The Best Spanish Cookbooks To Have At Home

This blog post was originally posted on November 22, 2016, and was updated on September 9, 2020. 

Whether you already consider yourself something of an aspiring chef or you just want to switch things up, these Spanish cookbooks will bring the best of Spain to your kitchen.

Spanish cuisine is known the world over for its delicious simplicity. But there’s no need to hop on a plane to enjoy it for yourself. While finding the absolute best restaurants in Seville is our major passion, cooking Spanish food for ourselves at home is a close second.

We have a number of dependable, quick and easy tapas recipes that we absolutely love. However, when the need for something more substantial arises, we hit the books!

Check out our picks for the best Spanish cookbooks and wow your friends and family with some delicious comida española. 

The best Spanish cookbooks for home cooks

Recipes from the Devour Tours Kitchen

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty proud of the digital cookbook we put together in early 2020.

Recipes from the Devour Tours Kitchen is a culinary journey around Europe, including four of our favorite Spanish cities. Whether you’re dying to know how to make the famous Basque-style cheesecake or want to learn the secrets of the perfect bowl of salmorejo, we’ve got you covered.

Basque-style burnt cheesecake
We got the recipe for the iconic burnt Basque cheesecake straight from La Viña!

The Food of Spain — Claudia Roden

No list of the best Spanish cookbooks is complete without including The Food of Spain. This massive book—the result of a whopping five years of research—is a love letter to all things Spain.

Apart from amazing, easy-to-follow recipes, you also have a comprehensive account of how the varied, complex history of Spain has influenced its cuisine. A particular hit is the chicken in almond sauce recipe (pollo en pepitoria), something we’ve prepared (and loved) time and time again.

Chicken in Almond Sauce is one of many recipes in The Food of Spain by Claudia Roden, one of the best Spanish cookbooks around
Delicious chicken in almond sauce, think you could match this yourself? Photo Credit: Spanish Sabores

The Real Taste of Spain — Jenny Chandler

The key to any great dish is high-quality ingredients, and the best place to find those is at a local food market! And it’s the magic of the food market tradition in Spain that takes center stage in The Real Taste of Spain by Jenny Chandler.

Focusing on simple, traditional produce, this book has a section for each of the stalls you’ll find at your local market. From shellfish to poultry to fresh fruit, there are amazing recipes to suit every taste!

Fruit stand at a market in Spain
Nothing beats a book full of recipes inspired by the markets of Spain.

Moro: The Cookbook — Sam & Sam Clark

Written by the owners of Moro Restaurant in London, Moro: The Cookbook brilliantly details the longstanding influence of the Moors on the cuisine in Spain. 

The recipes in this book are amazing, and the brilliant photography makes for a wonderful read. But what sets this book apart is the detailed historical context given for each dish. Undoubtedly one of the best Spanish cookbooks we own and a great addition to any kitchen!

Spinach and chickpea stew tapa
Spinach and chickpeas: an Andalusian classic with Moorish roots!

1080 Recipes — Simone & Inés Ortega

As the title suggests, 1080 Recipes is quite the comprehensive collection of Spanish recipes!

Known as the “bible” of Spanish cooking, this book covers recipes from each region of Spain. You’ll find recipes for everything from starters to delicious, flavorsome mains to desserts.

Furthermore, the simple instructions, brilliant photos and consistently great results make this book a must-have!

The New Spanish Table — Anya von Brenzon

So much of what’s great about Spanish cuisine is its longstanding traditions, but there’s a newer side to food here, too. The New Spanish Table brilliantly captures that more modern gastronomy, while still making time for some old favorites.

Printed in brilliant color and containing a catalog of recipes and pictures that will leave your mouth watering, you won’t regret this purchase!

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