6 Best Breakfasts in Shoreditch for Every Day of the Week

Shoreditch has a little bit of everything: street art, fashion, shops, bars, nightclubs, and, of course, lots and lots of great food. 

Adjacent to the Hoxton neighborhood, Shoreditch is one of the trendiest areas in London. The hub of fashion, filled with creative young people and trendsetters, Shoreditch is the place to be if you enjoy a good meal and a drink. 

A real foodie will feel at home lost somewhere between Shoreditch High Street, Great Eastern Street and Old Street. You’ll find that a wide variety of cuisines is available here. Modern restaurant chains, elegant gastropubs, artisan cafes and even noodle bars—there is something for everybody.

In the early morning, while you’re waiting on the numerous vintage and up-and-coming designer stores in the neighborhood to open their doors, follow our tips to find some spots offering an energizing breakfast in Shoreditch to kick off your day! Or read on to learn about the best brunches for a slow morning in this magical district.

Where to find the best breakfast in Shoreditch

1. Jones & Sons

At Jones & Sons, you’ll pay £39 each for their Bottomless Brunch, after which you can eat all the food you want and drink unlimited Prosecco, Bloody Marys or gin fizz for two hours. The trick is that… well, there is no trick! It is really THAT good! 

The idea of a good quality all-you-can-eat spot might be surprising, but rest assured that at Jones & Sons, there’s nothing to worry about. With dishes such as wild mushrooms, truffle oil & poached egg on sourdough, and plenty of veggie-friendly options such as a vegan apricot croissant or vegan pancakes with coconut yogurt and mixed berries, there really isn’t any downfall to their offer. Just try and book well in advance—seating is limited, and it goes fast!

Jones & Sons restaurant in London
In addition to their incredible brunch offerings, Jones & Sons is also one of the most stylish spots in the area. Photo credit: Jones & Sons

2. Lantana

Lantana is an Aussie-founded cafe with a true Australian design and style. Its urban-casual feel makes guests feel at home. Don’t worry, the dishes won’t be limited to Vegemite and toast—there are plenty of things to try from all over the world. The quality of food is amazing, you’ll lust after their flat white, and they even have their own Lantana House Blend for specialty coffees. 

Come here if you follow a vegan diet: there are many interesting plant-based options on the menu, such as zucchini & kale bread toasted with grilled halloumi, sweet corn & tomato salsa, poached egg, house harissa and chipotle sour cream. 

What else could we add—maybe that Lantana also hosts brunches on the weekends with amazing cocktails like a chai old fashioned? Hurry up and run, don’t walk!  

Coffee at Lantana cafe, London
Lantana is the place to be for coffee lovers—their house blend will make you want to come back again and again! Photo credit: Ewan Munro

3. Cereal Killer Café

A cafe serving cereal all day long is now quite a popular concept that you’ll see in many big cities. However, the very first one was born in Shoreditch. 

At this fun little spot, you will find all sorts of cereal collected from everywhere around the globe—so coming here basically counts as visiting a museum! At Cereal Killer Café, after you’re done choosing your cereal (which, we’ll warn you, can take a long time, so maybe come here when you’re not in a rush!), you’ll get a chance to determine the type of milk that you want with your bowl, and then add an assortment of toppings ranging from Kit Kat crumbles to fresh fruit.

Cereal Killer Cafe in Shoreditch, London
Feeling nostalgic for your favorite childhood breakfast? You’ll love Cereal Killer Café. Photo credit: Cereal Killer Café

4. The Blues Kitchen

After a night out dancing and drinking, come to the Blues Kitchen for brunch. It’s not the kind of place you come to when you are feeling just a tad picky—here, we come to eat, and fill that bottomless pit in your stomach! 

With brunch served daily from 10:30 a.m. till 3:30 p.m., we promise you won’t be leaving hungry. Surrounded by the most intricate, funky design, you’ll quickly learn that the Blues Kitchen is the perfect place to recharge and relax until you hit those pubs again. On the menu you’ll find top-notch cocktails and breakfast staple items such as egg dishes and sweet treats, but there are also heavier-duty burgers and even chicken wings. 

5. Plate Restaurant (Bar & Bake)

Everything you’ll try at Plate Restaurant was cooked or baked on the spot. In this light-filled (thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows) bar and bakery, you’ll find yourself ogling the menu wishing you could order it all. 

There are hot dishes like mac and cheese if you arrive hungry, and a whole exhibit of beautifully cooked pastries: from classics such as a madeleine, to something more unique like marmite bread. Perfect for those mornings when you are in a rush but need a coffee pick-me-up, make a stop at Plate to get a cappuccino and a multi-seed fruit bar (wheat-free & vegan-friendly), and instantly brighten up your day! 

Plate restaurant, London
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a prettier breakfast space than Plate. Photo credit: Plate Restaurant

6. Yolk

Yolk specialize in next-level breakfast and lunch classics. Originally famous in the City for their poached egg pots and gourmet sandwiches, Yolk have now expanded their menu to include banging breakfast baps, luxury porridges, seriously delicious salads and soul enriching hot pots. 

Calling themselves a “fine fast food” kitchen, after a chain of pop-up shops, Yolk has finally gotten a proper location and become a cherished destination for brunch among Londoners.

Poached egg pots at Yolk café in London
Everything at Yolk, including their famous poached egg pots, comes together with top-quality ingredients delivered fresh daily. Photo credit: Yolk

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