Where to Find the Best Crema Catalana in Barcelona

Everyone’s heard of crème brûlée—but what if we told you the Catalans were making a version of the famous dessert centuries before the French dreamed up theirs?

Crema catalana is a staple on dessert menus throughout Spain. But in its home region of Catalonia, the obsession for this tasty treat runs deep. It’s not just one of the must-try foods in Barcelona—it’s a delicious representation of Catalan history and culture.

We’ve eaten more than our fair share of this delicious local favorite, and have narrowed down where to find the best crema catalana in Barcelona. But before we get to that, let’s take a step back in time and discover the history behind it, and what sets it apart from its more famous French cousin.

Caramelizing the sugar with a blowtorch on the best crema catalana in Barcelona.When a dessert requires the use of a blowtorch to create a crispy layer of caramelized sugar on top, you know it’s going to be good.


Crema catalana: what it is, and a bit of history

We’ve already established that crema catalana can best be likened to a lesser-known version of crème brûlée. The main differences are that the Catalan version uses milk instead of cream, often features the added flavors of lemon and cinnamon, and does not require a hot water bath to make.

Crema catalana has been around since at least the year 1324, when it was documented for the first time in a Catalan-Valencian cookbook titled “Llibre de Sent Soví.” That’s right: crema catalana had been around for more than three centuries by the time the first crème brûlée recipe showed up in France in 1691!

The dessert’s association with Catalonia is a point of pride among many Catalans, who cherish their families’ recipes and continually pass them on to subsequent generations.

“It’s a 100-percent Catalan dessert. Every family has their own recipe that is handed down from generation to generation,” says Judith from Bodega La Palma, home to some of the best crema catalana in Barcelona (in our humble opinion!).

Speaking of which…

Finding the best crema catalana in Barcelona was quite the challenge – but a delicious one!

Finding the best crema catalana in Barcelona was quite the challenge—but a delicious one!
Crema catalana can trace its roots back to the Middle Ages.

Our picks for the best crema catalana in Barcelona

  1. Bar del Pla: Consistently listed by locals as one of their favorite tapas bars in Barcelona, this cozy spot feels like it could be your go-to hometown watering hole. If the staff and clientele at said hometown bar chattered away in Spanish and Catalan, that is.
  2. Bodega La Puntual: This longtime favorite in the heart of the Born neighborhood is famous for its excellent Catalan wine list and vermouth in addition to its fabulous crema catalana.
  3. Bodega La Palma: The secret to the exquisite crema catalana at this beloved spot is quite simple. “We make our crema catalana with the freshest ingredients, and most importantly with lots of love,” says Judith.
  4. L’Olive: An emblematic locale in Eixample that’s been providing a fresh take on Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine for more than 35 years.
  5. Ca L’Estevet: Historically a meeting point for Barcelona’s top intellectuals and politicians, this spot does good, honest, homestyle Catalan food exceptionally well.

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Eating crema catalana
The cute little individual ramekins are part of the crema catalana experience!

Modern takes on crema catalana

Barcelona is a city that is constantly changing and evolving, often taking its most traditional dishes along for the ride. While the classic crema catalana we all know and love will always be there, several innovative cooks and pastry chefs have given it a modern spin.

Take, for instance, the cremats at Pastisseria Ideal. This twist on the beloved classic takes it out of the typical individual ramekin and transforms it into a bite-sized pastry that’s easy to eat on the go—no utensils required. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite local treat!

These mini cremat pastries count as the best crema catalana in Barcelona, in our opinion!
Small, delicious, and seriously addictive: what’s not to love about cremats?

But it doesn’t just end there. It’s getting more and more common to find the simple, delicious flavors of crema catalana used as a complement to other Spanish and Catalan ingredients. Antunez (Carrer de Neptú, 18) serves theirs with a carquinyoli (a traditional Catalan cookie-flavored ice cream). It’s the same deal at Santa Gula, except their frozen accompaniment is a refreshing mandarine sorbet.

Only time will tell what other fascinating culinary creations will incorporate crema catalana in the future. But one thing’s for sure: there’s nothing like the satisfying crack of the caramelized top layer breaking as you sink your spoon into it, finally proceeding to take that first delicious bite.

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