’ve put together a handy list of Spanish words and phrases that you can use to communicate with bar and restaurant staff.

  • Soy vegano/a. I am vegan.
  • Soy vegetariano/a. I am vegetarian.
  • No como ni carne, ni pescado, ni huevos, ni productos lacteos. I don’t eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy products.
  •  ¿Me recomiendas algo rico por favor? Can you recommend me something tasty please?
  • Yo no puedo comer… I can’t eat…
  • Carne: Meat 
  • Cerdo: Pork
  • Jamón: Ham
  • Pollo: Chicken
  • Pescado: Fish
  • Atún: Tuna
  • Mariscos: Seafood 
  • Leche: Milk 
  • Queso: Cheese 
  • Mantequilla: Butter  
  • Nata: Cream 
  • Huevo: Egg  
  • Miel: Honey 
  • Yo puedo comer… I can eat…
  • Verduras: Vegetables 
  • EnsaladaSalad 
  • Judías/Habichuelas/Alubias: Beans 
  • Lentejas: Lentils
  • Soja: Soy 
  • Leche de soja: Soy milk 
  • Almendras: Almonds 
  • Nueces: Nuts 
  • Arroz: Rice 
  • Aceite: Oil 
  • Pan: Bread 
  • Champiñones/Setas: Mushrooms 
  • Espinacas: Spinach 
  • Fruta: Fruit  

7 Vegetarian Tapas in Madrid

In the city center, you can almost always find a vegetarian tapa (or several) on menus. These are our some of our favorites.

1. Pisto

Spain’s version of ratatouille is a medley of delicious veggies. It often comes served with an egg on top, so vegans just need to ask for it sin huevo.

Black pot of simmered vegetable stew.
Pisto manchego: healthy, hearty, delicious, and vegan! Photo credit: Trevor Huxham

2. Croquetas de queso, espinacas, o boletus

Croquettes are made with béchamel, breaded and fried. They often include meat or fish, but look out for cheese, spinach, or mushroom ones for a delicious vegetarian option.

A person using a fork to take a fried croquette off a white plate.
The only hard part of eating croquettes is having to share!

3. Tempura de verdura

Batter-fried vegetables are usually a delicious bet for vegetarians, but those eating vegan in Madrid should double check that the batter is egg-free (¿la masa lleva huevo?).

Often, tempura veggies will be served with a yogurt sauce. However, vegans can ask to substitute it with salmorejo sin huevo y jamón for dipping.

4. Salmorejo

Speaking of gazpacho’s richer cousin, salmorejo is a cold tomato soup, thickened with bread and made smooth and silky with lots of olive oil. It often comes topped with ham and egg, so vegetarians should specify sin jamón, and vegans, sin jamón y huevo.

Salmorejo is a delicious vegetarian tapa if you get it without the jamón, and it's perfect for those eating vegan in Madrid if ordered without the egg too!
Just ask for salmorejo sin jamón and you have a refreshing vegetarian soup!

5. Berenjenas

We’re sure you’ll love berejenas con miel, or lightly fried eggplant with honey. If you’re a vegan in Madrid, you can always ask for the traditionally North African plate sin miel, or con salmorejo vegetariano for dipping.

6. Huevos rotos

If you needed another reason to fall in love with Spain, allow us to introduce you to huevos rotosAny country where olive-oil fried eggs and potatoes is a traditional dish has to be a keeper, right? Just make sure it comes without ham or sausage (often chorizo or chistorra).

Plate of an egg and potato dish at a Madrid tapas bar.
The famous “broken eggs” from Los Huevos de Lucio in La Latina. Photo credit: Kirk K.

7. Tortilla de patatas

Step aside, paella—this is Spain’s real national dish! It doesn’t get better than a slightly runny tortilla. We prefer ours with onion, but you’re free to order yours without!

Two slices of Spanish potato omelet on separate white plates with a brown bread basket in the background.
Cooked to perfection on the outside and gooey on the inside: just how we like our tortilla!

