The Best Brunch in Dublin: 6 Excellent Spots

Far from being just a social statement, brunch is a sign of the times. To meet your pals over a savory or sweet treat (or both)and not have to call it breakfast or lunchis as close to enjoying the best of both worlds as it gets.

These days it’s unlikely you’ll travel to a major city and not find a bustling brunch scene (ahem: brunch in Madrid; brunch in San Sebastian; brunch in Paris; brunch in Bordeaux; brunch in NYC; brunch in Florence…you get the idea).

And the Irish capital is no different.

Looking for homemade scones? You’ll find them on the brunch menu in Dublin, no doubt. Photo credit: Conall

How they do brunch in Dublin

Breakfast in Dublin is different from what you’ll find in places like Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, etc. The latter favors lighter options like pastries (think custard tarts, or pastéis de nata), croissants, or toasts with jam. And of course coffee is a staple, too. On the other hand, the classic Irish breakfast is a feast (breakfast meats, beans, fried eggs, potatoes, etc.)

But, when it comes to brunch in Ireland (and really, anywhere), it’s more of a universal thing. You’ll find the classics:

  • Avocado toasts
  • Chicken-for-breakfast dishes
  • Shakshuka
  • Bagels
  • Breakfast burritos and tacos
  • Pancakes
  • Porridge, oats, and parfaits

…The list goes on.

Bagel brunch? Count us in. Photo credit: Elsie Hui

But with so many options popping up across the city all the time, it can be hard to narrow down what’s worth your afternoon, and money. So we’ve done it for you.

The following are among the best brunch places in Dublin (in our humble opinion).

Best brunch in Dublin


Best referred to as “poached egg paradise.” The Argentinean restaurant’s take on this staple ingredient is a volcano-shaped mix of flavors and textures, one in which smashed avocado, garlic portobello mushrooms and feta coexist

As if that weren’t enough, their pancakes are genuinely otherworldly. ALMA is one of our favorites for good reason.

avocado toast with egg
Avocado toast perfection. Photo credit: Premshree Pillai

Bread 41

As its name suggests, you might have never seen bread in so many ways before becoming acquainted with Bread 41. Located next to Trinity College, this bakery not only offers some of the best bread in town but also delivers in its recipes: their mushroom toast is heaven-sent!

sourdough bread on wooden board
Bread 41 has the essentials of good brunch down. Photo credit: Elle Hughes

Ian’s Kitchen

Craving a locally sourced, filling option? Ian’s Kitchen‘s buffalo chicken benny served with juicy tenders is a standout pick near the Crumlin area. Should you feel more adventurous, try their fresh take on classical dishes.

If monkfish tacos or poached salmon potato cakes don’t awaken your curiosity, we don’t know what will.

brunch in ireland
Monkfish tacos at brunch in Dublin? Yup! Photo credit: S


Culinary explorers with an appetite for something off the beaten path: Tang on Dawson Street, counts with locally sourced Middle-East-inspired recipes made from scratch that are candy both for the eye and stomach!

We love their shakshuka, a masterpiece made from eggs baked in chopped tomato, harissa, and red peppers. It comes served with tzatziki, spring onion, and sourdough. Bon appétit.

Shakshuka eggs tomato and bread
Shakshuka is a dish with roots in North Africa and the Middle East, particularly in countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, and Egypt. Photo credit: Katherine Lim

Murphy’s Bistro Cafe

This spot is known for their savory brunch items (the classics we all know and love), and also for their exceptionally good desserts like cakes and crumbles. If sweets are the favorite part of your brunch menu, don’t skip this (located right near Tang).

chocolate cake
The cake at Murphy’s Bistro Cafe is out of this world. Photo credit: Su Lin

Brother Hubbard

As far as variety goes, Brother Hubbard offers a plethora of options.

A signature offering including bacon and egg baps, porridge, refreshing mimosas, and Moroccan-style coffee, this spot is also one to watch when it comes to vegan and vegetarian dishes, like their Turkish menemen.

You’ve got up and savored the best breakfast in Dublin, but still need a plan? Worry no more. Our walking and food tours will keep you on your toes and satisfy your appetite for local knowledge.

brunch in dublin
In Ireland, porridge is indeed quite popular for breakfast, and even at brunch. Photo credit: Alpha

Exploring after brunch in Dublin

Staying in the city for a little while? Curious to find out more about cuisine or culture in Dublin? Join us for a tour to make the most of your time in the Irish capital.

With our Dublin in a Day trip you’ll join us on a journey through Dublin’s rich tapestry of culture and history, from Viking conquests to Georgian elegance. Uncover hidden gems throughout the city from Trinity College’s revered Book of Kells to the historic landmarks of Dublin Castle and Christchurch Cathedral. But that’s not all…savor the essence of Irish tradition with whiskey tasting in the charming neighborhood, The Liberties, plus a visit to the Guinness Brewery, where you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the city as you sip the perfect pint.

We promise that this is a fantastic way to spend your time when visiting Dublin. See you there!

cheers beers in dublin
Cheers to Dublin!