Best Barcelona Food Tours for Kids: Tastes & Traditions of Barcelona Tour

Traveling with little ones in tow can be a challenge, especially when it comes time to eat.

However, one of our favorite solutions to that situation is to take a food tour! There’s no better way to immerse the whole family in local culture than by spending a few hours exploring with an expert local guide and small, intimate group—all of whom will soon feel like lifelong friends by the time the tour is over. Here, we’re highlighting one of our favorite Barcelona food tours for kids: our Tastes & Traditions of Barcelona Tour. There are plenty of reasons why kids love this experience, but here are just a few!

Come join us on one of the best Barcelona food tours for kids: our Tastes & Traditions of Barcelona Tour! Kids will love the yummy food and gorgeous sights of the Catalan capital.

1. It’s a feast for the senses

Kids will be amazed by the sights, sounds and tastes they’ll experience on tour. From a colorful, vibrant local market to mouthwatering homemade goodies, every aspect of the experience will keep them rapt with attention. Parents, too, will appreciate the opportunities to learn about where Barcelona’s traditional food comes from and how these traditions have lasted through generations.

Our Tastes & Traditions Tours is one of the best Barcelona food tours for kids. They'll have so much fun visiting the market!
Kids will have so much fun exploring the Santa Caterina market!

2. We provide kid-friendly food options

From delicious homemade pastries to Spain’s iconic Iberian ham, the tastes we’ll discover on one of the best Barcelona food tours for kids are completely child-friendly. After all, Spanish and Catalan cuisine is all about simplicity: you won’t find any weird ingredients or exotic cooking methods here! As a result, even the pickiest little eaters are sure to discover something they’ll love along the way.

We think you'll agree: our Tastes & Traditions experience is one of the best Barcelona food tours for kids. We offer kid-friendly bites at every stop
Mini bocadillos: perfect for little hands!

3. It will get them moving…

Barcelona has become known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. As one of the best Barcelona food tours for kids, this experience will help even the littlest travelers see why! Your family will discover two of the city’s most emblematic neighborhoods: the medieval Born district and the historic fishermen’s quarter of Barceloneta. This light walking tour is a great way for kids to stay active and discover the city’s most beautiful sights!

The best Barcelona food tours for kids will get them moving but not wear them out. Our Tastes & Traditions experience fits the bill!
Come discover the whimsical beauty of Barcelona!

4. …but not wear them out!

The tour lasts about 3 and a half hours, give or take 15 minutes. During that time, we’ll walk approximately 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles). Each short section of walking is punctuated by short breaks for food at 7 iconic establishments in Born and Barceloneta. Kids will be able to relax as they enjoy their food, so they won’t get tired from walking too much at once.

One of our best Barcelona food tours for kids, the Tastes & Traditions Experience, includes a perfect blend of walking and eating!
Time for a well-deserved jamón break!

5. Kids get special materials to keep them engaged

We know that walking around a city for several hours might not keep kids’ attention. That’s why our Tastes & Traditions Tour includes free supplementary activities for the kids to complete as we go along! Your guide will come prepared with fun worksheets that allow them to apply the fun knowledge they’ve learned and even practice their Spanish. This makes Barcelona’s best food tours for kids more interactive and engaging for children of all ages.

Another reason why our Tastes & Traditions experience is one of the best Barcelona food tours for kids: all kids get hands-on material that will help keep them engaged!
Kids get hands-on materials that will provide context to our adventure in a way they’ll enjoy.

6. They’ll feel welcomed at every stop along the way

Family takes on huge importance in the Spanish and Catalan cultures. Children are regularly included in family outings rather than left at home with a babysitter. And as many of our stops are family-run businesses, our friends you’ll meet along the way will be more than happy to welcome your kids! These locals understand the importance of family and sharing traditions with the next generation. Kids will be welcomed with open arms and feel immediately at home.

The best Barcelona food tours for kids, like our Tastes & Traditions Tour, make kids feel included and welcome at every stop along the way.
There’s plenty of foodie fun for the whole family!

7. It’s an adventure!

As you make your way through some of Barcelona’s most storied corners, your kids will feel as if they’re walking through a fairy tale! The winding cobblestone streets and grand architecture make Barcelona look as if it were the setting of their favorite bedtime story. Who knows what fascinating treasures they’ll discover as your family explores Barcelona’s backstreets?

Our Tastes & Traditions experience is one of the best Barcelona food tours for kids. Little ones will have so much fun exploring!
Kids will have a blast exploring Barcelona!

8. Kids get a special discount

We know that traveling as a family can get pricey very quickly. That’s why we offer special discounts for children and teens on our Barcelona food tours for kids, such as our Tastes & Traditions Tour. In fact, kids under 12 will get the full experience for just half the price of an adult ticket!

Come see for yourself why our Tastes & Traditions experience is one of the best Barcelona food tours for kids! However, the fun doesn’t just stop with the little ones. It’s the perfect experience for travelers of all ages looking to experience Barcelona like a local and discover the tastes that have contributed to the city’s rich culture. We hope to see you and your family soon in Barcelona!

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