7 Vegan Tapas in Madrid

It might surprise you to learn that some typical tapas in Madrid are already vegan-friendly! Dishes like these make eating vegan in Madrid a breeze.

1. Patatas bravas

Found just about everywhere, patatas bravas consists of flash-fried potatoes with a spicy tomato and paprika sauce that is unbelievably delicious.

Traditional Madrid-style bravas will be mayonnaise-free, but vegans in Madrid should double check that yours are sin mayonesa before digging in. Some places also include a bit of beef stock in their bravas sauce. While not common, we suggest asking just in case!

2. Pimientos de Padrón

A favorite among all our vegan friends, these fried green peppers are a real treat and can be found in most tapas bars in the center. They come out of the kitchen with a slightly crispy skin, tender inside and a dusting of sea salt, making for a succulent start to dinner.  

Two square white plates of small green peppers
Just remember the golden rule of pimientos de padrón: “some are hot and some are not!”

3. Pan con tomate

Always a safe bet for breakfast or tapas, pan con tomate takes toast to a whole new level. Perfectly toasted bread is rubbed with garlic, drizzled with good olive oil and slathered in fresh tomato, making for a belly-filling and very tasty bite.

Slices of toasted bread rubbed with tomato on a white plate
Simple and delicious pan con tomate.

4. Gazpacho and ajo blanco

Two of Spain’s classic cold soups are great options for vegans in Madrid. Gazpacho is the tomato-based soup you’re probably familiar with, and ajo blanco is its almond-filled, tomato-free predecessor.

A small clear dish of chilled garlic soup garnished with grapes, with a metal spoon leaning against it.
Creamy ajo blanco soup is 100% vegan!

5. Salteada de verduras

Vegetable stir-fry is a go-to dish for all vegans, and vegans in Madrid are no different. Here, chefs use amazing local olive oil and garlic to make the plate extra special and will sometimes even use a little flour to thicken the sauce.

It’s a little harder to find veggie stir-fry in tapas bars, but any sit-down restaurant will happily serve it to you if you ask nicely.

6. Parrillada de verduras

A more common tapas option while eating vegan in Madrid: a classic assortment of grilled veggies!

7. Setas al ajillo

It’s easy to be vegan in Madrid with mouth-watering veggie dishes like garlic-sauteed mushrooms.

Made with mushrooms, a healthy amount of olive oil, white wine and lots of garlic, setas al ajillo is one of the most hearty dishes vegans can order at a tapas bar. This plate will often come with jamón, so make sure your waiter you know you want a plato vegetariano and you won’t have a problem.

Plate of grilled mushrooms served with a lemon wedge.
Grilled mushrooms: proof that tapas don’t have to be fancy to be delicious.

Vegan and Vegetarian Shops in Madrid

As madrileños become more health conscious, even the corner stores are filling up with fresh plant-based options! For all the rest of your needs, you can stop by one of the following specialty shops in Madrid.

  • Planeta Vegano: A haven for vegans in Madrid, Planeta Vegano has everything you need to create your own vegan version of any traditional Spanish dish.
  • Nanyea Market: This secret spot has vegan Asian food to go. Nanyea also stocks vegan ice cream, healthy snacks and a great craft beer selection.
  • El Corte Inglés: No matter where you are in Madrid, you’re never far from a Corte Inglés. The trusty Madrid department store offers an expansive health food section. Consequently, the massive store can be overwhelming, so ask an attendant to help you to find the tofu (¿me ayudas a encontrar el tofu por favor?).

A vegetarian tapas crawl in Madrid

Want to see how all of the above play out in real life? Check out the video below, where Devour Tours co-founder James takes a 100-percent vegetarian tapas crawl through some of Madrid’s best bars!

Update Notice: This post was originally published on June 4, 2014 and was updated with new text and photos on November 9, 2021.

