5 Essential Cocktail Bars in Florence

Italy may be known as a wine destination, but even we locals love to taste a creative cocktail or two. And these cocktail bars in Florence are the best places in Tuscany to do just that.  

2 yellow cocktails in martini glasses garnished with herbs on a bar top.
Florence’s craft cocktail scene is well worth exploring. Photo credit: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

With the endless possibilities mixologists offer us nowadays, who wouldn’t love to try out a craft cocktail now and again? Even Italian producers have begun experimenting with spirits to create true Made in Italy drinks.   

So if at the end of a long day of wandering Florence’s museums you’d rather have an icy cocktail rather than a rich red wine, no need to feel bad. Sounds like it’s time to explore some of the best cocktail bars in Florence!

Cocktails in Florence: A Brief History 

But before we talk about the best cocktail bars in Florence, we should mention a little bit of the city’s cocktail history. 

Sure, craft cocktails infusing fruit, spice, and everything nice are all the rage now. But one of the true Italian classics was born in Florence, so it’s only right to try it out if you get a chance.  

Any guesses which classic? The Negroni! 

The Negroni is made with equal parts gin, Campari, and red vermouth. Still a favorite around aperitivo hour, it is served over ice and with just a slim curl of orange peel. 

The story goes that the Negroni was born in the little Casoni shop, once a catch-all store that offered spices, wines, and sweets but also acted as a small bar. It was here that Count Camillo Negroni would often stop for a quick drink with friends. He would often order an Americano, but one day asked for the addition of gin.  

This, of course, became his usual. It caught on so well that many visitors began ordering the “Negroni,” too. 

Brown cocktail in a short glass atop a woven black surface.
The Negroni is Florence’s signature cocktail. Photo credit: Sophia Sideri

You may find this drink to be a tad bitter if you haven’t tried it before. It can depend on who makes it, but it’s a fairly strong mix. If you want to join in the trend, but aren’t a bitter fan, you can try a few different options.  

  • The classic Campari spritz: Campari, soda, and sparkling wine for a bubbly aperitif. 
  • Vermuttino: Red vermouth served over ice with a slice of orange. 
  • Negroni Sbagliato: a Milanese evolution of the Negroni made with Campari, red vermouth, and sparkling wine.

However, the cocktail bars of Florence have much more to offer, with extensive menus bursting with innovative mixes. We’re sharing with you the best cocktail bars in Florence where you can find a little bit of everything. Let’s get into it! 

Small glass of red vermouth on the rocks garnished with orange.
A classic vermuttino is always a good choice, too.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Florence 


A funky find in Florence’s Piazza San Pancrazio, Manifattura is a glamorous, dim bar, decorated with clean dark marble and glass and highlighted by accents of gold. Complete with a 1950s vibe, the music takes you off the busy cobblestone streets and into a new world. You can enjoy classic and craft cocktails for under €10 often made with Italian-produced spirits.  

Every drink comes with light snacks, but you can add to your aperitivo with an order of delicious small plates like Robiola cheese or lampredotto in a more elegant form than the classic panino. 

Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno  

One of our favorites for coffee, Ditta Artigianale never disappoints. Towards the evening they trade their espresso machines for a cocktail set and make a great spot for aperitivo 

Of course, there are the classics of the cocktail world. But if you’ve seen what they can do with coffee, you already have an idea of the great drinks they can make with spirits. 

Enjoy an uplifting aperitivo in their comfy indoor seating area, or right outside at a bar counter to watch the life of Florence pass you by. 

Interior of a cafe-bar in Florence in neutral colors with window seating
Ditta is the perfect stop at any time of day. Photo credit: Ditta Artigianale

Mad Souls & Spirits 

A Florence staple on Borgo San Frediano which is loved by locals and visitors alike. This is an excellent casual stop—you can even swing by after a day of walking through all of Florence’s alleyways.  

Imagine classic Instagram gold, cocktails in teacups, and cartoon-decorated glasses or flutes. There’s a whole mix of styles to be found here, but the flavor is always fantastic. It’s a true hidden gem that isn’t to be missed! 

Plus, the prices make it even more of a winner. Most drinks are about €7–9, but are really something special. 

Bitter Bar 

For those of you who love a great speakeasy vibe, Bitter Bar is where you will want to go in Florence.  

There are none of the usual classics here—you’ll only drink one-of-a-kind inventions by the owner and bartender. Of course, you can ask for a Negroni or a gin and tonic, but what would be the fun in that? This is a stop for adventurers. 

Bitter Bar is a cozy bar, quieter than most, and a good choice if you are looking for a good date spot on your trip to Florence. 

Brown cocktail in a rocks glass against a dark background
Bitter Bar is the place to be for excellent craft cocktails and a glamorous 1920s-inspired vibe. Photo credit: Ash Edmonds

Hotel Continentale Terrazza 

If you are looking for something a little more posh, you’ll want to waltz to the top of Hotel Continentale. Here you’ll get a great view and a great drink at the same time.  

The area is comfortable, with pillowed benches along the edge with light wooden decor, a small garden adding a natural touch to the top. And the view?  

While you sip on your drink of choice, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Florence’s golden buildings and lush green hills. This is absolutely the best spot to hit for a summer sunset.