The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Markets in Florence and Tuscany

The beauty of Tuscany is evident year-round, but it is especially enchanting during Christmas. The charming Tuscan villages dress up for Christmas, with their decorated streets and stores, markets, and activities that take place around the holidays. This makes the Christmas markets in Florence – and Tuscany – special places for locals and visitors alike.

assorted plush toys at Christmas market stand
Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Italian holiday season with these Christmas markets in Florence and beyond. Photo credit: Humphrey Muleba

Italian Christmas markets are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. They pop up all over Tuscany, offering a variety of goods that range from food to clothing. If you are visiting Florence in the winter, make sure to check the most popular Christmas markets in the region!

Christmas Markets in Florence

Santa Croce Christmas Market

Alluding to the typical German markets that we love, the Santa Croce Market is one of the most important Christmas markets in Florence. A stroll through its allegorical wooden houses is infused with the aromas and flavors of traditional German and Austrian cuisines. 

Located in Piazza di Santa Croce, you’ll find exquisite sausages, street food, pretzels, and glühwein (mulled wine), as well as Christmas decorations. This is the perfect market to find a holiday gift or two – and enjoy some delicious snacks along the way!

Santa Croce Christmas Market in Florence Italy
The Beautiful Basilica of Santa Croce overlooks Santa Croce Christmas market. Photo credit: Kari

Christmas Market in San Donato Shopping Center

Although the San Donato shopping center (Centro Commerciale San Donato, via Enrico Forlanini, 1) is not located in the center of Florence, it is worth the trek if you are in the city during the holidays. At this market, you’ll can find handicrafts, magnificent original gift ideas, and street food. With more than 40 wooden houses selling festive food and gifts, this is the perfect Florentine Christmas market to browse unique goods while enjoying the holiday spirit. 

Curiosando al Mercato

Curiosando al Mercato (“browsing the market”) is not specifically a Christmas market. This pop-up event is held on different dates throughout the year in diverse locations in the city, but at Christmas time, they usually carry special holiday objects. You’ll find clothes, craft samples, vintage garments, jewelry, books, and paintings. As the name suggests, it is a great place to search for unique souvenirs from your trip to Florence

Christmas souvenirs
Curiosando al Mercato is a sure place to find one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts. Photo credit: Cottonbro Studio

Christmas Markets in Tuscany

Arezzo City of Christmas (Arezzo)

The Arezzo Christmas Market is one of the most important and well-known in Tuscany. Located in the town’s Piazza Grande, it is an event that brings the whole city together with activities for all ages. 

At this amazing Tuscan Christmas market, you’ll find food and beer-tasting booths, light projections, and guided tours. Attractions such as LEGO Christmas House and Santa Grotto – where children can write letters to Santa Claus in the post office – are especially great for families.

Arezzo Christmas Market in the rain with a glass of wine and lights
Why not enjoy some wine at the Arezzo Christmas Market? Photo credit: Verity Pryor-Harden

Empoli Christmas Market (Empoli)

In the small town of Empoli, located on the outskirts of Florence city, every year, the Piazza della Vittoria dresses up for the holidays with its typical Christmas market. It has stands with hot chocolate, local products, vast gastronomic offerings, and handcrafted items, making it a wonderful experience.

Christmas decorations
You’re sure to find some unique Christmas decorations at Empoli Christmas Market. Photo credit: Pixabay

Market in the Campo (Siena)

One of the shortest Christmas markets in Tuscany, Siena’s Market in the Campo of Siena is celebrated at the very beginning of December. Located in the magical Piazza del Campo with spectacular views of the main medieval buildings of the city. Its 160 stands are loaded with typical products that will make any palate happy. You’ll also find festive items such as gifts, clothing, handicrafts, and antiques.

Pistoia Green Christmas Market (Pistoia)

A group of companies in Pistoia is offering a twist on the traditional Christmas market. As its name suggests, Pistoia’s Green Christmas Market (Centro Mati  1909, Via Bonellina 46)  focuses on nature with that magical and enchanting touch of Christmas. Here you can buy natural fir trees that are grown exclusively for Christmas, as well as decorations and original gift ideas for your loved ones. There are also different activities for children which are focused on sustainability.

Green pine trees with lights at Christmas Market
Enjoy the Christmas spirit sustainably at Pistoia’s Green Christmas Market. Photo credit: PxHere