The 10 Best Restaurants in Rome That No Trip Would Be Complete Without

This article was originally published on March 27, 2019, and was updated on August 26, 2022. 

The nominations are in and the votes have been counted! Discover who we have crowned the 10 best restaurants in Rome.

Choosing a restaurant in the Eternal City can be overwhelming. The sheer number makes it difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff, but those who can will discover the kinds of restaurants that make you want to uproot your whole life and move to Rome.

We’ve put together a list of our favorites in ten different categories from luxury to street food. So, sit back and enjoy as we present our awards for the best restaurants in Rome.

Get ready to eat the meal of a lifetime—here are the top 10 best restaurants in Rome where that's exactly what's in store.

1. La Pergola: Best Michelin Star Restaurant in Rome

The Michelin Guide thought La Pergola was so good that they awarded it three stars.

If you want to eat there, you’re going to have to book up to four months ahead, but chef Heinz Beck’s menu and the dining room’s five-star opulence make it worth the wait. Splurge on the restaurant’s 10-course tasting menu for the ultimate foodie experience.

2. Nuovo Mondo: Best Pizza in Rome

Rome is home to the pizza Romana, the original thin and crispy pizza locals just can’t get enough of. Traditionally it’s a no-frills food, so when in Rome, join the locals in visiting a no-frills neighborhood joint.

Ask a local and Nuovo Mondo in Testaccio is often mentioned as one of the best pizza places in Rome. The problem is deciding which of the toppings to go for, so we’ll let you into a secret: they’re all out of this world.

Nuovo Mondo is one of the best restaurants in Rome for pizza.
You haven’t really experienced pizza until you’ve eaten it in Rome. Photo credit: Mark Tegethoff

3. Lo Scopettaro: Best Traditional Restaurant in Rome

The story goes that in the 1930s, the pope’s broom maker (scopettaro) decided to change jobs. His wife’s cooking smelled so delicious that people used to come in and ask if the shop was a restaurant, so in the end he decided it should be!

Today Lo Scopettaro is still one of the best restaurants serving traditional Roman cuisine in the trendy Testaccio district. We go there for the food, and for the story, too.

4. Il Margutta: Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Rome

Il Margutta has been satisfying the needs of the Roman vegetarian community since 1979 and is still going strong. The quality of their food makes it a popular spot for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Located between Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, it also houses an art gallery featuring the work of contemporary artists. The presentation of their dishes reflects this artistic connection.

Il Margutta was one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Rome.
Il Margutta is one of Rome’s premier vegetarian restaurants. Photo credit: Arvind Grover

5. Pastificio Guerra: Best Pasta in Rome

Pastificio Guerra serves fresh pasta alla gricia, a Roman speciality, from a hole in the wall right next to the Spanish Steps.

Their trifecta of authentic, high-quality, low-cost food is quite an achievement for a place located in one of the most popular tourist areas in Rome. Guerra is the exact opposite of a tourist trap which is why we love it.

6. Supplizio: Best Affordable Restaurant in Rome

Supplì, deep fried rice croquettes, are what Roman street food is all about. And nowhere are they better prepared than at Supplizio.

When chef Arcangelo Dandini started serving supplì as a starter in his restaurant near the Vatican, he realized they were ripe for their own dedicated shop. Conveniently located near Campo de’ Fiori, Supplizio makes the perfect lunch stop.

A person breaking a fried croquette in half to release a string of melted cheese.
Supplì are one of Rome’s most popular street foods and a great bite on the go.

7. Eggs: Most Original Restaurant in Rome

For a restaurant called Eggs, it’s no surprise that everything on the menu contains eggs, and not just the avian kind! You’ll find everything from quail eggs to caviar on the menu here.

Their specialties include a tasting box of hen egg shells filled with the most exquisite flavor combinations out there. Tuna, boiled egg, and hazelnut is our personal favorite.

8. Hang Zhou: Best Non-Italian Restaurant in Rome

Romans go mad for what they call la cucina etnica, which basically means anything not Italian. And one of the most popular non-Italian restaurants in Rome is Hang Zhou, run by the irrepressible Chinese celebrity hostess, Sonia.

The restaurant is filled with communist propaganda art from the Maoist era and photographs of the great and the good posing with Sonia. It doesn’t hurt that they also serve some of the best Cantonese food we’ve tasted in all of Italy.  

Some of the best restaurants in Rome step beyond the bounds of Italian cuisine, like favorite Chinese spot Hang Zhou.
Rome’s culinary delights don’t end with Italian fare. Photo credit: llee_wu

9. 47 Circus Roof Garden: Best Restaurant in Rome with a View

Rome is not short of restaurants with a view, but for us the best one is at 47 Circus Roof Garden.

Located on top of a boutique hotel, the restaurant has views of the Foro Boario area, including a pair of perfectly preserved ancient Roman temples. As an added bonus, the view faces west, making it ideal for enjoying one of Rome’s colorful sunsets over a romantic meal.

10. L’Ombralonga: Best Aperitivo in Rome

L’Ombralonga is Venetian for “long drink” and it’s also the name of a great place to try Venice’s gift to the rest of Italy, the Aperol Spritz. If Aperol isn’t your thing, there are a number of different spritzes to try, all mixed with prosecco and a soda shot.

This is an authentic Venetian bacaro (wine bar) dropped in the middle of Rome. They also serve a delectable range of Venetian cicchetti, (Italy’s answer to tapas). You can imagine the gondolas floating by—and, who knows, after a few spritzes, you might even see one!

Group drinking Aperol spritzes at a bar in Rome
L’Ombralonga is one of the best restaurants in Rome for an aperitif. We recommend the classic Aperol spritz.

There are plenty of restaurants in Rome, but not all of them are created equal. Discover more of our favorite hidden gems on our Trastevere Gourmet Food and Wine Tour. You’ll try regional cured meats and cheese, delicious local pastas, a variety of different Italian wines and, of course, our favorite aperitivo cocktail!

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