The Best Churches in Seville

The Cathedral is one of Seville’s most famous sights, but did you know there are more than 115 neighborhood churches in Seville, many of which are worth making the detour to visit. With styles ranging from Mudejar to Gothic, Renaissance to Baroque here are the best churches in Seville which are worth the visit.

Best neighborhood churches in Seville
The famous Virgin of Macarena  – Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Guijarro Moreno

Basilica de la Macarena

The Basilica de la Macarena, which is located in the Macarena neighborhood in the northern part of the city centre, is home to one of the most worshipped religious images in Seville. Seville is a city of Virgins, and the most worshipped Virgin of them all is the Virgin de la Esperanza Macarena (The Virgin of Hope Macarena), simply known by locals as La Macarena.

La Macarena is the patron saint to both bullfights and gypsies, two groups which have been important and influential in the culture of Seville. Although La Macarena herself dates from the 17th century the Neo-Baroque Basilica dates from the early 20th century.

Best churches in Seville
Inside the amazing Iglesia El Salvador – Photo Credit: Son of Groucho

Iglesia El Salvador

This 17th century Barqoue church is one of the most beautiful — and most opulent — churches in Seville. It’s inside decor really has to be seen to be believed. It is also Seville’s second largest church (after the cathedral), and was built on the site of Mezquita of Adabbas, the largest and most important Mosque in the city during the Moorish period. The minaret from the mosque, as well as the Patio de Naranjos (Orange Tree Patio) are still part of the current church.

Iglesia de Santa Ana

There are many local legends to be found in Seville, one of which is that children baptised in this church were given the gift of flamenco — quite appropriate for a church located in the Triana neighborhood, a barrio of Seville that is known for its flamenco and gypsy culture. This church dates back to 1276, officially making it the oldest church in Seville. It was built by King Alfonso X who then dedicated to Santa Ana, the mother of Virgin Mary, as she cured him from eye disease.

Best small churches in Seville
The Iglesia de San Lorenzo, a hidden gem in the neighborhood – Photo Credit: Sandra Vallaure

Iglesia de San Lorenzo

Like the more famous “La Giralda” tower, which makes up part of Seville’s impressive Cathedral, the original minaret from the Mosque that was once upon a time on the site of this church has been retained, and finished with a bell with a bell tower on top. Although the church was constructed in the 14th century, the works have taken place over varying decades and architectural styles, with the aforementioned bells added in the 18th century and the main chapel constructed in the 17th century.ย A little gem in the San Lorenzo neighborhood.

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