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  1. Franca says
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    Some good tips here for vegan and vegetarians, thanks! Whilst in Madrid we went to some of the restaurants mentioned here and enjoyed the food indeed, this shows that vegan and vegetarian food can be found in Spain too where meat and fish are the king in the kitchen 🙂

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    So many delicious looking vegetarian dishes, there’s no need for meat!

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    When I was a vegetarian, I’d always say “No puedo comer carne” and the answer was usually something like “No tiene carne, sólo cerdo.”

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    1. Gargoris says
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      I do not want to mean they were pulling your leg, but “carne” refeers to any kind o meat. I might admit the possibility that someone could consider chicken as not meat, but pork or beef… they are really carne for all of us (“chicha” for little kids)

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      Hi Sophia, you generally can, although the are generally UHT (the milks).

  5. Jimena says
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    I’d like to add a couple more places to the list.

    B13 bar vegano, in Calle Ballesta 13 and Punto Vegano are both close to the centre and fully vegan and affordable places to eat.

    El Vergel, near Príncipe Pío, es an organic vegeteran restaurant that serves a number of vegan options.

    I don’t remember all of the addresses, but they can be easily found in goigle maps!

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  7. Kris says
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    Hi, we stumbled across this amazing little restaurant near the Museo National Del Prado in Calle Alameda 4 called El Fogon Verde, offering a menu including starter, main, desert, water, bread and wine for 11€… wonderful food!

  8. Eva Cosials Ruiz says
    March 9, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    I’d like to add a new place to the list, called REINETA VEGETARIANO, en 5 Infante St.
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      Definitely, Edna, lots of great options! That hotel is in the Literary Quarter, so looks like Rayen Vegano would be a good option!

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    Some good suggestions here especially for traditional tapas. Though I’m a bit surprised to see this labeled as a complete vegan and vegetarian guide..there is a lot of inaccurate information here and it’s clear that this was not written by even a vegetarian. There are also a ton of places missing for it to be a complete guide – there are 24 all vegan restaurants in Madrid and here you only have 2. I get that maybe these are the only ones the author has tried but it’s hardly comprehensive or all-inclusive. Also, Viva Burger is not a buffet restaurant anymore (and hasn’t been for a long time) and AbonoVida is not an all vegetarian place, it just has veggie options. Cheers!

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    Useful list of recommendations, although I’d also like to add El Perro Gamberro to the list, a vegan tapas restaurant on calle Segovia, it’s our favourite restaurant in Madrid….the food is incredibly tasty!!! Go and see for yourself!

    1. Devour Madrid says
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      Great tip, Katie—thanks!

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    Hi Guys,

    we are from Germany and bist Madrid legt Werk for a Bachelorette-Party. The Bride and two Girls of the group are vegan. Do you think it is possible, that we book a foodie tour that visits vegan places oder vegan friendly places? Tia !

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      Hi there! The only one we know of is outside the city center.

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        Hi. Can you suggest vegan-friendly lodging for our family coming to Madrid on vacation? Thank you!

        1. Katie Stearns says
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          Hi William,
          While we’re not familiar with any vegan-friendly lodging options, you’ll see in this post there are lots of vegan-friendly options in the city. Let us know where you end up staying!

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    The Rayen Vegano is permanently closed.

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    I’m afraid the original recipe for “salsa brava” which comes with “patatas bravas” includes beef stock among its ingredients . Sorry to say it’s not suitable for vegetarians nor vegans.

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      Since that depends on the recipe, we’d ask at the bar you’re visiting before writing off all bravas everywhere 🙂

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        I’m from Madrid born and raised, my family owned two restaurants and I’ve never even heard of patatas bravas with beef stock-based sauce. Maybe some restaurant makes it like that, but it sounds quite rare.

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    Hey, just visited Madrid, these are some great recommendations. some places that are definitely missing are Bite Me Café, that’s currently number one on happy cow for Madrid,
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